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Db heroes akina by metamine10-d6btuy7
Akina Kobayashi As She Appears Akina Has Long Downwards Light Brown Hair Akina Is White Skinned Akina Has Black Eyebrows/Black Eyelashes Akina Has Black Eyes Akina Wore An Dark Maroon Pink Long Short Sleeved Shirt W/Pink T-Shirt Covering It Showing Her White Curved Stomach W/Black Belly Button Akina Wore Pink Leather Long Pant Shorts Akina Wore Dark Maroon Pink High Socks Akina Wore Pink/Dark Purple Boots Akina Wore Lime Green Wristbands On Her Arms


Akina And Her Sisters Rosalina, Angela, Marianna, Angelina, Jessica, Lisa, Maggie, Rosanna, Julie, Annabelle, Allison, Gina, Stephanie, Megan, Morgan, Luanne, Rachael, Alyssa, Jennifer, Nicole, Amber, Cassie, Amanda, Lauren, Laura, Hannah, Elizabeth, Emily, Roxanna, Roxanne, Anna, Anne, Kimberly, Titania, Melanie, Melody, Layla, Kayla, Melissa, Mindy, Kirsten, Danielle, Dani, Frenchie, Kendra, Sasha, Leslie, Molly, Desiree, Nikki, Monica, Natalie, Sandra, Michelle And Yvonne Kobayashi Rosa, Rosemary, Rosette, Denise, Cassandra, Susanna, Susan, Mariah, Maria, Marie, Katie, Kathleen, Clarissa, Alexa, Alexandra, Christina, Victoria, Alicia, Alina And Jade Kobayashi Tiffany, Jessica, Ashley, Randi, Bethany, Beth, Anna, Annalisa, Luna, Kylie, Kyla, Ashlee, Janet, Janice, Lilly, Lillian, Libby, Cindy, Vanessa, Valerie, Carla, Kirsten, Krystal, Angie, Angel And Gabrielle Kobayashi Along With Their Mother Martha Kobayashi Akina's Cousins Maria, Martina, Jessie, Amy, Natalie, Joanna, Krystal, Lumina, Penelope And Tina Kobayashi Were Arriving On Earth Akina's First Cartoon Appearance Was Dragon Ball Z: Heroes Where She Was A Representative Of Earth Along With Forte Ecchi The Two Of Them Become Close Friends And Allies With Each Other

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