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Red moon

The Red Moon Teaser

The Red Moon ( 赤い月, Akai Tsuki) is a Supernatural-Romance tale written by Jiita.


Bulma Briefs was haunted by a nightmare and tried to consult a well-known monk in the moutains during a camping trip. One night, she goes out of the campsite and got lost in a heavy rain. Immediately, she sheltered herself to a nearby temple and there she recieved a strange phone call from an unknown man with a strong charismatic voice who ordered her to release the seven-sealed talismans in a certain jar, freeing him from a 500 year old seal.

Unhesitant to the situation at hand, Bulma released the seals and thus emerged Vegeta, the known Legendary Destroyer of Worlds, appeared before her. Out of fear, she escaped from the sights of the dark entity but was struck by an upcoming vehicle. In exchange for her life, Vegeta offered his blood in order to revive her, resulting his body reduced to that of a mere child.

When Bulma awakens from her slumber, she found the child next to her. Out of confusion, she tried to get information from the boy but the information she got is the information she has is related to her 'dream'. Disbelieving to the statements, she tries to find the boy's parents.

Vegeta then swore to her by the next red full moon, his body and strength will return and she'll face an inevitable fate.


The Playlist []

- The following song are the inspirations of the author while writing this fanfiction light novel.

1. Baliw (Crazy)

2. Remember Me This Way- Jordan Hill (Theme Song from the movie, Casper, 1994)

3. Leave out all the Rest - Linkin Park (from Twilight OST)

4. Super Driver, God Knows and Tomare! - Aya Hirano (from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu OST)

5. Akai Namida (Red Tears)- Mami Kawada (from Shakugan no SHANA OST)

6. Red Rain - Lee Seong-hee

The Scenes and other works inspired by the Story.[]

1. The scene on Planet Namek where Bulma dreamed of Vegeta killing her.

2. Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights classic novel

3. The scene on Saiyan Arc where Vegeta decides to destroy Earth.

4. The scene where Vegeta used the power ball and transforms into a giant monkey.

The Characters[]

Adult and kid vegeta image


Vegeta is the last crown prince of the alien Saiyan Warrior race. He was a very proud warrior, and has a very short temper, which often causes him to lose his control over his powers when he goes into a berserk rage.. He was sealed inside the sacred jar for five hundered years because of his horrible and dangerous powers that could easily destroy earth. He was later freed by Bulma after he ordered her to release the seven seals off the jar for him.

He was the feared by the entire universe with his title as the 'Legendary Destroyer of Worlds'. His powers are also sealed inside of him thus reducing his body into that of a mere five year old child. He transforms into his original. adult form during a full moon night and restores his full power during a red moon due to his ki leaking out of the last two seals inside of him. He has the power to manipulate ki power and the moonlight and he is also a flame-element warrior. His weakness are being in huge bodies of water in his child state but no any weakness in his adult form. He loves eating meat especially barbeque and steaks.

Bulma Briefs

The Red Moon Volumes and Chapters[]

The Red Moon Volume One: The Boy With the Flaming Hair[]

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volume 1 cover


1. The Strange Dreams (奇妙な夢Kimyōna yume)

2. The Phone Call


3. The Boy with the Flaming Hair' (炎髪の少年Honoo kami no shōnen)
4. The Wager (賭け Kake)
5. The Rise of the Red Moon (赤い月の台頭Akai tsuki no taitō )
6. A Last Chance (ラストチャンスRasutochansu)
7. The Legendary Destroyer (伝説の駆逐艦Densetsu no kuchiku-kan)
8. Questions and Answers (問答Mondō)
9. Friend or Traitor? ( 友人や裏切り者?Yūjin ya uragirimono?)
10. Betrayal (裏切り Uragiri)
11. Conscience (良心 Ryōshin)
12. Friendship (友情Yūjō)
13. The Favor (賛成Sansei)

The Red Moon Volume 2: The One Hundred Days Deal[]

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volume 2 cover

14. At Last, Freedom! (最後に、自由!Saigo ni, jiyū!)

15. Staying over at the Hunter's House (ハンターの家に上の滞在 Hantā no ie ni ue no taizai)

16. Strange Loneliness (奇妙な孤独 Kimyōna kodoku)

17. Bulma's boyfriend returns! (ブルマのボーイフレンドを返します!Buruma no bōifurendo o kaeshimasu!)

18. Jealousy ( 嫉妬 Shitto)

19. A Dangerous Scheme (危ない機構 Abunai kikō)

20 An Unfortunate Accident (不運な事故 Fuun'na jiko)

21.' 'The One Hundred Days Deal (百日のディールHyaku-nichi no dīru)

22. Love Sacrifice (生け贄に捧げる愛 Ikenie ni Sasageru Ai)

23. Suspicions (疑い Utagai)

24. Presents (プレゼント Purezento)

25. Discovery (発見 Hakken)

Vol 3

cover for volume 3

Akai Tsuki: The Red Moon Volume 3: The Awakening[]

26. Monster (怪物Kaibutsu)
27. Melancholy (憂鬱Yūutsu)
28. Warning (警告Keikoku)
29. Painful Transformation (痛みを伴う変革Itami o tomonau henkaku)
30. Killer Instincts (キラーの本能Kirā no hon'nō)
31. A Camping Trip '(キャンプ旅行 Kyanpu ryokō)'
32. Trouble at a Night Party(ナイトパーティーでのトラブルNaitopātī de no toraburu)
33. The Rampage of the Saiyan Prince (サイヤ人の王子の大暴れSaiya-jin no ōji no dai abare)
34. The Awakening of the Legendary Destroyer's Beast Form! (伝説の破壊の獣の目覚めDensetsu no hakai no kemono no mezame!)
35. Stop the Saiyan Prince, Now! (今、サイヤ人の王子を停止!Ima, saiyajin no ōji o teishi!)
36. Waking up from a Nightmare (悪夢から目覚めるAkumu kara mezameru)
37. Secrets revealed (秘密が明らかにしたHimitsu ga akiraka ni shita)


red moon final teaser


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