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Airi is a 7 year old child, and also a super Saiyan.

life Edit

Airi was an adoptive child of Aria and her older sister is Ary. She lived in the forest, but however, her sister was under a spell and was controlled. The unknown controller gave her sister more and more energy. And one day, Ary went as far as killing her own mother. Airi was able to escape, as a three year old, but however had eye damage. She nursed her self until she was found by Goku and his friends as a seven year old.

in the evil Ary sagaEdit

After she was found, she mistakes everyone as evil people,partners of her sister. She was going to attack them, as her mother taught her matial arts. However, Gohan tells her that they are trying to find the location of an evil feminine. He describes a lady with black hair and evil looking eyes, as he thought. Airi guessed that it was Ary, and she Became a Z fighter.

Goten asked permission from his mother,ChiChi to let Airi stay, as she is his age. Chichi agreed, as Goten begged her to do so. So, Airi lived with the son family.

She was teacher by Gohan about ki blast and other fighting techniques. And one time, she transformed into a super Saiyan.

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