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Aoishi is the older half-brother of Goishi. He is also the son of the Saiyan Abduc. He and his brother had become good friends with Singan and his friends and promised to stick by them no matter how hard their journey would be.


Aoishi exhibits a calm personality; even if an impending danger is closing in on him, his friends, or the Earth, he always stays calm and collected in order to be able to come up with a smart plan. He cares for his younger brother deeply and is largely protective of him. He also cares for Singan and his group, as he owes them a large debt of gratitude for rescuing them from being alone.

Power level[]

His power level is higher than his brother's, at a stunning 81,344.



Base Form[]

  • True Fury: Aoishi attacks the opponent with a large number of quick kicks and punches.

    Aoishi at age 35.

  • Frozen Up: Aoishi flings a ball of energy at the opponent which is so cold that it ends up freezing him momentarily.
  • Tail Choke: Aoishi flies to the back of the opponent and chokes him with his tail.
  • Wild Fightout: Aoishi momentarily disappears from view, then reappears from behind the opponent, attacking him right at the face with a flurry of punches.

Great Ape Form[]

  • Chou Makousen: Aoishi shoots a sweeping beam from his mouth.
  • Berserk Chou Makousen: Aoishi shoots out from his mouth a larger, red beam of energy.


  • Great Ape: Due to the fact that he has a tail, he can transform into a Great Ape whenever he sees a full moon.
  • Gaoishi: After learning the Fusion Dance and performing it with his brother, Aoishi and Goishi became Gaoishi, a being that can transform into a Great Ape, a Super Saiyan, a Super Saiyan 2, and a Super Saiyan 3..