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Akai Tsuki: The Red Moon ch1 prt 1[]

Chapter 1: The Strange Dream []

==Part 1

It's that same dream again... Bulma Briefs thought and confirmed to her subconscious mind. It was indeed that same dream that she'd been dreaming for the last few days. She'd been running into the dark forest at the mountains on a very rainy time. She was trying to look for a shelter in this heavy rain. Although she knew this was only a dream, she still could feel the need for the shelteras if this wasn't a dream at all.

As she ran in search for a shelter, she found a temple in the middle of the mountains and immediately made shelter under its roof while waiting for the rain to stop.

And then... her phone rang. She felt strangely shocked to hear it as if it wouldn't do so she reluctantly answered the call.

"Hey," a charismatic, commanding voice from an unknown man sher never heard in her real life responded. He sounded bossy and arrogant. "Listen to me, woman. I could see you somewhere you would never know. I needed you to do something for me and never try to sneak on me if you don't want to die."
Bulma opened her eyes and looked up from the table when she saw someone standing infront of her. She saw her homeroom teacher, Miss Mizaki scowling down at her. Bulma barely smiled, sheepishly as she immediately look down to her table.

"Sleeping in class again, eh? Miss Briefs." Miss Misaki told her.
Bulma immediately bown down and apologized. "I'm sorry!" and then she turned to see all her class mates looking in her direction. Her best friend, Chi-Chi sighed in disappointment. Bulma did too. Miss Misaki pointed at the door and commanded her to hold a bucket of water for thirty minutes outside the classroom and Bulma did obey so that she could have time to think, alone.

Damn it, she muttered to herself. Eversince she and her friends, Chi-Chi, Juu and Marron went to the Seventh Warrior's Temple two weeks ago she keeps on dreaming that same thing over and over again. As if she was haunted by whatever spirit there was in that beautiful red jar decorated with pretty papers she touched and cooed (that the head monl warned nevr to touch). Oh, that's what I get for being so stubborn and disobedient.

During the recess, she talked about this with Chi-Chi, Juu and Marron. They knew about her problem since it began to get a bit strange on her fourth dream. Today was the tenth time.

"They say that most dreams that keeps on repeating itself do come true, but yours is really strange. I guess you should consult Monk Dende," Juu suggested. Monk Dende is the head monl of the Seventh Warrior's Temple.

"Yeah, maybe he knows the solution to your problems," marron agreed.

"Maybe he knows better abou what is bugging you after you touched that jar." Chi-Chi said.

Bulma shrugged as the memory of that day hit her memory when she and her friends went to that temple and learn about the story of Son Goku, the famous hero of the Paozu Mountains as part of their outing during the vacation two weeks ago.

~Two Weeks Ago~

Dende opened the doors inside the Seventh Warrior's Shrine to let his four tourists in and guided them inside, explaining to them the History of Seventh Warrior who managed to save the earth from the wrath of the Legendary Destroyer of Worlds [named Vegeta]. Son Goku is considered a hero to the people and they build the temple to give honour to his heroism.

While Dende was busy telling stories about the Seventh Warrior and the temple, Bulma noticed a beautiful red jar by the temple platform. It was covered with seven talisman seals she thought were decorations. Without thonking and amazed by its beauty. She took the jar in her hands and glared at it.

"Wow, monk! What is this jar? It's so beautiful!" she complimented. She nearly jumped back in surprise when Dende shouted at her 'NO! DON'T TOUCH THAT JAR!!!" and she almost dropped it. When the four girls blinked, the jar was back to its usual place in the platform. [Dende stopped the time and used his telekinesis power to put it back in the jar before it crashed to the floor.]

"That's where he is sealed." Dende explained.
"Sealed?" the four girls repeated in unison.
"Son Goku used his every ounce of ki energy to seal the Legendary Destroyer of Worls into that jar in order to prevent the world from being destroyed, thus killing himself in the process. He wasn't strong enough to finish off the Destroyer because of his horrible, dangerous powers that he thought could easily destroy the earth."

When the girls asked the name of the one entitled 'The Legendary Destroyer of Worlds", Dende responded: "We don't mention his name in here. For Anyone who does shall meet an unfortunate accident."

Later during their stay, the girls find out that their bento went missing. Dende suspected to himself that it was his doing again and thought how hungry he could be. After all, all the monks are aware that Vegeta's mind powers are the only thing immune to the seal.

"Stupid Monk! Soon, all of you shall pay for what you did to me these past five hundred years! Who knows when you would get into that unfortunate accident you've been talking about!" Vegeta thought to himself. [stomach growling sound] [*sigh*] "Damn it, I'm so hungry..." [*chomps down a Chashu Pork.]==

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