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Anethum is a saiyan warrior of mystery and exceptional might. Born years prior to the destruction of planet vegeta, Anethum was a saiyan warrior who achieved the ranking of a super-elite, so much so that he may have been on prince vegeta's level at the time. He managed to escape the destruction of planet vegeta with a band of likeminded saiyans who were planning a coup against the galactic tyrant frieza and his family at the time. Since then, his powers have grown enormously beyond their original limitations, having long since achieved the super saiyan transformation of legend as well as the successor forms of it, having used his power to deal away with many of his corresponding timelines greatest evils and threats. Currently, anethum serves as a time patrol ranger alongside an alternate version of trunks and a multitude of other warriors, his goal to intervene in and protect the balance of multiple timelines and preserve the balance of all temporal existence in this regard.



Anethum's Saiyan Armor




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  • While "Anethum" isn't precisely a vegetable, it is the name of a certain genus type of vegetable which produces Dill
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