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Android 55
Android 55
Alternate names Cyborg 55

No. 55

Human 55


Debut The Story of Android 55
Race Android
Gender Female
Likes Fighting
Dislikes Dr. Soofa

Biker gang

Android 55 is a Red Ribbon Army android from another universe.


Originally a human named Tabelle until she gets kidnapped by Dr. Soofa and gets turned into an Android. By the time she was released from her pod, Android 55 saw Dr. Soofa and greets him, much to his surprise. Also, the mad scientist reveals that he has turned her into an android, using blueprints from the deceased Red Ribbon Army scientist, Dr. Gero and uses a device to control her movement, telling her to obey a couple of commands like standing still, and kneeling.

Techniques and Special AbilitiesEdit

  • Flight
  • Energy Attack
  • Android Barrier
  • Smile Charge
  • Full Nelson
  • Kiai
  • Android Rush
  • Dancing Para Para
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