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"Nobody defies me. There have been plenty who’ve tried. I don’t need to tell you what happened to them."
Audacci, introducing herself to The Benefactor

アダチ, Adachi
Detailed Information:
Appearances: Starfall (mentioned)

A Flap of the Wings

He Needs Some Space Milk

Across the Universe

The History of the Decline and Fall of the Planet Trade Organization:

Ice Age Coming

Dragon Ball: Cold Vengeance

Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon

Nicknames: Dacci, The Blue Queen, Immortal Daughter
Species: Hera
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Mithran, Faeri
Birthdate: Age 229
Birth Power Level: 5000
Maximum Power Level: A++ Tier
Personal Pronouns: おれ, あたくし
Height: 6'3''
Weight: 147.3 lbs
Hair Color: White-blonde
Eye Color: Azure
Rank: Pirate Queen
Organizations: Faerin Empire (Age 229 - Age 249)
Unaffiliated space pirate (Age 248 - present)
Corvos League (Age 708 - Age 778)
Venyi Academy (Age 743 - Age 772)
Zalama's Triumvirate (Age 778 - present)
Favorite Food: Isaki*
Favorite Vehicle: Midnight Blossom
Hobbies: Writing kawi-sahr, fishing, being a space pirate
Family: Bojack (father)
Zangya (mother)
Majin Sesami (ally)
The Benefactor (ally)

Audacci (アダチ, Adachi) is a Hera. She is the daughter of Bojack and Zangya. She is a major villain in Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon, part of a triumvirate of super-powerful warriors, along with Majin Sesami and The Benefactor. As of the conclusion of Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound, Audacci is the last living Hera in the universe.



Audacci is a tall, slender blue-skinned alien humanoid. She dyes her hair white-blonde, even though her natural color is a Heran orange-red color. She has azure eyes. Audacci has a youthful appearance. She tends to wear casual space pirate garb, not caring for armor usually (what armor pieces she wears is usually light, and she never wears a full head-to-toe set of armor). Audacci prefers to wear hoods or beanies, and she also wears white fingerless gloves. Unlike most female characters in the Dragon Ball universe, Audacci does not just wear a bikini for men to drool over hear. She tends to wear light, but long-sleeved shirts, pants, and jackets. She tends to wear clothes with very little or faded color - whites and blacks and light blues usually. She is not an exotic or erotic dresser. Her aura is teal.


Audacci is elitist, confident, and brutal to her enemies. She delights in torturing her foes and has no mercy. With all that said, she has a rather modest public persona, and does not assert herself often in public, but amongst her soldiers, she is more domineering. Audacci is a perfectionist, both in terms of her own fighting ability and of her soldiers'. She demands perfection from all who serve her and does not allow weak soldiers to follow her. To that end, she is much like an Arcosian. Audacci spends a great deal of time working to improve herself, both physically and mentally. She practices a meditative technique daily that she learned on her homeworld.

Audacci has tremendous foresight, and an ability to see when a faction or leader is about to fall. She can make good guesses as to the actual strengths of people, despite what they may tell her. She never allows other people's words to influence her if they are wild and unrelated to facts. She always explores and studies all options before making move, but she is quick to make her move. Despite being studious, Audacci is not indecisive.

Her overall personality is one of refinement and elegance, as expected, given that she was raised in the extravagant opulence of Faerin court life. While she has a certain raw brutality to her, courtesy of her father and mother, Audacci is more restrained, more calculated, and more intelligent than her parents. Her studies of classical art forms and fighting forms is a testament to her desire to improve herself. Due to her upbringing, she is well-suited for royal life, and it is no accident that she proclaimed herself a space pirate queen shortly after leaving Planet Faeri.



Audacci was born on Planet Faeri in the Age 229. Her parents, Bojack and Zangya, had been staying on the planet, dealing with certain Faerin drug dealers in the court of the Faereth Empire. They left their infant daughter with the Faereth court while they continued to pillage and plunder the rest of the universe whilst also continuing a lucrative Nil trade with the Faereth. Her parents occasionally came to visit her, but she was too young to remember them. In Age 231, on Nyare, both Bojack and Zangya were captured by the Kais and imprisoned eternally. Audacci was two years old at the time. When she grew older, her Faereth caretakers told her of her parents and gave her the impression that they had died in battle. Because of that, Audacci was never close with her parents, nor did she see her biological parents as her actual parents. She was much closer with the Faereth, emotionally and culturally.


