Hey guys! This is gonna be another Fanfic story floating around the fanbase of Dragon Ball. It's about a young Saiyan who survived the destruction of Planet Vegeta, and with the help of his father, he tries to tear the Frieza Force apart. I'm writing this story to try and explain why a few things are the way they are in Dragon Ball Z/Super.

Now, this story might seem very confusing in a few places, so just know that I've modified/retconned a few things here and there, so just keep that in mind if you read something and go "Wait, that's not what happened!".

Also a thing to keep in mind is that yes, this story is a giant fight scene (Or turns into one at least), so if you don't like them, you may only enjoy the start of the story. I'm also open to any criticism, as I'm also also doing this to improve my writing skills.

Akira, man, I love you, but your story telling could really use some work XD Anyhow, now that I've just insulted Dragon Ball's creator, let's get started!

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A young Saiyan, who was in his early teens woke up and opened his eyes to find himself on a random planet. He had been sleeping amongst a pile of rubble. The rubble appeared to come from a destroyed, smoking building. With what an uncomfortable position the Saiyan was asleep in, it was easier to say he had passed out on the rubble. However, it wasn’t just this building. With his body already facing away from the rubble, he saw building after building that seemed to have either sustained a major amount of damage, or collapsed entirely.

Using his left arm to take ahold of a large chunk of stone, the Saiyan tried to prop himself into an upright position. But, his body felt oddly heavy, and he was unable to so much as move more than a few centimetres. He let his body go limp on the rubble again, and let out a few laboured breaths. The force of the impact, however, let a few of the rocks loose, and the rubble supporting the Saiyan’s body collapsed. His body rolled clumsily down the rubble, and he landed on his stomach on a patch of flat marble looking floor.

He tired once again to get up, using both of his arms this time to set him up straight.

“Nnn!” His body rang with pain, and he let out a small cry as a result. However, he didn’t let his body collapse this time and pushed through the pain, eventually getting himself on both feet.

This particular individual had a very rough look to him. For starters, he had long spikey black hair that went all over the place. One could only call it ‘messy’ upon seeing it. On top of that, he was shirtless, which displayed a very tanned yet muscular body that looked like it was chiseled out of marble.

Thankfully, his lower body was covered with blue pants that covered the entirety of both his legs, leading down to a pair of white boots that had yellow tips. Both his pants and shoes looked like they’d been torn in certain places through sudden stretching. Wrapped around his pants was a furry green pelt that hung downwards more towards his backside. The pelt looked dirty, a sign that he wore it constantly, but it didn’t show any real signs of damage.

Much to his misfortune, he also had a metallic collar around his neck which had several scratch marks around the sides of the front. He didn’t know it, but the Saiyan’s body was littered with bruises and cuts, and he could feel those injuries with a very clean sting.

The Saiyan staggered away from the building to get a better view of his surroundings. It did in fact appear that he was in the middle of a city. However, the entire city had been destroyed.

“... Did I transform again?” He pondered to himself. This wasn’t entirely new, his father would order him to destroy a couple of buildings or kill off a large group of people, which lately had forced him into going ‘Super Saiyan’. He would usually stay in that state for a while, sometimes up to an hour until his father zapped him into unconscious, and when he woke up, he would be weak and hungry.

There would also be a bit of a gap in his memory that caused him to partially forget what happened. He could still vaguely remember what happened, but nothing too detailed.

However, this time was different. Usually the damage was restricted to a few buildings, but this time it was upscaled to the entire city! What’s more, everyone who had lived in the city was dead. Why, why wasn’t he stopped like all of the other times before? Did his shock collar finally run out of juice? Or did his father simply not care if he completely wiped out the city?

He had a bit more confidence in his legs now, and walked around the city to look for something to eat. He walked past several sets of buildings, and arrived at what seemed to be the plaza.

Spread out amongst the plaza were the corpses of the people he killed. It looked like a race of blue people, however the bodies were too messed up to see any sort of detail on them. The only thing about the people he could make out were their clothing, which ranged from dresses, to suits, to a familiar white armour with yellow shoulder pads.

Sighing at the familiar sight, he took his attention away from the bodies and headed towards the remanence of a small store. The pain the Saiyan felt earlier could still be felt, and looking at his arms, he could see that they were both badly bruised. He could assume this for the rest of his body too. His stomach gave a large growl, and he clutched it to try and stave off some of the pain.

The Saiyan broke open the front door with relative ease and made his way inside the building. Oddly enough, most of the store seemed to be intact, the majority of the damage being from the outside.

