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All Brothers Fight is a chapter of Universal Darkness. It is about the two brothers Zuni and Archo, who share bloodlines as well as traumatic experiences but process these things very differently. Eventually, the two clash due to their opposing ideals of "Only what's necessary," (Zuni), vs "Aku Soku Zan" (Slay Evil Immediately) (Archo).

Neither approach is necessarily wrong or right in concept, but the actions committed by way of them tend to be, much of the time, especially in Archo's case, as he assumes he is justified. Whereas Zuni just sometimes looses his cool.  

This all-out battle helps the two brothers to understand each other much more, as a result, there is more empathy between the two in their future clashes.

WildFire (Ryaand'r) - The Tamaranian Prince and Omega man leader, serves as connective tissue; being a mutual friend as well as surrogate brother to them both growing up.

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