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Angellen DBG
Native Planet
Angello Prime
Average Height
5'11" - 7'7"
Average Power Tier
Tier 10 (Naturally)

Angellens are an alien species who are a servitors to the Xeno Dominion. They are a extremely powerful in Ki and technologically advance species. Their history is still a mystery. The first contact they had was in Age 757 when a Human named Mercury was saved by a Angellen named Rishi.


Angellen are always seen wearing a type of ceremonial dress with different patterns of their assigned Destroyer. They are pale-bluish skin color with snow white hair.


Angellens are elegant and also have a positive attitude. They can be arrogant at times. They are easy to talk to, for they are great listeners. They do love when something new is presented to them, especially food.