As soon as he walked in, he heard a gasp. His sudden entrance had startled 2 people - A man and a girl who’d been hiding in the store. From his attire, the man appeared to be the owner of the store. Both of them were on the floor, holding each other, shaking. He could tell, from his Saiyan instincts, that they were both scared.

When it came to interactions, the Saiyan was as awkward as you could get. Aside from his father, he had no social skills to speak of, so he was very direct, and never tended to smile or feel any empathy towards someone.

“Don’t worry, I’m not here to hurt you…” The Saiyan said plainly yet weakly. He tried to hide the fact he was in pain to make himself seem tougher, a thing his father taught him many years ago. After a quick glance around the room, he continued “I just need some food. Where can I find some?”

The store owner pointed to the back door and said “I-i-it’s behind that d-door. Yo-you’ll find a storage a-a-area” in a very quivery voice.

The Saiyan didn’t bother to console them, instead he headed towards the brown door and pushed it open with his arm. Inside, he found several shelves stacked with boxes that had writing on them, and several large jugs and smaller bottles of water. He couldn’t read the writing, but based on the smell alone, it was food.

The store seemed to operate in a way that there was no actual food when you entered into it. Instead, you had a list of items to choose from ranging from food to basic toiletries, and you would ask the store clerk for the items you wanted. Once you showed him proof that you had money, he would go out back into the storage area, and come back with the items on hand. After paying him, he would hand the items over, ending the transaction. It was a tedious process for sure, but it stopped him from getting robbed.

The Saiyan tore the boxes open and pulled out different varieties of fruit and vegetables from each one. He then tore open some of the boxes from another set of shelves, and found a plentiful bounty of raw meat.

Grabbing handfuls of fruit and meat, The Saiyan shoved the food into his mouth and scarfed them down as if his life depended on it. Once he’d finished a few boxes (And started choking on an apple like fruit), he downed 3 whole jugs of water.

As the food and drink entered his body, his body started to feel heavier, but then immediately afterwards it became lighter. He started to replace the blood he’d lost during the recent confrontation, and his body was refreshed with different vitamins and proteins. He couldn’t help but grin slightly at the gradual return of his strength.

Of course, it’s well known that humans need food and liquid not only in order to survive, but to help recharge their bodies and make sure they stay energised, next to sleep of course.

For Saiyans, a warrior race who have evolved with the basic knowledge of how to control Ki and generally have a much greater strength capacity than humans, they need about 10 times as much food in order to function properly, and doubly so for The Saiyan. Although Saiyans can eat normal human appetites, it’ll leave them unable to use their full potential until they’ve had a full Saiyan sized meal. Since Planet Vegeta having a food shortage, most Saiyans were lucky enough to even get human sized portions. And with the warrior class believing that fasting was the key to being a healthy warrior (As well as to nobly help stave off the food shortage), no one who was on the front lines had the fuel to go Super Saiyan, or even become a lot stronger in a shorter amount of time for that matter.

The Super Saiyan transformation consumes a fairly large amount of Ki, and when it’s used extensively in a battle situation, he can get ahead of himself and use more than his limit of Ki. Because of this, he requires much more food than even a Saiyan portion to get his Ki back.

Of course, even after he’d finished the 3 jugs of water he went back to eating. It was then that the store owner, girl in tow, came into the room. He seemed to have calmed down a little from just a few minutes ago as they’d stopped shaking, but they were still being awfully cautious.

They stood around as the Saiyan chowed down for a good minute before the Saiyan loudly swallowed a piece of meat and asked “What is it?”

It wasn’t that he was irritated, but he couldn’t help but feel uneasy with them staring at him without saying anything.

The owner cautiously walked over to the Saiyan and knelt down so that they were on the same eye level and asked “W-what is it that you came here for?”

It took the young Saiyan a while to think, looking down at the box of meat for something to do. What was he here for? He couldn’t help but wonder. That’s why, the only way he could answer the owner honestly was by shrugging and saying “Not sure. My father always sends me on these kinds of missions” He tore off a sizeable chunk of meat with his teeth “I don’t usually pay much attention to where I am since he always tells me to do the same thing: To destroy whatever’s around me and set an example to the people.”

“That’s horrible…” The girl, who’d remained silent up until that point spoke, going back to her husband’s side.

“Maybe. Mmf, but he is my father, so I don’t really care. He replied bitterly”

The Saiyan knew that his father had a lot of objectionable ideas, evidenced that he was used as brute force to enforce those ideas. Heck, even he didn’t always like what his father did, like that time he shot Ba’s ear off, or whenever he shocked him to control him. But, he was the man that took him off of that dreaded planet. Simply because of that, he felt no ill will towards his father, and followed his orders without question.

