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Atonement is a fan fiction about a saiyan and his life and death. Not only that, his soul will go through a change and a realization. Here we begin with his story.

He loved to kill. The saiyan had no empathy, and loved hearing the cries of people to spare him. This man loved to choose whether or not to kill someone, but the decision was the same every time: death. His power grew and grew with each battle. Him and his team were given a mission that would take months to finish, but he finished it within a day. His teammates died, but he watched them die with satisfaction. He landed back to his planet, only to feel the incinerating heat of an incredible explosion. With the heat getting closer, he realized his sins. His onyx eyes closed as he accepted his fate. Layer after layer of his body was burning, until nothing was left, of anything on that planet. He woke up in the afterlife, only to hear, he would live, but eternally confined in Hell. The realization was pointless, and he was to spend forever with sadistic creatures such as Frieza and Cell. His ultimate enemy, Freeza was to be in the same realm as him forever.This is his atonement.


  • I was bored when I wrote Atonement.
  • The saiyan in the story is named Apaso, and his name is a pun off of Peas.
  • A character page and a further story on him might come to pass..If I feel like it.
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