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Android 14 was raised in Dr. Gero's lab and was converted into an android when she turned fourteen. However, she did not hold a grudge against him, like 17 and 18 did. She followed her orders, until she was programmed to kill Son Goku. She refused, having a feeling that she would someday wed a son of the Sons family. Her rebellion began. She stopped paying attention to her training, ignored Gero's orders, and misbehaved so much that Gero grew frustrated. He deactivated her, and left her dormant. She was not awakened until 17 and 18 were reactivated. When they insisted on finding Goku, she refused. She sped off to the legendary warrior's home in time to get Goku and Chi-Chi to safety.

After the Cell Saga, 14 lived with Chi-Chi and her sons. She helped around the house, growing interested in Goten. 14 delighted in helping Goten train and study. She spent more time playing with Goten than helping him learn. She becomes interested in Goten as he got older.


14 is a weaker, older model, but has the same technology as 17 and 18 do. She has an endless surplus of energy, and proves herself to be a great fighter in battle. However, unlike 17 and 18, 14 was not made for Cell to absorb for him to go into his Perfect form. She was made to protect Gero and destroy the Sons Family. She is not able to age as well as 18 does, but she in none the less immortal, unless her heart is destroyed. That is her weakest spot. She can take on a level 1 Super Saiyan, but would be defeated easily when against a level 2 or 3.


  • (To Vegeta)"I may look young, but I ain't gonna bow down to a Prince of Monkeys."
  • (To Goku) "Son Goku, would you honor me in a training session?"
  • (To Chi-Chi about Goten's training) "Please can we have one more minute?? Or five? Or ten??


  • 14 is one of the youngest appearing Androids
  • She has a human heart
  • The heart is the weakest, despite having bulletproof armour surrounding it
  • 14 is 1/2 human, 1/2 android along with 17, 18, and 20
  • She had an older brother, but he was too unstable. He was destroyed.
Android 14

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Fluffy, Princess
Planet Earth
1/2 Human 1/2 Android
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