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Chapter 1: The Beginning of AsonjaEdit

Just before I begin, Asonja was no ordinary kid. He's going to be strong saiyan teaming up with 4 others. They are known as the Supreme 5 together. They train together and fight strong enemies! And Asonja's special. That's why he's also named "The Legendary Rage Saiyan". But before we go into THAT story, lets start THIS story.

When Asonja was a little kid about the age of 5 now and didn't know he had a family, he lived on his own on Earth in Universe 93. He's met other people and yes they were nice. But others...not as much. He had to fight them with his friends. But they had to move on so Asonja kept going to find new challenges and friends. And this is where he meets Jodenku at Age 8, the leader of a soon-to-be-real group, Supreme 5.

Asonja: Wow. Sometimes my life can be very boring without any family members...Who's that down there? *he eyes Jodenku searching for something*

Asonja's mind: What's he looking for?

*Asonja flies down to Jodenku*

Jodenku *whispering*: Where could that blasted ball be?

*Jodenku hears feet landing*

Asonja: Hey! :D

Jodenku: Umm...hey? Who're you? Are you looking for the Dragon balls too?

Asonja: I don't know what the Dragon balls are. And my name's Asonja. You?

Jodenku's mind: Asonja? That's my 5 year old cousin's name. He looks like him, sounds like he can't be. Just tell him your name anyway...

Jodenku: Jodenku. Now can you leave me alone? I'm searching for the Dragon balls.

Asonja's Mind: He looks slightly familiar. He's on my family tree on the cousin's section. Should I tell him? I'll give it a shot and hope for the best!

Asonja: Hey umm... you look like my cousin I had before Planet Vegeta exploded.

Jodenku: Why does that concern you?

Asonja: I just can't help but're my cousin from Planet Vegeta

Jodenku's mind: Of course! It's him! He survived too!?

Jodenku: *stands there shocked* Y-You don't have any proof that you're my cousin! ...Do you?

Asonja: *pulls out a section of a picture that has you on it under the cousin section*

Jodenku: *Shocked* N-No way! You are my cousin!

*Jodenku hugs Asonja happily nearly cracking his ribs*

Asonja: Argh...Crushing me...can't breathe!

*Jodenku lets go and blushes a little*

Jodenku: Sorry. It's just...I didn't realize that one of my family members survived Planet Vegeta's explosion! That's so rare!

*Asonja nods happily*

Jodenku: Hey, would you like to help me search for the Dragon balls?

Asonja: Sure! :D

So Asonja and Jodenku rejoice while searching for the Dragon balls for the first time. Thus this begins a new story. The story, when Jodenku and Asonja, become the greatest of friends, and a great team.

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