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Chapter 8 Edit

18 dashed at Piccolo coming at him with a hard punch. Piccolo blocked it but realized how powerful 18 is. Piccolo counters with a chop to the neck but 18 caught it. Then Piccolo kicks her right in the side. While flying towards a mountainside she stops herself and comes right back at Piccolo. The fight is even each getting punches in. Piccolo starts to overwhelm her with his counter attacks. 17: The data didn't show this. Tien then arrives after sensing Piccolo's ki rise. 17 looks at him and smirks. Tien: UUUUUGGH!!! Tien looks down to see 17's arm through his stomach. Piccolo looks over and just has he does this 18 kicks Piccolo into a mountain. Piccolo: Lets end this! SPECIAL BEEEEAAAM CAAAAAANNNNOOON!!!! Will Piccolo win? Will Tien survive? Find the answers in Chapter 9 of Dragonball Alternate Timeline

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