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Baby adult form by db own universe arts-d4dlzeh



Seeming that he was gone,a part of Baby remained on earth and from years without being noticed,He's fully matured and thinking up mor evil plots for world domination.Baby's technique that allows to stick to any body he chooses has been advanced.Like Buu,He can regenerate without limits and proves to be a force to be reckoned with.



Tuffle King:(Genetic Fusee)

Piccolo:(Genetic Material)

Vegeta:(Genetic Material)

Tuffle Scientists:(Creators)


Baby Piccolo Forms 1 & 2:He can pretty much control anyone he chooses.

Baby Vegeta Super Saiyan 4:In Super Saiyan 4 Form,he's much more dangerous.

Baby Piccolo Form 2
Super baby gogeta ssj4 v2 by robertovile-d49zsqi


Baby goku first form by hsvhrt-d3c22jz


Super bebi future trunks by db own universe arts-d3rrntc
Super bebi future trunks 2 by db own universe arts-d3vcxi2



Final Flash:He can use this as a genetic material from Vegeta without controlling him.

Special Beam Cannon:He uses this as a genetic material from Piccolo.

Revenge Death Ball:A Black,Blue,and White (the white is for the electricity) Baby used in the beginning like an evil Spirit Bomb of some sort.

Super Galick Gun:A genetic material from Vegeta but powered with Baby's evil energy.

Flaming Death Ball: An attack that was originally used from his Golden Ape Form but since he's an adult he can use it with ease.