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Chapter 6 Edit

Three Years After Goku's Death Thinking that they were at peace most of the Z-fighters neglected to train hard. Gohan Focused on his studies to get over his fathers death. Krillin pasted his time by training lightly at Master Roshi's. Yamcha and Bulma get married and had a boy named Boxer who was born close to the three year anniversary of Goku's Death. The only two who still trained furiously were Tien and Piccolo. Knowing Goku had died and that he, Piccolo, and Krillin are the only strong fighters left Tien trained hard. Chiaotzu did not continue training with Tien because Tien knew he would not be a difference. In a wasteland near an Island Piccolo: Huh what's that! Piccolo heard screaming coming from an island about a mile away from where he was. Piccolo: What could be causing all the commotion I can't sense anyone strong. Piccolo flies to the Island and spots Android 19 with Dr. Gero. Gero sees Piccolo and flies up to meet him. Dr. Gero: From my data this ones easy. 19 take out the trash.

Can Piccolo Survive Against the Androids Find Out in the Next Chapter of Dragonball Alternate Timeline
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