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Android 4

Android 4


Android 4 is small in size but big in power.Android 4 is somewhat manically evil to the point where he toys with his victims.Android 4 is ruthless and is the partner of Android 5.They make an impressive combination of speed and strength while #4's rival is Vegeta and enjoys their battles.


"Alright,Let's play."

"Don't hog all the fun #5."

"So your Goku I hear....I can honestly care less about you since Gero's computer has not targeted you anymore as it was programed."

"Another Android? How interesting.." "Hey,Vegeta?Care for a match?"

"5 you've never been this greedy" Has a smirk.

"Even though Gero doesn't care about you anymore,does't mean it should take the fun out of rippin' your guts out."He smirks.

"Hmph,pitiful mate." Beaten bad.


Dr Gero:Creator

Android 5:Partner


Android 11:Brother


Crisis Slash: His Hand forms into an energy blade as he slashes at the opponent with speed and force teleporting with a series of slashes.

Dark Impact: A rush-attack and his signature where he uses his speed to teleport in a fury around the opponent at Kaioken speed and hits the opponent with punches and kicks and and as his opponent falls to the ground,he shows no mercy releasing a purple ki blast which he uses with half of his power.

Android Destruction:Android 5 helps him as the deliver a devistating rush-attack where the opponent is sent flying then leaving the two to punch series of times at the opponent and then the enemy hits the ground leaving them to blast whats left of the helpless fighter.

Evil Carnage: #4 shoots a ki ball with massive energy which does half of damage but then he thinks twisted and shoots multiple ki balls at the opponent wearing them out and then,#4 holds out two fingers focusing energy destroying the ki energy ball making the opponent feel the impact.