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Alternate names Arta
The Legendary Super Saiyaness
The Perfect Daughter
Race Female Saiyan (Saiyaness)
Height 5'4"
Affiliations Paragus (grandpa)
Brolyna (mother)
Broly (father)

"I'm Arta, Broly's perfect daughter. I show no mercy for anyone, I have to kill Goku. I love to kill, and I won´t stop until I have killed Goku."
Arta, Broly´s perfect daughter.

Arta is the daughter of Broly, a Legendary Super Saiyan. Arta is a mischievous girl, she loves to tease people, she loves fighting, and she loves her family. Arta was born with a power level of above 10,000, only she must learn how to use her strength; she is currently 18 years old.


Arta's personality: mischievous, strong, confident, tough, likes killing people, annoying people, destroying planets, and destroying cities. Her passion is to kill Goku.

Arta doesn't know how to react when she is in the company of a boy. If Arta wants something, then she will get it. Arta is pure evil, she would kill even her own family if she wants it. Arta is a full blood Saiyan; because she can control her anger, she could be the Perfect Legendary Super Saiyan. If Arta can control her powers when she's in her Legendary Super Saiyan form, then she would be in the Perfect Legendary Super Saiyan.

The Perfect Legendary Super Saiyan[]

"I must become a Perfect Legendary Super Saiyan so I can kill you with more pain!"
Arta to Kakarot

A Perfect Legendary Super Saiyan (PLSS) is a Legendary Super Saiyan who can control his/her power, and his/her anger, even when she/he is in the Legendary Super Saiyan (LSS) form. There are none of them yet, but Arta could be the first one.


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Her life[]

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The birth[]

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Usage and Power[]

The Legendary Super Saiyan Form: In this form, Arta's power, speed, strength, energy, and endurance increase drastically, far exceeding the power of all the Z Fighters.

Her energy attacks are all a green shade in color and there are three main types that she uses: a single sphere of energy, a large number of energy spheres being fired at once, and a compact energy sphere that, upon hitting the target, rapidly grows into an enormous energy bomb of huge destructive power. Arta uses and controls the first version to make it very difficult for her opponent to escape from it, the second version to destroy cities, and third and most powerful version to destroy planets, or to counter her opponents' attacks.

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Meet her[]

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