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"A boy is not fit to rule the demon realm."
Aekyarian, attempting to assassinate King Beelzebub

エーキャリアン, Ēkyarian
Detailed Information:
Appearances: Black as Blood

The Last Saiyan

Nicknames: The Bloodborn, Kyarian, Kyari
Species: Demon
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Mukh In, Demon Realm
Birthdate: August 2, Before Age 1577
Birth Power Level: 810,000
Personal Pronouns: わたし, おれ
Height: 8'6"
Weight: 499.2 lbs
Hair Color: None
Eye Color: White
Rank: Demon Lord
Organizations: Demon Realm Royal Family (Before Age 1493 - Age 653)
Favorite Food: Raw meat
Hobbies: Training, reading ancient historic tomes
Family: Lilith (sister)
Tyren (brother)
Dabura (brother-in-law)

Aekyarian (エーキャリアン, Ēkyarian) is a Demon native to the Demon Realm. The older brother of Lilith, he is a brother-in-law of Dabura. In Age 653, he and his brother Tyren attempted to usurp the Demon Realm throne from Beelzebub. They failed when Jiugin appeared and sent them forward in time, banishing them. The demons ended up on Earth in Age 931. Afterwards, they were immediately confronted by Ledas as the Saiyan attempted to protect the planet from the brothers' wrath.



Aekyarian is a tall, ash-skinned demon. He is hairless, with several spikes extending from his scalp in a vaguely crown-like shape. He has pupil-less white eyes and his face is shaped somewhat like a bird's. His ears are long and pointed, and he has an overall bony figure. Like his brother, he has skeletal wings, though he does not need to use them to fly. Aekyarian's nose comprises two slits in his face. He tends to wear regal clothes, including a thick fur cape with a crimson trim and a golden chain. His underclothes are light leather armor with gold and ruby trim.


Aekyarian is an exceptionally arrogant individual. Throughout Black as Blood, it is apparent that some small part of him is aware of how toxicly arrogant and elitist he is, judging by his dream memories, but in his waking life, he seems entirely unaware of how he is perceived by others. Aekyarian has a cool and calm personality for the most part. Even when he is agitated, he does not tend to raise his voice. His mode of thinking and speech is deliberate, straightforward, and direct. He can be brutally honest, which is often perceived by others, such as his sister, as being rude.

He holds command over his brother Tyren and expects loyalty without question. When Beelzebub's guards did not immediately bow down to him, he was offended by their lack of loyalty to him, despite him being a usurper. While he harbored some doubts about killing his nephew, he nevertheless went through with his plans, as he thought the Demon Realm would be vulnerable with a boy king. He tried to frame his coup as pragmatic, but in reality, he was making a power grab. The first time he was known to really lose his temper was when Jiugin sent him forward in time to Earth, banishing him from the Demon Realm. He grew so irate that he planned on destroying the planet immediately, not thinking about the consequences.


Black as Blood[]

At the start of this story, the young siblings Aekyarian, Tyren, and Lilith ventured to Liranion, an ancient and monolithic tree that was the home of the bloodseer Ygze. There, they asked the witch to tell them their futures. First, she had to nick them with a knife and spill their blood into her fire.

She read Lilith's future first. She told the girl that she would share the bed of the next King of the Demon Realm and that they would have a child, although his peril was near (whatever that meant, the children did not know). She told Aekyarian that he would meet someone who would share his fate beneath a burning sun. She kept calling him a boy and mocked him for not being able to see what she was describing.

Then, she moved on to Tyren. She saw much in his future. She called said he would progress from boy to man to warrior to leader to king. She called him "Dragontamer", and said that he would become a peerless champion and strategist, and that many would destroy themselves trying to stop him. Aekyarian did not believe it, but Ygze rebuked him, stating that she never lied. Kyarian's outburst embarrassed Lilith, but he did not back down. However, at that moment, Aekyarian awoke from his dream memory of the distant past.

In the second scene, he lit an incense offering to Tiranaki Uughal, the God of Fortune in the Demon Realm. Then, he visited his old martial arts master. Aekyarian noted that Master Tanbal had served the kings of the Demon Realm for over two hundred years. He was old and nearly blind as of the second scene, but still punched hard and rarely got hit. Tanbal had trained both Dabura and Aekyarian in the past. Dabura had been the stronger student, but with his disappearance, Aekyarian had surpassed him to become the strongest demon in the Demon Realm. He also believed that Tyren had grown stronger than Tanbal. Aekyarian and Tanbal sparred for a short while, but the demon lord grew impatient with his sloppy form and thus cut the session short.

Afterwards, he visited the rural town of Firnost, which was located at the base of the Sinhost mountains, where the Demon gods were said to lair. Aekyarian's mother had been from Firnost. He saw many demons in the streets: children were playing while adults were selling their wares. He thought about how he and Lilith had often come to Firnost as children until their mother had died birthing Tyren, at which point they had ceased their trips. He wondered what had compelled his father to marry his mother, who was below him on the social ladder (thus preventing him from rising in stature afterwards). He bought an apple from a shopkeeper, who was flustered to come into contact with such a high-ranking demon.

