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Austin is the cool and mellow spunky Saiyan.
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Unlike the rest of the New Z-Fighters, He's learned from Vegeta, Yamcha, Piccolo, and Gohan and he's the Adept World Martial Arts Champion. He's pretty cool and snaps when ever anyone crosses him and his friends and they would make them suffer or as what he says,"Make them pay". He wishes to be at the top.

Ahead of Kaizen, is Goku and the rest of the Z-Fighters old to the new generation.

For a Z-Fighter, Austin can be sadistic and merciless sometimes and tends to have a mean streak.

His power level is 40,000,000 which places him as one of the best fighters on Earth.


Galick Gun:A technique he learned from Vegeta.

Tiger Fang Fist:A move Yamcha taught him a bit but is originally his and is similar to the Wolf Fang Fist.

Special Beam Cannon Level 2:A completely stronger Special Beam Cannon that takes up alot of energy and ki control as it can cut through metal,steal,wood,and iron.

Kamehameha:A technique learned from Gohan.

Special Beam Cannon Level 3:An original technique used from Austin as he could actually die from it so it's a forbidden technique.His strongest beam yet using his full power and his veins from his head show as electricity/static comes from his body releasing a huge stream of energy.

Light Grenade:A move learned from Piccolo.

Super Kamehameha:His own version of it like how Kid Buu has his own Warp Kamehameha.

Big Bang Attack:One of his favorite of moves learned from Vegeta.

Final Flash:Another technique used by Vegeta passed down to Austin.

Final Shine Attack:Another move used from Vegeta.

Justice Bringer:A Rush Attack used by Austin as his original attack boosts his power to dark energy punching and kicking his opponent into the sky but then teleports behind them blocking their path slamming them down tot he ground but then unleashes a bright green wave for his Ultimate Attack.

Power to the Very Limit:Austin's Blast 1 in the series and the game series of Budokai Tenkaichi 4:New Generations.

Unforgivable:Austin's Blast 2 in the series.

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