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Ranou Amamiya (雨宮 卵黄, Amamiya Ranou) is a demon from Demon's Realm. She is twin sister of Amamiya Rena and the wife of tyrant Emperor of Universe 7 Frieza and the mother of Kuriza and Freya.


Ranou is a beautiful female with pale black long hair with accesories like gold crown over her head. She has big green eyes and serious expression. She wear a long white gown with belly and thighs exposed. She also wear some golden blue jewelry in her neck and below of her belly.


Ranou is calm and serious person unlike her sister, she really can make someone bow into her authority. She is a polite individual. She never express her love at Frieza, only some sort loyalty on him.

She has some trait that she shares with her sister, both of them love culinary and top of that, she is a martial artist. Ranou can be quite strict than Frieza.


In Age 250, she and her sister was from a demon queen before (Dabura became the new king) and her fourth consort. After a year, they decide to live in earth for unknown reasons.

In Age 780 she befriended Bulma Brief from Capsule Corporation and met her sister after a centuries. Before the tournament of Power that Goku suggest to Zen-Oh, she met Frieza as a dead man and they developed some kind relationship after the end of tournament.

His revival in 780 led her to marry the merciless tyrant and she had Kuriza a year after their marriage.


  • Like her son Kuriza, her name is a pun of ranou which means egg yolk.