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After Future Saga


Fan-Manga Chapters:
Years Released:
January 22, 2019 - March 2, 2019

The After Future Saga (未来の佐賀の後)  is the third saga of the Dragon Ball SF fan-manga. The story continues five years later in Age 796 and focus on the Z Fighters' lives along with a new generation of warriors on Earth and eventually the return of Goku, Vegeta and Piccolo to Earth.

The Fan-manga chapters are expected to be released and serialized on Deviantart and TheOtaku presented by Nikon23, himself.

Volume 3 - New Generation[]


4 years have now passed since Goku, Piccolo and Vegeta's departure from Earth. With Earth at peace, many things have changed. As most of the Z Fighters now have families and responsibility most manage to keep up with training along with guidig a new generation of warriors.

Chapter 14 "4 Years later! A New Era Begins!"[]

Pan and Maaku

4 years has now passed since Goku, Piccolo and Vegeta's departure. On Earth in Satan City a bank is being robbed by a group of robbers and the Satan City Police is trying to arrest them but they are no match for the the criminals. After witnessing the danger while on the way to school, Pan decides to go help out, while Maaku decides to go to school (Satan City Primary School) instead of being late.

Pan (Great Saiyagirl) (Dragon Ball SF)

Great Saiyaman 3 in Dragon Ball SF

At the West City, the criminals are about to escape until a teenager named Geno arrives and fights against them along with help from the Great Saiyaman 3(Pan in disguise). After arriving at Orange Star High School, Pan is worried about being grounded due to being late again. After her classmate including Geno discuss various appearances of Mew Super Heroes including Great Saiyaman 3 and 4.


Son Gochan (Age 4)

Later that day in Satan City and Gohan’s residence, while Maaku plays with his puppy, Videl learns about Pan being late to Orange Star High School. Elsewhere in Mount Paozu, Gochan (Goten & Valese's son) is seen fishing with the Nimbus Cloud.


Gochan defeats a Bandit Thief

After catching the fish, Gochan is confronted by a Wolf Thief for his fish. After not giving up the fish, the Wolf Thief attacks him but he easily defeats him. Soon afterwards, Goten arrives and he and Gochan head home. Chi-Chi visits Goten, Valese and Gochan and stay over for dinner.

Chapter 15 "New Era of Superheroes!"[]

Bulla (SF)


Two Weeks later, in West City at Capsule Corporation, Dr. Brief, Bikini and Tights visit Bulma and her family. Bulla gets ready to head off to Blue Hal High School after Giru annoys her not to be late for school.


Chalot and Orchid

Elsewhere in West City at Trunks’ Residence, Trunks is on his way to work at Capsule Corp. Headquarters. Mai and his children, Chalot and Orchid see him off as he leaves for work.


Red Claw Battle Jacket

Meanwhile in Satan City, another bank robbery takes place this time with the Red Claw Gang leading the attack. They also use battle jackets to defense against the police. Geno arrives on the scene. Shortly after Great Saiyaman 3 arrives and destroy their Battle jacket.

Krllin (Cop)(SF)

Krillin in Satan City

Geno and Great Saiyaman 3 begin a assault and defeat half of Red Claw gang. This incident draws in a large crowd as the Police keeps them back. after a final Battle Jacket is used by the remaining two Red Claw Gang members, before it could launch a attack on the City, Krillin arrives on his bike while on cop duty and destroys it with a Kamehameha causing the Red Claw Gang to surrender. Soon afterwards Geno figures out the Great Saiyaman 3’s true identity.

Bulla and Gyma

Bulla and Gyma

Elsewhere in Satan City,another criminal threat is stopped by Great Saiyaman 4 (Maaku in disguise). Later at Satan City Primary School, Maaku arrives on time to school is greeted by Plamo (Lime’s daughter). At Blue Hal High School, Bulma has arrived on time and shows off her latest invention to her friends (Gyma, Chess, Karin and Kin). She uses her watch to switch to her Blue Hal High School uniform.

