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Android 2000 in the in the BuLl saga.

Android 2000 is a reincarnation of Android 17, 13, and 16. He is only 10X better than Super 17, and 20X better than Super 13.

Early life and Creation[]

Android 2000 was an android built by Dr. ZadX. He was created from the scraps of Super 17, Android 13, and Android 16. He was created to be the strongest being in the universe, but he was not able to achieve this goal. After he was created, he was commonly feared until the Super Saiyaman Saga.

Time Of Destruction[]

During the Solar Games, Android 2000 was learning a new move from Dr. ZadX called the Big Bang Dark Kamehameha. It was intended to destroy the whole universe, but it didn't happen because Gokan destroyed him in the process.

Big Bang Dark Kamehameha[]

During the Solar Games, Dr. ZadX was trying to find a Universal-destroying technique only Android 2000 could use. When the Big Bang Blast came into mind, he gave it a little switch. The Big Bang Blast was transformed with a Kamehameha which was used to create such a dark move. That day he decided he would call it, "The Big Bang Dark Kamehameha!"