Now, one could easily object and blame the Saiyan for being the one who delt harm to several empires without feeling a hint of remorse for them, but that was because of how he was brought up. The owner seemed to follow this train of thought, and decided to treat the Saiyan a little less cautiously, and a little more nicely.

The tall blue man grabbed the box of meat which instantly earned him a hateful glare from the teenage Saiyan. He began to sweat nervously and said “Y-you’re still hungry, a-a-aren’t you?”

The Saiyan nodded while holding an angry frown. The owner knew he had to talk fast as to not become another corpse on the street.

“W-well, you’re eating the meat raw. Usually, well, how we do it at least, is that you cook the meat before eating it. It’ll taste a hundred times tastier, and it won’t give you any food poisoning!” The owner’s delivery quickly turned from a nervous man, to someone who was selling one of his products. The Saiyan stared at him for a few seconds which quickly shut down his suddenly chappy mood.

“Food… Poisoning?” The Saiyan tilted his head, clearly having never heard those 2 words side by side before.

In truth, the Saiyan had several times eaten food that was either rotten, or contained harmful bacteria in it. But, along with his immense strength came a strong immune system, which reduced the deadly effects of ‘food poisoning’ to a simple stomach ache.

“Uhhh… Never mind.” Sighed the owner. He stood up and said “Anyways, I’ll be back in just a few minutes, and when I do, you’ll have a real good meal to look forwards to. Come on Melbryy.” The girl named Melbryy picked up a box of assorted vegetables, and followed him out of the storage room.

As the Saiyan continued to consume different fruit, he could hear beeping sounds coming from the other room.

As promised, about 5 minutes later, the owner and Melbryy came back with a few dishes in their hands, which they placed besides the Saiyan who was on the floor. They attempted to give him a knife and fork, but he thought they were weapons and snapped them in pieces (To the owner's horror).

Much like he did with the ingredients, the Saiyan used his bare hands to eat the food (Which the owner winced at), and couldn’t help but smile at the taste.

After he finished, he gave an oddly kind compliment, which the owner thanked him for, but then immediately followed up by asking “So, what is this planet anyway?”

“This is one of the many planets under Frieza’s oppression, being used as a planet scaled marketplace for trade” The owner replied, a hint of unpleasantness in his voice.

“Frieza…?” The Saiyan recited with animosity. “I’ve heard that name before. My father’s told me hundreds of times what a terrible monster he is. Is he really that bad?”

The owner and the girl exchanged looks that went on for a little too long. They both nodded as if agreeing to a thought they both shared, and the owner then turned back to the Saiyan and gave out another sigh.

“You’re a Saiyan, correct?” The owner asked.

“Yeah.” He replied bluntly. “Then that means your dad’s a Saiyan too. He probably holds a grudge against Frieza for blowing up his planet and all. Can’t really blame him though, if someone did that to my homeworld I’d never forgive them.”

“... Are you one of them?” The Saiyan suddenly had a serious tone.


“One of Frieza’s men. Are you one of them?” he confirmed.

As soon as he finished speaking, the owner waved his hands dramatically and said “No no no, definitely not! If I were I’d be wearing that dumb armour they had on wouldn’t I?”

"...I guess.” The Saiyan kept a wary eye on him, just in case he was lying. He’d been deceived before many times in the past, so he found it hard to trust anyone except for his father. That said, he wouldn’t jump to conclusions and attack someone just because he suspected them.

“If your goal is to take down Frieza… You have our full support, but I um, must warn you, he’s a very dangerous person.” The owner said this very carefully, as if he were making sure his voice wasn’t being heard by anyone except for the other 2 in the room. He also seemed genuinely concerned for the Saiyan child’s well being.

Not knowing or even caring how much this comforted them, the Saiyan replied “I know. My father warned me that if I saw him not to fight him.”

“Good, good. Good… Oh, by the way, the name’s Jerr, and this is my wife, Melbryy.” The owner, Jerr, motioned to himself and then his wife. He then held his hand out to the Saiyan and asked “... And your name is?”

“Broly. And my father’s name is Paragus.” he said stoically.

“I see… Broly. What an interesting name!" Jerr exclaimed.

“Meh. My father named me after an edible plant that… Unlocked people’s power. But no one liked the taste of the plant, so the people of my planet wiped them out. So I don’t think much of it.” Broly shrugged off the compliment by simple shrug of the shoulders.

