Rena Amamiya (雨宮 伶奈 Amamiya Rena) is the wife of Grand Minister also Zeno and Future Zeno teacher. She is the demon princess of the demon realm. She is also the mother of 5 angels who serve the Gods of Destruction.

It's revealed she has a twin sister.

Appearance Edit

Rena is a female with beautiful long silver hair and blue eyes. She mostly seen with dark long gown with purple ornament flower on above her chest. Her apparel consists long sleeved gown with baggy pads shoulder.

Personality Edit

Rena is calm and polite. She has easy-going personality as shown she is the most person whom concerned with others well-being before herself, a trait she shares with her eldest daughter, Cus.

She is the second person after Grand Minister whom can handle Zeno's childish attitude and all. Which sometimes, she is also responsible a part of his authority.

Like, his son, Whis she also likes culinary and has habits to eat delicious foods on any universe. Her favorite cuisine probably is Universe 7, earth culinary which was revealed as her homeland.

Biography Edit

Background Edit

Rena was born at age 250 along with her sister in Demon's realm, they were born from a demon's queen and her fourth consort. a year after that, they decide to live in earth.

In 450, for unknown reasons she and her sister is separated, she began living as ordinary person and quickly adapted to human's society.

In Age 459, Rena met with Grand Minister, after a ten years dating and giving birth his children, she married him and live in Zeno's Palace, the only mortal whom attaining Godhood.

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