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She is a Saiyan who has short, jet black hair that moves smoothly in the wind. Her black eyes shone in the moonlight. Saiyan girls watched in jealousy looking at her small but strong body with so much potential. Her name was Amaranth and she's just a third class, but has the childish beauty of a first class. Could the king's sister, Celtucia, bred with Bardock's brother, Chioch? Maybe she wouldn't need to worry about that because she'd be busy with battles? Who knows? Read to find out.


Amaranth looked up to her father, Chioch. She heard the rumours that Chioch bred with Princess Celtucia. She wondered..was it true? Was she a second class Saiyan? Could her father be killed because of this?

Amaranth: "Papa, are the rumours true?"

Chioch: "Amaranth, how many times do I have to tell you?! The rumours aren't true, and if you believe them, I will beat you more while training!"

Amaranth chuckled.

Amaranth: "Won't that help me, dumbass?"

Chioch was pissed off. How could she disrespect him like this? His fist reached out to punch Amaranth. He did not hold back and punched her in the gut. She felt the pain of the punch and coughed out blood.

Amaranth: "Ow! What the hell?! We aren't training!"

Chioch frowned at how unaware and weak his daughter is.

Chioch: "Don't disrespect me; I am your father. Always be aware when an opponent strikes."

Amaranth wiped blood from her face, a frown on it. She's pissed that her dad could be lying to her. She has the hair of the princess..but that's about it. What's so rare about a fucking princess' hair?

Amaranth: Hmph.

Amaranth's scouter beeped.

Chioch: <MURMURING> "Good riddance with that brat."

Amaranth: "A mission? Huh."

Amaranth's feet moved up to walk. Her speed quickened as her feet rose again to fly. A burst of red energy came from her feet as she slowly vanished from sight.

Unbeknownst to Amaranth, this would be the last time she'd see her father.

Chap. 1Edit

Amaranth smirked, as she landed to see three men. It was good to be with the guys. They were allies for years and grudgingly respected each-other. She had a little crush on Grilo. Tatsoi was always the quiet but powerful and prideful one. Chrysanth was all bark and barely any bite. Grilo had some potential and was totally popular with the Saiyan girls.

Chrysanth: "Yo, Amaranth!" <SLAPS HER PLAYFULLY>

Amaranth: "Hey, fatso. <LOOKS AT SURROUNDINGS> Where to?"

Tatsoi: "Planet Sajom."

Frieza Soldier: <DIRECTS THE SAIYANS TO THEIR PODS> "They're preset."

Amaranth: <MURMURING> "Came out of nowhere..!"

The four teammates hopped inside the pods as they closed slowly. The pods began to shake as they flew off with the usual launch push. They slowly began to vanish into space.


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