In this story, after Bojack had been psychically bound in place on Nyare by the Kais, he looked at Zangya, almost feeling some sense attachment to her. However, since she had given him a daughter, not a son, he did not love her.

A Flap of the Wings[]

In the first scene of this story, when she was 19 or 20, Audacci stood on the edge of Minhavu Harbor in the city of Mithran, watching the ships descend from the sky and come into port. Her lover, Prince Jokair, came up behind her and asked her why she had left the royal palace. She told him that it was not her place to live on Faeri any longer. As Jokair's father was dying and he was to be crowned emperor of the Faerin Empire soon, she needed to go so that he could find a female Faerin mate with whom to produce heirs before his crowning.

Jokair adamantly told her that he didn't care about heirs, he just wanted her. She did not relent. Clearly grief-stricken, the Hera asked Jokair to not come looking for her again. She would be leaving before the new year's celebrations. She knew that her parents were not coming back, and so there was no reason for her to remain on Faeri.

In the second scene, Audacci visited Planet Mujabi where she collected a bounty on Fleet Officer Hau ‘Omin, a high-ranking member of Emperor Specter's empire. When she burst into a Mujabi hut and confronted him (a Mujabi who was talking to him ran off, vomiting in fear), her dream changed and placed her in the personal quarters of Nuan Tal's pirate ship. He was lying in bed, smoking nil. She did not want to remember that memory, and fought it.

Her dream shifted back to Mujabi, where she killed Hau ‘Omin with a devastating punch that blew his body apart into many gory pieces. Her dream shifted back to Nuan Tal. Audacci noticed that he liked to drink Dalon's Curse, which was a type of space rum. She said she was honored that he had called for her company in bed three nights in a row. He called her the most beautiful member of her crew. Then, they had sex.

In the third scene, Audacci recalled a memory of her having to read a poem for Emperor Yagei, Empress Lapsi, and the court noblewomen, and how nervous that had made her. The emperor had smoked nil during the reading, and Audacci remembered how yellow his teeth had been.

Then, her dream shifted to her memories of the night of Prince Mahsutic's death. With that, Prince Jokair had become the heir to the throne of the Faerin Empire. A guard told her and Prince Jokair that a space pirate named Nuan Tal had killed Mahsutic. At that moment, she had hugged Jokair close and had thought about how he had taken her virginity after his older sister's (Princess Neire) birthday feast.

In the fourth scene, Audacci revealed that she had trained with Princes Mahsutic and Jokair, as well as some noble-born boys, when they had been very young, but she had quickly overtaken them in strength, requiring her to go one-on-one with Ckaro-Ckaro from there on out. She basked in memories of training with him. Eventually, Audacci noted that Ckaro-Ckaro had died of a stroke when she had been twelve years old.

Her dream memory switched to years later, when she had been a space pirate hunting Governor Andulen-Knargo, a Faerin overseer of an outpost world who had accrued numerous debts. She had been paid to kill him. When he arrived below the building she was perched upon, Audacci had jumped, landing on his neck and killing him instantly.

In the fifth scene, Audacci recalled the ancient historical account that had been written about Emperor Yagei. In that book, it had been revealed that Yagei had taken interest in a noblewoman, Lady Wugi, in the twenty-ninth year of his reign. Wugi had supposedly been the daughter of one of Yagei's elder ministers. He had moved her residence closer to his own room so that he could visit her whenever he wished. Many noblewoman were outraged and jealous about the attention Emperor Yagei bestowed upon Lady Wugi, and they sought to bring her misfortune. Lady Wugi became pregnant, and so the noblewomen and Queen Lapsi spread the rumor that she had taken up one of the Grand Ministers as a lover. Emperor Yagei did not allow this rumor to persist; he claimed Wugi's baby as his own.

The Empress became worried that her son would not ascend to the throne, but the spawn of Wugi would. She went to the Oracle of Kal Unnei and asked her who would become the next emperor. The oracle told her that Prince Mahsutic would never ascend to the throne, but if a tragic accident were to befall Wugi's son before he reached the age of three, one of her other children would become the emperor. When Prince Keuli was born, Lapsi and three nurses killed the baby while Wugi hemmhorhaged blood, falling unconscious. Then, Lapsi banished the nurses to distant provinces, where they were summarily executed, to preserve the lie that the baby's death had been an accident.

Lady Wugi was rarely seen in public thereafter, despite the emperor often visiting her to try to cheer her up. He showed her paintings and read poetry in an effort to lift her spirits, but nothing worked. Then, one day, a pair of Heras left their infant daughter in the court after extorting the Faerin Empire to pay them riches so that they wouldn't destroy the planet. Under the emperor's orders, Lady Wugi came to tend to the baby Hera, who was Audacci.

