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Axurion. Leader of the Order.

Axurion is the leader of the Order. He is also a Half-Saiyan. The Order is a group of 5 which hope to someday end the Majin's reign on Namek, and Earth.


  • Kamehameha
  • Big Bang Attack
  • 5x Kamehameha [As a Super Saiyan 2]
  • Absorption
  • Big Tree Cannon
  • Eagle Kick


  • Kaio-ken (x2 only)
  • Krillin Accidently Absorbed
  • [Revived King Piccolo] Absorbed
  • Gohan Absorbed

Power Level[]

100,000 in base.

520,000 with Krillin & the Namekianlike Soldier absorbed

320,000 with Krillin absorbed

720,000 [Chibi] Gohan, Krillin, and the Soldier absorbed

450,000 with [Chibi] Gohan absorbed.

and, his weakest form, with King Piccolo absorbed... 276,000

[Chibi] Gohan, Krillin, King Piccolo, and the Soldier absorbed... 780,000

all of these with kaioken x2.. one million, 960.

[Note: I added these absorptions, that's why there weak]

500,000 as Kaioken x2.

150,000,000 as Super Saiyan.

Super Saiyan 2 is not recorded.