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Vegeta super saiyan 3

Vegeta was the first to achieve the state

Advantages of this state

  • You gain an instant power increase of 24,000,000
  • The electricity of an user is at 300 Million voltage that gives off the purple lightning

A large increase of muscle Disadvantages of this state

  • You lose 2% of the average ssj3 speed
  • The Power is so intense that a seemingly impossible increase of mass occurs and any object under 20 pounds in a vicinity of 10 feet will be attracted like a magnet to the user. Anything under 130 pounds will be slowly pulled forth

How to reach this state

  • You must have trained extensively in any super saiyan state
  • You must be pure of heart

People who have achieved the state?

  • Vegeta(DBLSS) (First To Achieve) How? By intense training for 5 years in the ssj2 and ssj3 state
  • Goku(DBLSS) (Second to achieve) How? By being given all of gohan's energy and it instantly occurs
  • Trunks(DBLSS) (3rd to achieve) How? after witnessing Goten being killed by Coolza
  • Gohan(DBLSS) (4th to achieve) How? After Dopple Shenron drains his mystic energy his level and power is decreased to this state, although after the fight the ability is lost
  • Bra(DBLSS) (Last to achieve) How? Unknown but is believed that training in this state with Pan at the end of the story