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Name Atzuma
Race Mutant Saiyan
Gender Male
Age 23
Height 5'10"
Professional Status
Personal Status
Relatives Yamoshi (direct ancestor)
Khal (younger half brother)
Cauli (sister-in-law)
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Atzuma is a slim yet well-built man with a light skin complexion, sharp facial features, dark colored eyes and spiky black hair that has four bangs hanging slightly over his forehead with two hanging to the right while the other two are on the left side. He has an x-shaped scar on his right pectoral muscle and one on his right shoulder with a slightly smaller one on his trapezius. He lacks the characteristic Saiyan tail as he had cut it off himself though it sometimes appears.

Atzuma often wears a dark grey and white colored Gi that consists of a white gi over a dark grey undershirt, a dark grey obi on his waist, dark grey pants, a dark grey wristband on his right wrist while his left hand is covered by a similar colored fingerless glove that extends to his forearm and black boots with dark red toes.




As the Legendary Super Saiyan, Atzuma is one of the most powerful mortal warriors in both the multiverse and his own universe.



  • Flight – The ability to fly with the use of ki.
  • Ki Blast – The most basic form of energy wave.
  • Ki Sense - The ability that allows the user to sense ki and power levels.
  • Saiyan Power - The Saiyan ability to grow stronger as a Saiyan fights and grow stronger after recovering from a near fatal injury.
  • Powered Shell – A technique used to generate an energy shield around the user to protect them from attacks.
  • Eraser Cannon – First, Atzuma charges a green light energy from around his body and gathers it into his palm to form a bright-green energy sphere. Next, he waves his hand forward and fires the attack at the opponent, inflicting a large amount of damage. In some cases, he also fires it from his chest.
    • Double Eraser Cannon - First, Atzuma charges two Eraser Cannons, one in each of his hands. Then, he swings his hands forward as he fires the energy spheres one by one at the opponent, inflicting a high amount of damage.
    • Trap Shooter - The user draws their right hand back and charges a green or yellow energy sphere. Then, they wave their hand forward and fire several, compact, powerful energy sphere bullets that follow the opponent's movements, inflicting considerable damage.
    • Eraser Shot Volley – First, Atzuma bends over slightly and charges an Eraser Cannon in his right hand. Then, he fires the attack and follows up by firing a barrage of Eraser Cannons from both hands at the opponent, inflicting a huge amount of damage.
    • Blaster Meteor – First, the user forms an Energy Shield around his body. Then, he brings his hands apart to each side and releases many powerful energy blasts that home in on the target, inflicting a massive amount of damage.
    • Eraser Blow – Atzuma flies past the opponent with an Eraser Cannon in his hand that he brings near the opponent's stomach. He then throws his hand with the Eraser Cannon forward and, at point blank range, blasts the opponent away.
    • Omega Blaster – Atzuma launches a lime green energy sphere that changes into an enormous energy bomb of devastating power, while saying "Struggle all you want, in the end you still die!" Not only can he control the size of this attack, but he can also power it up by launching ki blasts into it to push it forward, making it even more powerful and destructive enough to destroy the whole planet. However, this also gives indication to the technique's weakness. Without a steady supply of ki blasts, the Omega Blaster will shrink and weaken in power.
      • Gigantic Eraser - A powered down variant of the Omega Blaster.
    • Planet Geyser – When the energy blast hits the ground, it explodes and creates a giant geyser-like blast of energy that blasts the opponent up in the air, inflicting massive damage and capable of causing massive collateral damage to the surrounding area.
    • Gigantic Slam – Atzuma charges a green energy shield around his body. Then, he jumps up into the air and drops down to punch the opponent away onto the ground, inflicting considerable damage.
    • Gigantic Spike – Atzuma grabs the opponent's head and flies down to the ground as he drives the opponent head-first into the ground or a wall, resulting in an earthquake and inflicting a massive amount of damage.
    • Gigantic Buster – Atzuma shouts "Get out!" as he charges at the opponent and uppercuts them away up into the air. Then, he flies up into the air and lands on the ground, where he headbutts the falling opponent before roundhouse kicking them onto the ground. Finally, Atzuma runs at the reeling opponent and kicks them up into the air before blasting them away into the ground with an Gigantic Eraser, inflicting a massive amount of damage.
    • Gigantic Press – He rushes at his foes with considerable force, using his own body (with a yellow aura around) as a weapon, inflicting a high amount of damage.
    • Super Explosive Wave– The user stands charging energy around their body, then they explode with a gigantic energy sphere around their body. If the foe comes in contact with the Super Explosive Wave, it will deal much greater damage than the normal Explosive Wave. It can also be used for defense and offense at the very same time. The larger the user or the more ki they have, the wider and more enhanced it will become.
    • Wild Sense– The user dodges an attack by moving swiftly and counter-attacks the opponent with a punch or a kick sending them down to the ground or into the air.
  • Full Power Energy Wave– A green, fully-powered energy wave used in his base form
  • Explosive Wave– One of Atzuma's Blast 1 in his Legendary Super Saiyan form
  • Gigantic Omega– A yellowish green energy wave that is Super Saiyan 3 Atzuma's ultimate attack.
    • Full Charge Gigantic Omega– A more powerful version of the Gigantic Omega used by Legendary Super Saiyan 5 Atzuma.
  • Gigantic Destruction– Super Saiyan 4 Atzuma's Ultimate Blast in Dragon Ball Heroes.
  • Super Gigantic Cannon– A Mouth Energy Wave version of the Eraser Cannon. It is the ultimate attack of Golden Great Ape.
  • Gigantic Genocide- The ultimate attack of Atzuma in his Legendary Super Saiyan 4 Full Power form