While she was remembering this, Audacci also remembered how she and Prince Jokair had met. It had been one night during an ritual for the sun goddess Kal Nanna that she and Jokair had locked eyes for the first time. Later that night, Jokair had stumbled into her room drunk and taken her virginity when she had been fourteen years old.

While she was remembering having sex with him, her memories shifted to her having sex with Nuan Tal, which she did not want to remember. She remembered that she had loved Jokair much more than Nuan Tal. The pirate captain had often gotten drunk and had been unable to have quality sex with her. She remembered that one time during a brawl on the captain's ship, she had crossed paths with him and punched him in the belly, making him fall over and spit up blood. After that, she knew she was stronger than Tal.

Then, Audacci remembered the last time she had seen Lady Wugi. The old woman had asked her to read one of her poems, but Audacci, who had been partying the previous night with Jokair and had had sex with him for the first time, was not feeling well enough to read. She excused herself. Lady Wugi died before Audacci was able to see her again. She felt deep regret for never reading Lady Wugi that poem as her memory shifted once more to the day she left Faeri. She knew that even though she loved Jokair, he needed to produce an heir to maintain the Faerin Empire.

In the sixth scene, Audacci remembered the moment she killed Nuan Tal. She had been giving him a handjob at the time. She mostly remembered how he had not seen it coming at all. She had used an energy blast to cut open his neck and bleed him dry, which had not allowed him to scream out in pain. Afterwards, she had taken over his fleet and used that to start her empire.

The last thing she remembered before waking was her encounter with the Mehyr Vehki. Catching that legendary bird had granted her immortality.

Then, one of Audacci's soldiers woke her up, informing her that they had detected a power signature that matched the last one they had recorded many years ago for Majin Sesami. This scene took place after Ice Age Coming. Audacci promised to come to the bridge at once to see his report. She woke up The Benefactor, who had been sleeping in bed next to her, and told him the news. She told him that they would search for Sesami at the location of the power spike, and he agree to help her after he ate something.

He Needs Some Space Milk[]

In the first scene of this story, Shuron asked the vendor if the yheji pepper contest was legal. He wanted to know if the governor of Lipanto had approved it. The vendor replied that the governor had been killed a month ago by the Blue Queen. She ran Lipanto now. The patrolman was shocked. He said that the planet would still have to follow galactic law. The space-badger Zoobi noted that Audacci's forces were in the hundreds or thousands, which was enough to keep the entire planet under control.

In the second scene, Icer visited the governor's tower, which he noticed had been damaged by energy burns. The soldiers guarding the entrance were wearing the same armor as those he had fought in the back alley. At that moment, Icer knew he would conquer Lipanto for the Planet Trade Organization. He flew up to the top floor, using his aura to melt his way through a window.

Inside, he found many guards eating and drinking in a sauna. They grew quiet when they noticed him. Audacci was sitting on a soldier's lap, a glass of Nyarin gin in her hand. One of the guards shouted at Icer to leave. He countered by offering them a place in the Planet Trade Organization, so long as they bow down to him. The pirates were never going to agree to that. A pirate threw his cup at Icer. The boy did not take well to the slight. He asked them if they wished to fight to the death. Without replying, a guard flung himself at Icer, his fist wild and weak. The Arcosian back-handed him out of the window, killing the alien.

Audacci commanded her Blue Guard to kill Icer and bring her his head so that she could eat his brain. As the soldiers charged Icer, he released a golden-white energy blast that vaporized every last one of them. Angered, Audacci rose to her feet. Icer was overheating in the sauna, but nevertheless held his ground. He claimed Lipanto as his own. When Audacci said it was hers, he demanded her to prove it. She told him that she was the daughter of Bojack and asked if he had ever heard of the man. Icer had heard of the man and noted that, like all those like him, he had rampaged through the universe before disappearing unexpectedly.

The two then exchanged boasts and the fight commenced. Audacci battered Icer at first. The boy complimented her, but still asked her to join his empire. She asked him to join hers. Icer noted that since all her guards were dead, she didn't really have an empire. The Hera said that merely meant there were open slots in her crew. She tried to persuade him to join her with the promise of food.

