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Artiko is a mid-class Saiyan warrior serving under King Vegeta in the Saiyan Royal Guard, as well as the father of the Saiyans Kaido and Nachi.

He is a secondary character in the story Dragon Ball: Uprising. His name is a pun on the vegetable Artichoke.

Appearance Edit

Artiko is battle-hardened Saiyan, and as a result, he shows all the normal traits of a Saiyan warrior. He has several battle scars covering his body, short black hair, and a tail. In his introduction in the Placement Trials Arc, he is wearing black-red battle armor that sports the signature blue cape of the Saiyan Royal Guard.

Personality Edit

Like most Saiyans his age, Artiko is a battle-hungry, cruel, and aggressive man. However, he has undying loyalty towards the Royal Family, viewing King Vegeta as the undisputed master of the Saiyan race. This extreme loyalty lead to him cutting off ties with his mate Hipa, as well as his daughter Nachi when the two of them accepted assignments from Frieza and the Planet Trade Organization. Additionally, this extreme loyalty to his king lead to him seemingly backing down when Kaido was summoned to appear before King Vegeta for a punishment.

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