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Detailed Information:
Appearances: KidVegeta's Theogony: From Silence to the Greater Kais

From Magic to Monsters

Dragon Ball: The Mrovian Series

Gender: Male
God of: Regeneration
Preferred Plane: Mytos, The Other World
Percentage of Universe's Energy Owned: 0.4%
Rank: Second Generation Divine
  • Iantos (father)
  • Sethys (mother)
  • Cira (sister)
  • Sessina (half-sister)
  • Nelos (half-brother)
  • Ziantos (half-brother)
  • Beinus (half-brother)

  • "As I was your beginning, so shall I be your end."

    Amoon is one of the second-generation Divines. The son of Iantos and Sethys, Amoon is the god of regeneration, and was responsible for creating the Shin species. He prefers to take the form of a large humanoid clad in decorated robes.



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    After Heisis convinced the Twelve Divines to mate with each other, Amoon was born to Iantos and Sethys, and was the youngest of six. Amoon spent his early years in Mytos but out of curiosity, eventually traveled to Other World and the universe, two of the additional planes of existence his father had created. Upon arriving in these realms, he witnessed the Daman, proud mortals created by Iantos who ruled the two planes. Out of hatred, Amoon struck the Daman with disease and infertility, wiping out the majority of their population within a few years, and then created the Shin, intending to replace his father's creation with his own. Faced with extinction, the Daman had no choice but to train the Shin to be the new caretakers of the Other World and the universe.


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    Skills and AbilitiesEdit


    • Life-eater
    • The world-eater
    • The dark voice
    • The voice in the void
    • The fallen one
    • The Great One in the sky
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