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Baby Buu by XicorAFfan4ever

"Boy, you read alot of comic books, don't you?"
— Aqan

Aqan is a reborn Buu created by the fusion of Baby and Buu in hell. He has power beyond anyone at the end of GT and the start of TNG. He has quite a few moves including Energy Stealing, a move that steals power and adds it to his own.


Cookie Cutter Beam, a beam that resembles the Kamehameha however red in color and the shape of a cylinder. It had the power to destroy a whole galaxy according to Aqan and used it to fatally injure Pan while using Tri-Form.

Hell Shuriken, an attack that is sharper than the Z-Sword and Aqan can direct anywhere he wants. It can hit a total of 6 times before it explodes. He used this to destroy East City and kill the Gatekeeper of Hell, allowing all the villains to escape. He also used it against Trunks but he caught it and broke it.

Multiple Hell Shuriken, an improved version of Hell Shuriken allowing up to 7 shurikens at once. He used this in effort to stop Gotenks but he caught them all.

Mosquito Swarm, a swarm of ki bullets almost impossible to dodge. He used this to destroy Venus in a show of his power and also injured Trunks. He did this also to Super Saiyan 2 Goten but Goten took all of the hits without being injured.

100% Power, his muscles bulk up tremendously and his power increases 3x its normal. He did this against Gotenks and was evenly matched with him.

Tri-Form, a move that he stole from Tien when he drained his power. He used it against Pan and brutally each form used a Cookie Cutter Beam and each one hit Pan.

Full Power Cookie Cutter Beam, a move that clashed and was evenly matched with Gotenks's 10x Final Flash but Pan and Gohan supplied power to it and overpowered this move, disintegrating Aqan in the process.

Power Level[]

Aqan has a power level which is half of Omega Shenron. He is equal to Omega in his buff form.


Aqan got his Mosquito Swarm from defeating Piccolo in hell and draining his power. He gained the knowledge to use the Hellzone Grenade and made a few changes, for example the Hellzone Grenade is yellow and the Mosquito Swarm is black.

Aqan is a fusion of Buu and Baby.