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Android 66
Android 66
is an android from Earth in Universe 2.


Android 66 is a young girl about the same size as her sisters, Android 65 and Android 67. She wears a white T-shirt, yellow jacket, yellow skirt and black high heels.


Android 66 is the type of girl who likes to go on an adventure.


Early LifeEdit

Android 66 is an android from Planet Earth in Universe 2, created along with her sisters by a scientist named Dr. Hazzel for the purpose to create an immortal human that cannot age or die of any natural cause.


Power LevelEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Android Physiology - Due to being an android, Android 66 posses unlimited levels of superhuman strength, speed and agility. She also has a unlimited amount of energy much like Dr. Gero's Red Ribbon Army androids from Universe 7.


  • Para Para Boogie - a mind control dancing technique.
  • Eye Laser - Android 66 can shoots beams of energy from her eyes.
  • Flight - Android 66 can fly without the use of Ki.
  • Ki Blast - Android 66 can charge energy blasts from her hands.
  • Telekinesis - Android 66 can move anyone or anything with telekinesis.
  • Immortality - Android 66 cannot die of natural causes thanks to her immortality.


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