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Arra is a young Saiyan girl who participates in Age 737's Saiyan Placement Trials. She was widely known in her youth for having a lot of potential due to her attitude.

She is a secondary character in the story Dragon Ball: Uprising. Her name is a pun on the vegetable Arracacha.

Appearance Edit

Arra is full-blooded Saiyan, and so as a result she shows all the normal traits of a Saiyan her age. She has long black hair that extends to her hips, and she has a single visible scar on her face at age 8. Like all other participants in the Saiyan Placement Trials, she still has a tail.

At the start if the Placement Trials Arc, she wears standard issue black and blue battle armor of the Planet Trade Organization.

Personality Edit

At the start of the Placement Trials Arc, Arra is temperamental, aggressive, and battle-hungry, which makes her a wonderful candidate for the Saiyan Army and the Planet Trade Organization's special forces. She's impatient and doesn't often think everything through, but unlike her peer Nipu this lack of foresight doesn't render her useless. For example, unlike the most other Saiyans, she isn't trying to get a position on the Saiyan Royal Guard. She just wants to show off her ability and get picked by one of the Planet Trade Organization's representatives.

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