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Chapter 4 Edit

On the way up to the Space Ship Goku: So Piccolo do you think you can beat this guy. Piccolo: After this power-up I know I can. Goku: Lets hope your right. At The Space Ship Piccolo: This looks a lot like Freiza's ship. HEY ANYONE IN THERE!. King Cold steps onto the top of the ship. King Cold: Are you the one called Goku. King Cold points to Piccolo. Piccolo: No, This is him. Goku: Hey, who are you? King Cold: I am King Cold, the father of the man you killed, Freiza. You shall die Goku. Goku: Guess I am going first. Man this guy looks tough. Piccolo: Alright just don't die. Goku gets into his stance. Goku: I'm ready. King Cold lunges forward and lands a punch right on Goku's face sending him sideways toward a rock. Goku counters by jumping off the rock trying a flying kick towards King Cold. Goku: Kioken x2! King Cold catches his foot and slams Goku on the ground. Goku is now breathing heavily. Goku: Kioken x 20!!!!! KAME-HAME-HAAAAAAA! King Cold gets hit right in chest by the Kamehameha. After the dust is settled King Cold is still standing just a little scratched. Goku: Wha! This guy is Cra--- Just then King Cold jumps up grabs Goku and shoots a beam right through him. Goku is now dead. King Cold: Well that was easy. Read the next chapter to find out if Piccolo can take down this tyrant.

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