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Chapter 1[edit | edit source]

Gohan: I-is he gone. Goku: Heheh I think so. Goku walked toward the others. Piccolo: I can't feel his energy. Krillin: YES you did it Goku!!. Krillin jumped up and down joyously. A big smile came across Gohans faces the it suddenly faded. Goku: What's wrong Gohan. Gohan: OH no we forgot about Bulma. Goku: Shoot, Gohan can you go get her. Gohan: Sure I'll be right back. Gohan zipped away. Back On Earth: Mr.Popo: King Kai are you telling the truth!? King Kai: Yes of course! Goku Killed Frieza with the Spirit Bomb. Mr. Popo I need you to get the Dragon Balls and bring all the namekians killed by frieza back to life on Namek. Mr. Popo: Okay. Mr.Popo Goes to get the balls and summons Shenron. Shenron: What is your wish? Mr.Popo: Great Shenron please bring back all namekians killed by Frieza on Namek. Shenron: Your wish is granted. Back on Namek: Goku: Hey thanks Dende for everything. Dende: No problem, anything for the guy who killed the murderer of our people. Goku: Hehe. Piccolo, Krillin, Gohan, Bulma, and Goku step into a Capsule Corp's ship and went back to Earth.

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