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Manga name Acemasu
Alternate names Namasu Warrior
Debut Fanga: "Tale of Two Coolers Saga
Appears in
Resurrection (SSJJ)
Race 3/4 Saiyan-1/4 Three-Eyed Clan
Gender Male
Allegiance Time Patrol
  • Namasu (fusee)
  • Ace (fusee)
  • Acemasu is the EX-Fusion of the Male Saiyan Form Ace, and Namasu created in attempt to combat Demon God Gravy.

    Overview Edit

    Appearance Edit

    Acemasu has a long mohawk that reaches the arch of his back with two bangs on his shoulder, gold hair, gold eyebrows, and bluish-green eyes with a dark green pupil. He has gold stumble, and has the belt, cape, and boots of Ace while having the pants of Namasu. His third eye is visible, and more like Tien's eye. He has a Metamo-Ring on his left arm.

    Biography Edit

    In order to battle Demon God Gravy; Ace is sent in Rola's place as he is currently fighting alongside Pend against his mother, and the Black-Masked Saiyan.

    Techniques Edit

    • Flight
    • Ki Manipulation and Sensory
    • Energy Blast Barrage
    • Eraser Flash - A powerful energy sphere that is a combination of Eraser Cannon, and Final Flash.

    Forms Edit

    Super Saiyan 2-Unknown Super Saiyan form Edit

    As his fusees where in the Super Saiyan 2 and Unknown Super Saiyan forms respectively; they immediately have this form as their base form. While in this form; they are even more powerful, and able to maintain it longer than a regular Super Saiyan 3 variation form.

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