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Chapter 3 Edit

3 Weeks After the Genocide of Namek In a desert wasteland Piccolo is meditating. Suddenly, he feels a power stronger then anything he has sensed. Piccolo: What is that?! It feels like Freiza but stronger. I'm afraid not even the spirit bomb will work on this one. Piccolo travels to Goku's house just has they are about to have dinner. Gohan: Mr. Piccolo how are you doing! Piccolo: Not to good where is your Dad. Gohan: Just over there. Gohan points to another room. Piccolo: Thanks. Goku: Oh hey Piccolo. Goku smiles. Piccolo: We have to go to Kami's now. Goku: Im hungry and- Piccolo: No time to eat this is important. Goku: Fine. At Kami's Lookout

Piccolo points towards the sky. Piccolo: Focus that way do you feel it. Goku: Woah what a power that's crazy. Piccolo: Kami do you feel it. Kami: Yes, I don't think anyone on Earth can defeat that. Piccolo: Don't be so sure Kami I have an idea. Goku: What is it. Piccolo: Kami we have to fuse. Kami: HHmmm. Your right. Just keep in mind the Dragon balls won't exist. Piccolo: I know the consequences I have been thinking about this. Kami: Ok lets get this over with. Goku watches in awe as a fighter who is over 50x stronger then him is created. Piccolo: I feel so powerful. Goku: Wow, you can be called... Oh I know Kamiccolo. Piccolo: No its still me. Time to go fight that monster. Piccolo and Goku fly from the lookout towards the giant ship in the sky.
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