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The most powerful super saiyan form, stronger than super saiyan god and super saiyan 4 combined. This form was first achieved by powerful saiyan Zendikar during the movie: Dragon Ball Z - Ancient Powers.


While inhabiting planet Kairu, Saiyan Zendikar unleashes an ultimate force of energy and power as he learns that planet vegeta and his family was destroyed. Learning his ultra powerful form. He destroys planet Kairu and goes on a planet rampage destroying everything in his path. Years later, Zendikar arrives on Planet Earth only to be located by Goku.


Elder Daru - Zendikar: Winner - Zendikar 

Planet Kairu - Zendikar: Winner - Zendikar (ASSJ)

Mystic Gohan - Zendikar: Winner - Zendikar 

Vegeta (SSJ3) - Zendikar: Winner - Zendikar

Vegeta (SSJ3) & Goku (SSJ3) - Zendikar: Winner - Zendikar

Gogeta (SSJ3) - Zendikar: Winner - Zendikar (ASSJ)

Goku (ASSJ) - Zendikar: Winner - Goku (ASSJ)

Zendikar (UASSJ) VS Gogeta (ASSJ) - Gogeta (ASSJ)