Aekyarian climbed up one of the Sinhost mountains, coming to a broken wooden bridge overlooking a canyon. Beyond that bridge was where the Makais were. He wanted to confront them, but promised himself he wouldn't until he had usurped the throne from Beelzebub. He thought about how he was going to try to usurp the throne later that night, and his mind drifted to Lilith, who was not on his side, to Tyren, who was, and to Beelzebub, the boy who had to die. He thought about that day that Babidi had appeared and taken Dabura with him, and how that had changed things. He would never have done this had Dabura still been king. He recalled that when Babidi had appeared, he had taken Dabura away too quickly for anyone to stop him or to ask Dabura if he wanted to go with the little green man. Aekyarian felt as if he had lost his only friend that day. He reflected on being made Beelzebub's regent in Dabura's absence and came to the conclusion that the boy was not fit to rule the Demon Realm.

Kyarian flew back to Mukh In, finding Tyren outside of Beelzebub's chambers. His younger brother told him that only one guard - Grinzal - was inside the room with Beelzebub. The guard had to die. Because Grinzal was also a student of Master Tanbal, Aekyarian knew that they would have to kill Tanbal too. Tyren was sent to kill the old man while Aekyarian broke into Beelzebub's room. After a short fight, Aekyarian killed the guard, though he had been forced to power up more than he had anticipated to do so. He noticed Beelzebub standing in the hallway, having watched the duel, a tear on his cheek. He attempted to assassinate the boy king, but his energy blast merely vaporized Beelzebub's room, allowing him to flee through a hole in the wall. Beelzebub called for his guards to protect him. The lesser demons attacked Aekyarian, and he slew all of them with ease.

They reached the throne room. Lilith was there, though she looked as if she had just been awakened. The boy ran into her arms, causing her to fall against the steps leading up to his throne. Guards poured into the hall by the hundreds. Tyren appeared behind Aekyarian, covered in Tanbal's blood. Aekyarian unleashed an explosive wave at that moment, vaporizing most of Beelzebub's guards without so much as breaking a sweat. Tyren killed the survivors with energy beams. Then, Kyarian approached his sister, demanding that she hand over her son. Lilith was shocked, but unwilling to comply. She felt deeply betrayed by her older brother. He did not waste any more time with talk, instead shooting her in the side with a ki blast, causing her to drop her son and roll down the stairs. She screamed in horror for Aekyarian to stop, but he refused. Many nobles came to the throne room doors to watch the bloody affair unfold. One man refused to bow down to Aekyarian, so Tyren blew his head off with a ki blast.

Once more, Lilith begged for mercy for her son, but Aekyarian would not relent. He prepared a ki blast to kill the boy. Another nobleman ran at Aekyarian, cursing him. Aekyarian released his blast upon the man, and it not only killed him but a large crowd of nobles behind him. Lilith continued pleading for mercy. The Bloodborn looked around the hall, staring down as many nobles as he could before fixating on the boy king once more. He demanded Beelzebub shut his eyes, for the look the kid was giving him was deeply disturbing.

At that moment, Jiugin appeared, though Aekyarian recognized her as Tiranaki Uughal. She prevented him from moving, but as he began to break free from her hold, she panicked and flung him and Tyren through time to be rid of them before they killed everyone, including her.

In the third scene, as Aekyarian and Tyren tumbled through time, the Bloodborn once more remembered an old memory of his. It had been a rainy night in Neklin when he and Dabura had broken into Ghoraju's appartment. The traveling spice merchant had, in the past, taken a liking to Dabura's bastard sister. They had spent a night together. Dabura's half-sister had overdosed on nuba, a type of hallucinogenic drug commonly found in the Demon Realm. Master Tanbal had allowed Dabura and Aekyarian to hunt down Ghoraju, but they had not been allowed to tell Dabura's father about it.

While the two waited in the spice merchant's apartment, Dabura asked Aekyarian about Lilith. The Bloodborn gave an unflattering review of his sister, but Dabura didn't care. He still declared that he intended to make her his queen. Just then, Ghoraju had returned, and the two had sprung at him. However, at the same moment, Aekyarian and Tyren came out of their time-altered journey, landing in the atmosphere of Earth in Age 931. Below them was an ocean and a shoreline where six people - the four Dragons of the Dawn, Ledas, and Aela - stood. He did not know why he had been brought to this place, but was furious with Jiugin nonetheless. He destroyed a flying ship nearby and prepared to kill all life on this new world he had been transported to.

The Last Saiyan[]


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  • Aekyarian had planned on confronting and killing the Makais after usurping Beelzebub. It is unknown if he would have succeeded, but given how weak the Kais were, it was not unfeasible that he would have been able to kill their demon counterparts.