Indeed, his father had named him after a plant that ‘was only eaten by strong boys who were to grow up to be big and strong’, which signified Broly’s massive power at birth, but Broly only saw the bad side of it.

Jerr and Melbryy looked at each other and traded troubled looks, unsure of what to say now. That was, however, until they 3 of them heard a loud sound, that of an engine followed by a crunching sound.

“What was that?” Broly stood up from the ground as soon as he heard the sounds and went to look outside. From looking just outside what used to be a window, he could see a large disk like spaceship with a purple halo like disk painted on top of it.

The spaceship had somehow managed to land amongst the rubble and stood on several thin legs that were evenly placed around the rim of the ship, with yellow tinted windows being in between each of the ships legs.

There was no doubt about it. Although Broly had only seen it through pictures on a monitor, he could tell that that was Frieza’s spaceship. This caused him to utter the word “Frieza…” Under his breath.

“Wait, why is he here? Why now?!” Melbryy frantically almost shouted in a panic.

“Well, one of the trade planets was taken down, so it makes sense… But still!” Jerr replied, trying to keep as much of himself together as he could.

Broly however couldn’t keep himself from feeling incredibly nervous, anxious, and even a little bit angry. It was a complex soup of emotions that he’d never faced at once before, and he wanted those feelings terminated as quickly as possible. So, without so much as a warning to the shop owner or his wife, Broly swiftly made his way through the doorway and towards the ship.

Jerr tried to call out for him, but his voice was lost amongst the sounds of the engine which was slowly powering down.

It took Broly no more than a minute to get a better vantage point of the ship from behind a nearby rock. He was about 100 metres away from the ship, just far enough to still see the entirety of the ship, but close enough to see a door open from the side of the ship. The open door lowered itself to the ground, using the ship as its pivot until it formed a ramp.

Broly peered closer from behind the rock to get a better view, and saw several figures march down the metallic ramp. The figures were all humanoid, ranging from large to small, but they all wore a white armour that covered their entire body with a glass head visor to see out of.

They also had a familiar looking gun on their left hips with 2 explosive eggs just behind it, and a short tube like object on the other hip.

They numbered about 20 in total, and they could only be described as ‘soldiers’.

Broly didn’t exactly have the ability to sense Ki, as the only one who could’ve taught him that, Paragus, didn’t know how to do that himself. However, he was able to sense a sort of ‘pressure’ coming from people if he focused on them. It was apart of his heightened Saiyan instinct.

The reason he didn’t put his guard up against the shop owner or his wife was because he sensed no real pressure coming from them. The soldiers on the other hand, each had a considerable pressure emanating from their bodies, much more than the other soldiers that he’d fought earlier. Saying that, there was only one soldier amongst them who he’d have to take caution with, and they were currently bowing down at the top of the ramp towards the door, motioning towards the outside.

Broly only heard a part of what the soldier said “-Old, please depart at your leisure.” Just then, 2 more people exited through the doorway and walked casually down the ramp.

One of the figures was no taller than the average sized soldiers around him. He was completely hairless, and his skin was purple, wearing what looked like a white chest piece on his upper body with a white helmet around his head. The helmet had a blue jewel looking object stuck inside of it. Despite being a humanoid, he had a tail that smacked violently into the ramp upon seeing the destroyed scenery.

Broly had no doubt about it. That was Frieza. Even if he had a different looking appearance than the man he saw in the pictures, he had the same eyes, and they had the same looking face.

Behind him stood the other figure. He appeared to be of the same race as Frieza, except he was several times his size. As for appearance, he looked a lot more like the Frieza he’d seen in pictures. The only differences were that his horns had rings around them and bent upwards halfway, and his skin was about the same shade of purple as the Frieza in front of him. Plus, it looked like he was wearing the same armour as all the other usual henchmen he’d killed thousands of times before.

Broly prepared to jump over the rock to attack, but stopped in his tracks as soon as a gust of wind hit him. The pressure that both of them were putting out was unreal, unlike anything he’d ever experienced before a hundredfold. It made his hair stick up on end, and he felt so sick that he was close to retching.

He could safely say that for the first time in his life, he was truly terrified.


That only provoked his Saiyan instincts further though. His body itched with the excitement of battle to an almost uncontainable point. However, before he decided concretely that he was going to fight them, he remembered what his father said to him. Broly, whatever you do, don’t even think about trying to fight Frieza. That demon’s way out of your league. Don’t worry though, we’ll get him eventually.