Forms and Transformations[]

Great Ape[]

Main Article: Great Ape

As a Saiyan with a tail, Atzuma is able to transform into a Great Ape when he is exposed to Blutz Waves either from a full moon or Power Ball. While transformed, he retains his base form’s hair style and four green bangs with the rest being longer and his eyes are completely green instead of white. He also keeps his rationality though he rarely talks beyond the occasional roars and growls.

Wrath State[]

Main Article: Wrathful

During his fight with Khal, Atzuma used this power up with himself stating that he accidentally learned it. This state causes his hair to spike up and become wilder and lengthens to his shoulders in a similar manner to Super Saiyan 4, his iris are yellow with small black pupils and he possesses a yellow aura with hints of emerald occasionally appearing. This grants Atzuma the power of his Great Ape form without losing speed or agility and retaining his rationality though he is much more fiercer with himself commenting that he has a harder time holding back.

Super Saiyan C-Type[]

Main Article: Super Saiyan C-Type

The alternate version of the ordinary Super Saiyan, Atzuma's appearance in this form differs slightly from the former as his hair becomes bright green and spikes out more than in his Wrath State and his irises turn yellow with visible black pupils.

Legendary Super Saiyan[]

Main Article: Legendary Super Saiyan

As his universes Legendary Super Saiyan, Atzuma is able to access this unique form which differs from his Super Saiyan C-type form as his hair gains a more yellowish tint, his iris and pupils disappear with his entire eye being white and he becomes larger in both size and muscle amount. He also loses his rationality to a berserker-like mind and becomes extremely viscous and bloodthirsty. As a result, he rarely uses this transformation

Legendary Super Saiyan 2[]

Main Article: Legendary Super Saiyan 2

Due to the power of the Legendary Super Saiyan form, Atzuma wanted a way to access that same power without losing himself to the berserker-like mentality that comes and retaining his normal rationality similar to his Super Saiyan C-type transformation. This resulted in a new form that not only met his expectations but exceeded them as the resulting condensed and focus of former's power caused it to be stronger. In this form, Atzuma's appearance is very similar to his Super Saiyan C-type form though his hair completely spikes up and his aura is more flame-like with blue bio-electricity occasionally flickering in it.

Legendary Super Saiyan 3[]

Main Article: Legendary Super Saiyan 3

As a characteristic of the regular Super Saiyan 3 form, his hair is much longer as it reaches down to his waist with his bangs remaining hanging over his forehead though both it and his tail are a lighter shade of green, he retains his eyebrows and his pupils are still visible though his eyes are occasionally completely white. He is also able to emit a lighter green aura whenever he powers up while a similarly colored skin-tight aura covers his entire body.

Legendary Great Ape[]

Atzuma's version of the Golden Great Ape form, he doesn't show this transformation and merely mentions it right before transforming into his Super Saiyan 4 form.

Legendary Super Saiyan 4[]

As Super Saiyan 4, Atzumas clothes remain mostly untouched aside from his shirt disappearing. The majority of his upper body becomes covered covered in maroon-colored fur instead with only his face, neck and chest remaining untouched. His muscles become larger and his hair style is similar to that of his wrathful state though the four bangs hanging over his forehead turn green.

Legendary Super Saiyan 5[]

Okura's most powerful transformation, he attained this form . In this state, his appearance is mostly the same as a Super Saiyan 4 though his fur turns black instead of maroon and his hair is green similar to his previous legendary forms with it growing to the same length as Super Saiyan 3.



The fusion between Khal and Okura



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  • His name is a play on Okra