The comment took the boy aback, allowing Audacci to land an unexpected punch. She mocked him, but he channeled his rage into a counterattack. Audacci was put on the defensive for a short while before one of Icer's flying kicks broke her forearm. The Hera fought back courageously, even though she could only use one fist. He regained the advantage by hitting her with teleportation attacks and ki bullets. Her stamina spent, the pirate could no longer attack him.

Icer commanded her to get off his planet. She threw herself at him, but he flipped into the air and came down on her with a back heel kick, sending her flying into the hot tub and down through the governor's tower. He flew down to the crater at the base of the building, but did not find Audacci there.

Across the Universe[]

In the fourth scene of chapter 2, Soba agreed to join the Venyi Academy. Xutol was most pleased. He told Soba that he would be the fourth active student, which was unusual, as the Venyi Academy usually only had one or two students at any given time.

In the first scene of chapter 3, Soba and Xutol reached the planet the Venyi Academy was located on. Xutol wanted to introduce Soba to the other three students immediately. Soba agreed. Xutol led Soba into a small chamber where Audacci, Rakae, and Anso were lounging. The three students sized him before the teacher asked Audacci to spar with him. She promised not to hold back.

The Hera hit him with a two-footed flying kick, sending him into the wall, shattering several of Soba's ribs. He couldn't get to his feet. As she approached him once more, Anso teleported over to Audacci and advised her to stop the fight. Audacci was offended that someone so weak had been granted admission into the academy. Master Xutol stepped forward, shooting ki ropes at Audacci that wrapped around her body and mouth. Though the girl struggled to break free, she could not. He reminded her that everyone at the academy was a family, that they were not in competition with one another, and that they should not be hostile towards one another.

Anso offered to treat Soba's wounds. Xutol nodded, releasing Audacci from the energy bindings. Soba passed out, waking up some time later as Anso was finishing applying his bandages. She told him he shouldn't fight for a while. She also told him that since Audacci's parents had been space pirates, that was why she acted so wild. Anso promised that both Rakae and herself were much more welcoming towards a new recruit. He got to his feet, preparing to rejoin his classmates, and thanked her for helping him. Anso cautioned him against it, but he said he was fine.

They returned to the sparring chamber. Soba requested a fight with Rakae, who was taken aback, due to the other boy's condition. Xutol let them fight, however, after Soba pressed the issue. Rakae used a dull sparring blade during their fight. He struck Soba in the shoulder with the blade. The Yardrat retaliated with a ki ball that the Konatsian deflected. As he went to swing his blade once more, Soba used Instant Transmission to appear behind him. He punched Rakae in the back of the head. The other boy was impressed by Soba's technique. He increased his speed and attacked again, this time overwhelming Soba with sword strikes. When the Yardrat fell to his knees, Rakae placed the sword's tip against his throat and declared himself the winner.

While Xutol admonished him for being boastful, he nevertheless agreed that Rakae had come out on top. Xutol declared Soba's sparring time over. He asked Rakae to direct the Yardrat to Master Levion's location. Rakae was not pleased, as he had wanted to fight Audacci, but Xutol told him that that was Anso's task.

The two departed. Soon, they came upon Master Levion. He asked Soba how the sparring session with Audacci had gone. Soba said that he had been thoroughly outclassed. Levion tried to lift his spirits by noting that Audacci had trained with the Venyi Academy for years. Soba, being a new recruit, had not been afforded that luxury yet. Even so, Soba doubted that he could ever reach her level. After their training session with Master Levion, Rakae told Soba that Levion had gone easy on him because Audacci had cracked his ribs, but come tomorrow, his training would get very intense.

In the second scene, the acolytes were sleeping in their dormitory. Anso rolled onto Soba's bed and began to rub her hands against his skin. Nervously, Soba got up and noticed that Audacci's bed was empty. His attention turning fully towards her, and sensing her ki signature, he teleported over to her. She was standing on a bridge, looking out over some trees and a creek. The Hera was not in the mood to talk to Soba, though he talked to her nonetheless.

He admitted that he had come to the Venyi Academy so that he could get strong enough that the entire universe would know his name. She rolled her eyes, calling him another moronic idealist. Soba asked her why she was at the school. She told him that she had come to learn Master Jabo's technique. Jabo was the leader of the Venyi Academy. One could only study under him after mastering the teachings of the other six instructors. She said that she had only completed one master's teachings (Xutol's). Though she had been training at the academy for six years (which was longer than Anso or Rakae had been there), and had quadrupled her strength in that time, she was mastering the arts slowly, much to her shame.