Chapter 16 "A Full Moon Awakening!"[]

Pan(SF)(Red Gi)

While on Spring Break, Pan teaches Geno about Ki and gives him training lessons in how to use it. Maaku and Gochan demonstrate to Geno that they can perform a basic ki attacks. Bulla and Chalot come stop by. Shortly after Chalot and Gochan go off to training in Gizard Wastelands after getting permission.

Yinchabeign chased

Yincha being chased

Elsewhere on Earth,Yincha and Kuri are students of Krillin’s Neo Turtle School. After swimming to the island, Kuri and Yincha all have lunch along with Marron, Android 18 & Master Roshi. afterwards Kuri and Yincha must find a stone marked by Krillin. whoever finds the stone gets to eat dinner while the loser goes to bed hungry. as Kuri finds the stone, Yincha is chased by a large dinosaur.

Chalot and Son Gochan

Chalot and Son Gochan about to transform

Later that night, Pan and Maaku have just finished training for the day after Bulla and Geno’s departure. After Pan realize that it’s a full moon tonight, her and Maaku rush off to Gizard Wasteland. At the wasteland, Gochan and Chalot have just finished sparing and accidentally look up at the Full Moon. Due to having Saiyan Tails this cause them to transform into Great Apes.


Great Ape Chalot

After arriving too late, Pan orders Maaku to take cover. Krillin arrives shortly afterwards. Pan transforms into a Super Saiyan and has a brief fight against them until Krillin is able to remove Chalot and Gochan’s tail with the Destructo disc.

Chapter 17 "At Last! A Grand Return!"[]

Agon vs Ultimate Piccolo

Agon vs. Piccolo (Power Awakening)

In the Divine Realm on Azure’s Planet, Piccolo is shown training with Agon. Goku and Vegeta are training with Agon.


Agon launching a ki attack

After 5 years of training, Piccolo has re-awakened his Potential Unleashed state (also known as Power Awakening) and has grown stronger than ever before. The fight between Piccolo and Agon intensifies until a conclusion is reached.

VegetaandGoku(with facial hair)(DBSF)

Vegeta and Goku

After Goku and Vegeta return from the Hyperbolic Dimension, they have naturally evolved and lost their Saiyan Tails. However they can still transform into A Super Saiyan 4 at will. After cleaning up, with training complete, Goku, Vegeta and Piccolo are all dropped off on the Sacred World of the Kais.

Vegetaand KibitoKai(SF)

Kibito Kai and Vegeta

After Explaining everything to Kibito Kai and Old, everyone prepares to return back to Earth. After Piccolo ask Goku a favor, they go to Namek and leave Vegeta behind.

Shin (DBSF)

Shin (Supreme Kai)

After Kibito Kai offers to drop Vegeta off back on Earth, Vegeta uses his Spirit Fission on him causing him to split into Kibito and Shin once again.

Chapter 18 "Piccolo's Ordeal!"[]

Bulla reunited with Vegeta


After being dropped off by Shin, Vegeta is reunited with his family in West City at Capsule Corporation and he is introduced to his grandchildren. It is also revealed that Vegeta was the one that named them. He is also shocked at how much Bulla has grown.



After arriving on New Namek, Goku and Piccolo are greeted by several Namekians including Cargo and they are taken to Grand Elder Moori's village to see him. Soon afterwards, Goku learns of Piccolo's offspring, Kagyu who was born and bought to new namek after the Defeat of Baby in Age 789 by Kibito Kai.



After meeting his offspring, Piccolo takes him back to Earth. After arriving on Earth with Goku and Piccolo through Instant Transmission, Kagyu meets Dende and Mr. Popo.

Goku happy (DBSF)


Shortly after, Goku finally returns home back in Mount Poazu with Chi-Chi. Afterwards, he visits Goten’s house and meet his grandson, Gochan. He later see Gohan, Videl, Pan and Maaku after they hear about Goku’s return to Earth.


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