If what Paragus said was true, he must fight his Saiyan urges and stay away from them. For once, he would have to run away.

He chose not to fly at the risk of being seen by one of the men. He ran far past the store and down the main road filled with craters, and quickly ducked into an alleyway.

The alleyway he was in, like the store, seemed relatively unaffected by Broly’s earlier rampage. He sat down besides a dumpster and used his new hiding spot to better listen in on what was happening outside of the alleyway.

“Ok everyone, you know the drill: Find the Saiyan who did this, and bring him to me, dead or alive.”


Frieza had a somewhat low voice, and Broly could tell that his voice seeped with anger. At his command, all of the soldiers began fiddling with the side of their headgear, and they beeped accordingly. Shortly after, they scattered into different directions, but all of them charging down the same general direction Broly went down.

“Crap, need to move.” Broly grumbled. His hearing was as sharp as the young Saiyan could make it, keeping it constantly fixated on the sounds of boots crunching on the dusty floor, and the occasional sound of people soaring through the air.

Stealth wasn’t Broly’s speciality, and as he tried to keep low through the series of alleyways, he kept either bumping into trash cans or knocking over boxes in his haste. He wasn’t sure exactly how good their hearing was, but to date, no one had ever matched him when it came to using their senses.

That idea, unfortunately, was shattered when a laser zipped past his head and hit the half ruined building at the end of the alleyway, exploding the rest of the building into thousands of stoney pieces.

“Dang. I was hoping to take your head off with that one.” said the soldier mercilessly as he reloaded his gun.

“Rrr… Who... are you?” Broly growled.

“You don’t know? Unfortunate for you then. We are the Saiyan Extermination Squad!” The soldier showed off one of his shoulders, presenting a symbol of what looked like a tail that was on fire.

“Saiyan… Extermin..ation squad?” He struggled to say, “But the Saiyans are all dead, aren’t they?"

“You naive, little child. After Lord Frieza blew up planet Vegeta, it was discovered that there were still a number of Saiyans out there. They were Saiyans who didn’t return or escaped the planet when they heard Frieza’s orders, or Saiyans who’d gotten themselves stuck on some backwater world. Or maybe they went rogue, and decided to settle down somewhere else.

“Once one of his men saw a group of Saiyans on planet Dragooloo, Lord Cooler took it upon himself to assemble a task force who was in charge of hunting down the remaining Saiyans. At first there were just over a hundred of you, but we’ve exterminated all but a small handful of you. And at last, I have the privilege of driving the Saiyan race further towards extinction!”

For being a Saiyan himself, this only seemed to come as a minor shock. The only Saiyan he’d grown up with was Paragus, and they’d long accepted that they were the last of their kind, and even if they weren’t, they wouldn’t be welcomed seeing as they went rogue. Regardless, even though there were a few Saiyans left, they had no way of tracking them down, no way of finding them. The galaxy was vast, and Broly knew at least that much. Being able to find another Saiyan out there would be like finding a needle in a world made of hay.

The Saiyan brought his attention back to the soldier in front of him, who was now pointing the gun squarely towards his face. He had no way of knowing if that Frieza guy was just around the corner, or was anywhere in the vicinity. His instincts only flared up if he was staring directly at his opponent. For the sake of assumption, he disregarded Frieza being anywhere near where he currently was.

This meant, much to his glee, that Broly could fight. It’s not like the situation would improve if he just ran away anyway. The man in front of him didn’t exert that much of a pressure. If only he could get close to him...

The soldier’s laser fired off again. In no more than one tenth of a second, Broly weaved under the laser, and closed the 3 metre gap between him and his foe. The soldier jumped back to try and gain some distance between them, and grabbed a hold of the cylindrical object on his hip. However, before he could unsheathe it, Broly tensed up his muscles and sent a powerful hook to the side of his head. He expected the soldier to recoil in pain, but instead their head violently burst like a melon being smashed by a hammer. The soldier’s lifeless corpse went limp on the floor.

The Saiyan warrior looked down at the corpse, letting out a sigh of both relief, and disappointment. His strength had returned to him, and it was all thanks to the shop owner. Making that connection, he grinned, and raced towards the exit of the alleyway.

“Hey, halt!” Broly heard several soldiers shout as they began to chase him. He sharply turned a corner, and almost fell over trying to break his momentum when he saw some more soldiers positioned at the exit.