Soba tried to comfort her, but all he did was make a fool of himself. She walked away, eating an isaki fruit. Audacci told Soba that she had once been engaged to wed the crown prince of the Faerin Empire, had once served on Nuan Tal's pirate crew (before killing him and taking the fleet for herself), and had killed Cerraxin, Scar-Artist, with her bare hands even after he had transformed into his unleashed form. It was that final victory that had gotten Xutol interested enough in her to offer her a place in the academy.

The only thing she desired was power, and Soba was not powerful, so she did not desire him. He called her gorgeous, so she teleported over to him, slapped him, and threatened to kill him if he didn't back down. Audacci teleported back to their sleeping quarters before the Yardrat could respond. His cheek stinging, Soba grew briefly jealous of Audacci, as it appeared she could use Instant Transmission too, before teleporting back to the dormitory as well.

In the third scene, Soba continued his training over the next few months. He noticed that he was still far behind his peers, for Rakae and Anso held back when sparring with him and Audacci had been forbidden from fighting him. He grew disheartened at his lack of progress.

In the fourth scene, after Soba and Anso fused, Soba hid his feelings for Audacci from her.

In the fifth scene, Rakae told Soba that Anso had joined after he and Audacci had, so they were stronger than her.

In the sixth scene, Audacci thought to herself that it had taken her four years to master her first school - Xutol's. She believed that his school was the easiest to master. She noted that neither Rakae, nor Anso, nor Soba had trained at that school yet. After learning of Soba's mastering of Qono's school, she had raised a petition to dismiss that certification, but the seven masters had rejected her concerns. She had been training with Master Caktir when she had heard of it, but switched over to Qono, for she believed that anything Soba could master, she could too.

She trained under Qono for four years (two years longer than Rakae had put up with the man) before mastering Instant Transmission. Two years after that, she had mastered Caktir's school as well. She considered Rakae to be her only threat (though she was far stronger than any of them) due to him mastering two schools, while the others had only mastered one in that time. She was growing annoyed at Rakae for getting close to mastering Sharu-Kan's school. She changed her focus to Sharu-Kan's school as well, for Anso had mastered it, and she knew that she was far superior to Anso.

She received a message from Arlo Ve, an envoy of the Corvos League, that went over some ideas for expansion into the seventh universe. She asked the Corvos League for more time for her to get stronger, as any war with the Planet Trade Organization would be costly and she wasn't sure she could beat their strongest warriors as she was.

Just then, Rakae appeared, bloodied and bruised and triumphant. He boasted that he had just mastered Caktir's teachings. She wanted him to show her Caktir's famous technique. Tired as he was, he didn't want to. When she called him a coward, he obliged to spar. He attacked her, but she dodged him, hitting him on the back of the neck and sending him into a stream. Spitting blood, he changed his mind, deciding that they should spar the next day. Audacci didn't give him the chance to go through with that. He came at her again, mistaking her defiance for playfulness. She caught his fist and crushed his hand in her palm, breaking multiple bones. As he screamed, she shot into the air and came down on his head as hard as she could with her elbow. The blow reverberated through his body, causing his eyes to explode. She hit him three more times. Rakae fell to his knees. Moments later, his body exploded in a mess of gore. Satisfied, Audacci burned the evidence, reducing much of the garden to glass.

In the seventh scene, Soba sensed Rakae's death and also sensed that it had been Audacci who had killed him. He teleported to the location of the incident. Audacci asked him not to say anything to the masters. The lie she came up with was that Rakae, having grown weary of the masters' authority, had decided to leave the school. Knowing she could kill him if he refused, he agreed to back her up if the masters asked about Rakae. She asked him to repeat the alibi to her, and he did so. Then, she dismissed him. Later, Soba told Anso that Audacci had killed Rakae. He implored her to tell the masters and avoid confronting Audacci if she wanted to live.

In the eighth scene, Anso went to see Master Jabo to inform him of Rakae's death. As she approached his chambers, Audacci attacked her. Anso dodged. Then, the Hera landed. She lamented the fact that Soba had told Anso of Rakae's death, for now Anso would have to die. She told Anso that she should have gone with Soba. Audacci killed Anso before she could tell anyone about Rakae.

By Age 758, Audacci had mastered the fighting styles of Master Qono, Master Xutol, and Master Caktir.

The History of the Decline and Fall of the Planet Trade Organization/Volume III[]

Throughout the third volume of The History of the Decline and Fall of the Planet Trade Organization, bounties for a "Blue Queen" began appearing around the universe, offering large sums of money for her corpse.

