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Piccolo Super Namek


Artemis is a Namekian. Not yet fully achieving Super Namek, Artemis is quickly making his way up. Artemis, like King Piccolo, serves as one of the villains against the Saiyans.


  • Near Super Namek.

Artemis absorbs another Namekian by the name of Port.

  • Super Namek.

Artemis achieves this after absorbing Nail. (Nail is absorbed with a powerlevel of around 50,000 at the time, instead of 42,000, granting Artemis Super Namek with ease)


  • Masenko
  • Regeneration
  • Full Power Energy Wave
  • Fusion
  • Super Explosive Wave

Power LevelEdit

  • Base: 10,000
  • Near Super Namek: 1,000,000
  • Super Namek: 25,000,000
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