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Planet Cold 001
Planet Cold 001
Featured in Dragon Ball: Legacies
Pronunciation ahr-kohs
Adjective Arcosian
Parent star type A-type main-sequence
Orbital characteristics
Orbital period 55,753 d
Satellites 6
Satellite names Freezer, Coola, Naitoro, Corudo, Arukuteria, Aisa
Physical characteristics
Equatorial radius 7492.4 km
Polar radius 7467.4 km
Surface area 42.6% land
57.4% water
Mass 1.23731×1026 kg
20.72 M
Equatorial surface gravity 147.105 m/s2
15 g
Axial tilt 24.56°
Surface temperature
Minimum -249.7 °C
Mean -118.6 °C
Maximum -3.7 °C
Composition 68.93% hydrogen (H2)
18.25% methane (CH4)
5.61% helium
3.73% ammonia (NH3)
2.82% ammonium hydrosulfide (NH4SH)
0.47% argon
0.14% neon
0.05% trace elements
Sentient Species Arcosians
Sentient species 1 population 88,389,629
Number of major cities 38
Technology level Tier 2

Planet Cold 001 (officially known as Arcose) is a Planet Trade Organization-controlled world. It is located in King Cold's territory.


Arcose is the homeworld of the Arcosians, including King Cold, Arcterial, Icer, Frieza, Cooler, and Nitro. Even after King Cold took over the planet, he allowed the other Arcosians to live, and many of them became soldiers in his armies. The planet itself had many Planet Trade Organization cities. Still, only King Cold's personal soldiers worked on the planet. None of Nitro's, Frieza's, or Cooler's soldiers are stationed there.

The planet is very cold, though during the summers, certain places near the equator will become almost temperate. Otherwise, the entire world is covered in ice and snow at all times. The world is quite mountainous and it has many small rivers and lakes, though few larger bodies of water. They freeze over during the winters. Snow blizzards and ice hail are common occurrences during the winter especially.

Notable facts[]

  • This planet is the homeworld of many significant characters, including all of the members of King Cold's royal family, and the Arcosians who first met the Saiyans.
  • This planet is one of the coldest in the entire universe. Non-natives who visit the planet must wear extreme protective gear if they wish to survive.
  • Frieza has not visited this planet since he left it in Ground Up. Cooler has been back several times since then, and of course, Nitro was born after Ground Up.
  • Despite being a rocky planet, Arcose has a ring system.


  • Arcose's Arcosian population:
    • At height: 88,389,629.
    • At lowest point: 23,382,694.


Arcose is still around.

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