A night before mystic christmas is a christmas eve episode of DBZ Power Rangers mystic menace.


It was 24 december, Mystic Gohan is busy rulling the world and runs over some poor children who wants help, but Gohan being a dick denies them, later that night he was haunted by the 3 ghosts. The first one of ghost of christmas past - Salt, who reminded him of how he beat the crap outta him, Gohan was confidended that he can still beat him, but Salt just laughed. The next ghost was of the christmas present - Future Gohan who told him and doing good is okay, but Mystic Gohan just laughed, so warned him about the LAST ghost. The last ghost was Bio Vegeta who showed him the pecking order, and what will happened to him if he doesn't behave. Gohan woke up and was a good man from now on.


  • Bartek the Narrator
  • Ghost of christmas present
  • Ghost of christmas future
  • Ghost of christmas past
  • Princess Pan
  • Queen Videl
  • Little girl
  • Little boy
  • Mystic Gohan
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