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Aura of a God (神のオーラ Kami no Ōra) is a state which grants a mortal god-like traits.


The state is usually attained by one who has received training to become a God of Destruction, however, the form can also be achieved by becoming Super Saiyan God or using the ki of someone with Godly ki like Naname and giving it to a mortal.

Usage and Power[]

By activating his godly ki, Top's power increases to a whole other level. Top was able to defeat Perfected Super Saiyan Blue Goku using this form during the Zeno Expo.

In the Tournament of Power; Vegeta in his Perfected Super Saiyan Blue state began overwhelming, Top used this state's power which he kept in reserve in order to regain an equal footing.

Towa and later Demigra placed Naname in a machine to pump and drain his godly power and give it to members of the Time Breakers.

Dial was able to adapt and acquire the state due to his training under Beerus: Heroes. He can use it in all his forms as well as his Emerald form.


Frieza Race[]

Dial was able to tap in the Godly Ki and uses it to physically evolve his power into a Deific Assimilation. In this state - the user has a constant use of godly ki.