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Aple Nikon23 artwork

  • Earthling
  • Alias:
  • Aple
  • 林檎
  • Gender:
  • Male
  • Date of Birth:
  • Age 779
  • Occupation
  • Martial artist
  • student
  • Debut:
  • Dragon Ball SF Chapter 13 "A New Era Begins!"
  • Appears in:
  • Dragon Ball SF
  • Family:
  • Sharpner (father)
  • Angela (mother)
  • Pan (classmate)

  • Aple (林檎) is a human type male Earthling who practice martial arts and defends Satan City while attending Orange Star High School. He is introduced in Dragon Ball SF during the After Future Saga, as the son of Sharpner and Angela.

    Early Life:Edit

    Aple was born in the 779 Age to Sharpner and his mother. At the age of 4 He looks up to Mr. Satan. At the age of 12, Aple begins to train at Mr. Satan's Dojo in Satan City.

    Dragon Ball SFEdit

    After Future Saga and 32nd Tenkaichi Budōkai Saga Edit

    Aple Nikon23
    During the start of Dragon Ball SF, 7 years has now passed, Aple is now a teenager and is attending Orange Star High School along with fighting against various criminals in Satan City. After meeting Pan, he starts to develop a bit of a rivalry with her, as they protect the city from criminals. After discovering that Pan, was in fact the Great Saiyagirl, he and Pan become even closer, and even learns how to control his Ki and the Bukujutsu from her.

    Techniques and AbilitiesEdit


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