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Androids in a castle is a fanfiction created by 35Baragon.


The story begins with Androids 17 and 18 were sleeping under a tree when Android 17 was getting up from his nap and tells his sister to wake up, but Android 18 says that she's too tired to move much to her brother's boredom. Later, they get surrounded by a bike gang just as Android 17 knocks out the leader as the rest of them. Android 18 sees a big castle on a island as she tells Android 17 that they should go inside the castle. By the time they arrive in front of the castle, Android 17 knocks down the doors as he and his sister goes in. Android 18 was admiring the decor and complains about the clothes of a queen in a portrait. In the meantime, the twins fell into two separated trapdoors and were knockout for a bit. Android 18 wakes up in a jail cell and finds herself laying on the floor, stating that she was exhausted and can barely move a muscle while trying to get up as Android 17 is chain to a wall. Android 17 was struggling against the restraints and manage to break free as he went to find Android 18, but is stopped by a robot. Later, Android 18 was starting to get up and gets placed in a full nelson by a machine that uses feathers to tickle her armpits and knees in which Android 18 was laughing uncontrollaly. Android 17 comes to her rescue and destroys the machine as he makes fun of her sister to be defeated by tickling whih annoyed his sister. Suddenly, they see a little man wearing a grey cloak began to emit a blue aura around his body and freezes the Androids in their tracks, paralyzing them.


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