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Aurora Blast
オーロラ・ブラスト (Ōrora Burasuto)
Class Energy Wave
Colour       &       or       &       or       &      
Users Serada
Debut Dragon Ball AS
Similar Techniques Kamehameha
Galick Gun
Voltage Missile

The Aurora Blast (オーロラ・ブラスト, Ōrora Burasuto) is a powerful energy wave technique used by Serada and her family, as well as being the former's signature attack.


The author of Dragon Ball AS, Zf6hellion wanted to create a technique that could act as DBAS' Kamehameha without actively inducing plotholes to have his characters use a technique that originates on a world they won't visit in their series. As such he created his own energy wave technique, originally called the Phoenix Blast (フェニックス・ブラスト, Fenikkusu Burasuto) which was more-or-less a 10x Kamehameha in all but name. Deciding to draw upon the imagery of auroras, the author gave the attack a new colour and its current name came with it.


The Aurora Blast was developed many years prior to the beginning of Dragon Ball AS, having been created by one of Serada's ancestors.


The hands are drawn down to the right side of the user, one hand positioned above the other with the fingers outstretched towards each other in a cupping gesture. As energy is drawn towards the hands, bathing the user in its light, the hands switch position and are then drawn forward in front of the user, returning to their original placement whilst flattening out and closing the fingers, creating a flat open hand gesture before unleashing a powerful energy wave of stark red and white colour. A powerful technique with a strict opening motion; it will not work without having been performed beforehand, though multiple variants of the technique revolve around creating workarounds to avoid this particular flaw. Typically, its users will command the phrase "Au-ro-ra Blast!" as they make use of the attack, though it is not necessary.


  • Original Aurora Blast (オリジナル・オーロラ・ブラスト, Orijinaru Ōrora Burasuto): The original version of the technique created before Serada's time, and still used by her father Skar. It is fired from the right hand, with the left pressed against the back of the right palm. The energy wave is powerful in the right hands, and distinguishes itself as a golden-yellow coloured energy wave.
  • Borealis Aurora: A one-handed variant used by Risé as his signature, and commonly referred to as his most powerful, technique. Green and white in colouration, it provides a highly powerful wave of energy capable of destroying an entire mountain in a single blow.