In the ninth chapter of this volume, Hail and Avalan were tasked with delivering a package to Audacci in secret. The Arcosians were not made privy to who she was during this mission, despite their father working closely with Audacci for many years leading up to this point. The package they delivered was a rare and potent poison that Audacci would later use in chapter nineteen to murder every member of the Galactic Bank. After being insulted by Avalan, she slapped the boy, nearly killing him in the process.

In the nineteenth chapter of this volume, Audacci enacted her plan against the Galactic Bank, poisoning its members and taking their soldiers and fleet as her own. Any soldiers who refused to bow to her were swiftly executed. The point-of-view character of this chapter, Puddin, did accept her as his new leader.

Later on, a fleet of Audacci's ships arrived at Mal Vexus to aid Icer, though they ran into Desolé first, attacking him and forcing him to make Mal Vexus achieve hypernova prematurely. This resulted in the fleet being immediately vaporized.

In the twenty-fourth chapter, after becoming the Emperor of the Planet Trade Organization, Icer contacted Audacci, who called him the Aphotic Prince, apparently having known Icer by that name for the majority of their alliance. After briefly discussing the impending death of Admiral Bael and Icer's sparing of Kuriza, Audacci alerted the Arcosian to the fact that she was part of the Corvos League, letting him know that she would have to receive compensation for the ships she sent to Mal Vexus. She also asked him to join the Corvos League, but Icer refused, stating he would eventually destroy them as well, implying that he would spare her even if he did.

Ice Age Coming[]

In this story, The Benefactor killed most of Audacci's miners on Niflheim and stole one of their transport ships. His ship was stopped by Audacci's flagship when she noticed it leaving the planet. She boarded the transport and confronted The Benefactor. She asked him if he had ever heard of her, or her father, but he had not. She was quite angry that he had killed her miners, but the Iyxan did not care. She demanded to know what he was doing on Niflheim. He was unwilling to answer, but finally did so after sensing that she was much stronger than him. He told her that a foe had left him there for some unknown reason. He demanded that she let him go, but the Blue Queen would not, as she said that he owed her a debt for killing her men.

She asked him what his name was. He told her that Frieza had called him his benefactor. Audacci sarcastically remarked that she had never heard of him before (obviously she had), which prompted a crude remark from the lizard. She shot him with an energy blast for being so insolent. The attack hurt him quite a bit. Once more he demanded to be released, but she refused, stating that she sensed he was very powerful. The Benefactor didn't care - all he wanted to do was gain revenge on Ledas, or die trying. She asked him who he was hunting, but the Ixyan just shot a ki blast at her (which dissolved against her aura) and lunged at her with a punch. She kicked him away into a wall.

Wounded, The Benefactor admitted that his prey was a Saiyan boy. She asked if the boy had had golden hair, and he confirmed it. Audacci mistakenly believed that Ledas was the same Saiyan boy who had killed her father (in reality, that had been Gohan). She wanted to team up with him to kill the boy. She also stated that The Benefactor was quite powerful and that his evil energy would be useful for her. Telling her that he would never be her slave, the lizard attacked her once more, but she calmly parried all of his strikes and ki attacks until he ran out of energy. Then she kicked him across the nose, putting an end to his little rebellion. She raised him into the air with her telekinetic powers and slammed him into a wall, asking him if he was finished.

He was not, however. The Benefactor threw himself at her again, using all of his remaining energy to try to kill her. He was unable to land a single blow; the fight was over rather quickly. She told him that she needed his help to wake Sesami, stating that he would either do so or die, forgoing any chance to gain revenge upon Ledas if he stupidly chose the latter option. She reminded him that he owed her for killing her men. Audacci readied a ki blast that would vaporize him if he refused to help her. Finally, he collapsed onto the floor, exhausted, and agreed to help her wake Sesami.

Dragon Ball: Cold Vengeance[]

At the end of chapter 8, Audacci was informed by one of her soldiers that Niflheim has been destroyed by some unseen force. After that, The Benefactor revealed himself to be on her ship (following the events of Ice Age Coming), telling her that the Saiyan boy was indeed responsible and would be coming for him. Audacci stated that she would destroy Ledas, but not before summoning Majin Sesami.

Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon[]

To be added.


Non-combative Moves[]

Offensive Moves[]


  • Audacci's name is a pun on the word "audacity". This is similar to her father's name, bōjakubujin, which means "arrogance" or "audacity."
  • *The Isaki (above) is an orange-skinned sweet fruit native to Planet Faeri. It is Audacci's favorite food.
  • Audacci's theme is Teardrop.

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