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Chapter 2 Edit

6 Months After Freiza's Death

On Namek: Dende: uuu--h It can't be. Dende runs over to Moori. Dende: Do you feel that!? Moori: Yes but its impossible the power feels like Frieza but so much more powerful. King Colds ship lands near the namekian village where Dende and Moori are. King Cold uses his scouter looking for his son's power level. King Cold: What! I don't see his power level anywhere! He-e must be dead no matter I just need to find who did this. King Cold looks at the namekians and walks over to them. King Cold: It could not have been you weaklings. Who killed my son. Moori: It was a saiyan named Goku! King Cold: Where is this Goku? Moori: I can't tell you that. King Cold suddenly points at Dende and kills him with a death beam. He does that to five more namekians. King Cold: Are you ready to tell me now trash? Moori: DENDE! Fine I-- Namekian Warior: But sir you ca- Moori: Quiet he lives on Earth now leave this peaceful planet. King Cold: Thank You. King Cold goes back to his ship and it takes off. King Cold : Open the hatch doors. King Cold steps on the roof of his ship. King Cold smirks. King Cold: Hehehe Good Bye. Cold shoots a giant energy wave at Namek and the planet was no more.
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