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Android #5 is a beautiful teenager with delicate features, deceiving most of her opponents. She, like most of the other Androids, is emotionless, but she seems to have a light side to her, loving to battle and test her skills.

Her hair is bright and fiery red, and reaches the small of her back. She wears a black tank top with the Red Ribbon Army logo on the left breast and the number 5 etched on the back.

Android No. 5
character image
YueHatake's Character Character
Vital statistics
Aliases/Nicknames: #5


Birthplace: Unknown
Power level: Unknown
Homeworld: Earth
Species: Android, formerly Human
Gender: Female
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 600 lbs (Due to metal body)
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: One is Blue, the other is a mix
Personal Weapons Systems
Cybernetic Systems: a
Chronological & Political Information
Allies: Z-Fighters?

Android 18

She has a turqouise blue skirt with black spandex underneath, and black boots. She also wears blue arm gloves, with reach little over her elbow. Her right eye is blue, but her left eye is a mixture, as she can read an enemy's power level like a Saiyan's scouter.


Android #5, formerly known as Suzy, is sadistic and violent since her body was converted into an android. When she was a human, she could laugh easily but not really mean it. She had a hard life, which darkened her personality..


Android #5 was one of Dr. Gero's failures. She's also a mentioned android that he had before the Androids #17 and #18.

Android #5 was once a living human. She was a happy, go-lucky teen, but she held a dark secret:Her beloved mother and father were murdered...By her. 5 was very hateful towards her loving parents, and seethed at the very thought of love. She started fights in school, and when her mother and father approached her with the idea of boot camp, she killed them.

When she was found out, she was placed in a asylum for the mentally insane. 5 soon grew depressed in her jail, until one day Dr. Gero approached her with the idea of becoming an android, without the worries of a human, without being in an asylum. She agreed, but asked that part of her go-lucky attitude to be programmed into her. Gero did as she asked.

When she came to, her blue eyes fell on the doctor, and she felt instant hatred. Despite her programming, she hated Gero for turning her into an android, despite allowing it. She attacked him, but Gero quickly deactivated her. He put the android back into the chamber, and locked her away til that one fateful day...

When the Z-Fighters were first introduced to Androids #16,17, and 18, and the labratory was destroyed, Android 5's chamber pod was still fine. She was freed when a farmer activated her while tending to his cattle.

Seeing the beautiful but deadly young woman, the farmer felt frightened when she laid her discolored eyes on him. He fled and jumped into his truck, but the soulless android destroyed him on the spot and said, "What a meaningless life form." She then flew off into the distance....


Android #5