How did they know where I was?, Broly thought to himself. The soldiers closed in on him, guns at the ready. He had no time to sense the enemy strength, as one of the soldiers from the front pulled out the cylinder object from their hip, and clicked a button. A sharp beam of Ki formed out of it, and the soldier lunged at Broly. Relying on pure instinct, Broly charged directly at the soldier lunging at him and threw a punch at him.

The soldier blocked the punch with his Ki saber, but was forced back slightly. Nevertheless, he at least tried to hold his ground while the other two next to him charged with their sabers.

The Saiyan opened his free hand and charged up a Ki blast, throwing it straight at the soldier on the right. The blast collided with him, and carried him far away from the alleyway, presumably killing him in the process.

Broly then gave a mighty shove with his other fist still resisting the Ki saber (Which made it burn a little), and pushed the soldier back another metre away. He then jumped back slightly as the soldier on the left swung down on him, and delivered a devastating kick towards the saber. His leg clashed with the soldier’s Ki, and carried enough force to smash him into the building next to him.

The colour of one’s Ki depends on a variety of things ranging from their motives, their personality, how much they betray their gut instinct. It’s unknown exactly how these factors affect the user’s Ki colour, but in this particular case, Broly’s shined a bright green, while the soldiers usually had a purple or yellow Ki.

This was evidenced when 3 purple lasers hit Broly square in the back, singeing the flesh and causing him to fall down outside of the alleyway.

As Broly was about to get up, one of the larger - and therefore stronger soldiers landed noisily in front of the Saiyan and grabbed him by the throat. “Die, filthy Saiyaan!” The brute yelled. He kicked off of the ground with Broly in his gauntlet like hand, and smashed him into a nearby building, and then proceeded to pound his face in with his other hand.

“Ah. Ah, ahhh. AHH!” As the soldier pounded into Broly’s face, he could feel his already somewhat battered face gaining more bruises, his rough skin getting more and more damaged by the second. He could feel his primal instincts taking over.

“Grrrr… What?!” Broly grabbed the soldier’s fist with his one of his own hands, barely managing to keep it from hitting the side of the building next to his face which caused the soldier to cry out in alarm.

“Stop… Hurting… Me… And leave… NOOOW!” Broly cried out and sent a bright green Ki blast the size of a soccer ball into the soldier’s stomach, flinging him away from the Saiyan and even landing on his backside.

However, Broly didn’t care if his opponent was defenseless. He broke away from the building and threw himself onto the soldier, throwing a punch straight into his head. The soldier slammed his palm into Broly’s face and tried to push against him, but despite the effort, little to no progress was being made. Broly then sent his other fist into the soldier’s face, then another one, then another, another another another and he kept going without end. He could feel the Ki in his body riling up and spreading throughout his body which naturally increased his physical strength.

The soldier’s arm lost it’s force and fell to the ground, and his helmet cracked and broke under the Saiyan’s anger, eventually smashing open and revealing the bloody mess that was someone’s face.

Panting, Broly looked down at the man, wishing that he was still alive so that he could inflict even more pain on him. However, his prayers were answered as a flurry of laser blasts exploded on Broly’s back. The lasers still hurt, but it was apparent they affected him less than when they hit him moments earlier, a sign that he had increased his strength and durability.

Broly formed yet another large Ki blast in his hand, and spun around with enough force to create a hurricane to throw it at his attackers. The ball of Ki mercilessly broke past the many laser shots, and created a deafening explosion in the alleyway.

Already he’d killed 8 of the executioners. Using what little memory power he had now, he recalled that that was but half if not less than half of the soldiers standing by the ship. He still had more people to take care of. He didn’t relish in the idea that he had yet more people to kill, but his Saiyan instinct forbade him from being sad or upset about it.

Right away, without giving him so much as a second to breath, about 7 more soldiers made themselves known.

“GO AWAY!” Broly shouted. The soldiers ignored him, and proceeded to attack at him with their weapons.

Two of the soldiers were quite burly, just a bit less than the guy he’d just killed, and they swung at Broly with sledge hammers made of Ki just like the sabers were. They were much larger than the sabers, but slower, so it was fairly simple for Broly to weave around the hammers and land a hit or two on them. Though, his attacks couldn’t carry the same weight they had before with him having to move around, causing them to have little effect on them.

He figured if he could carry this up, eventually he’d wear them down, but he was immediately shot in the leg by a powerful laser blast. The blast distracted him but for a second, but he managed to direct his eyes towards the hammer that was hurtling towards him. Broly tried to jump backwards, but a surge of pain ran through it and stopped him short. He quickly put his arms up, but he was hit by one of the hammers and sent skidding backwards.

The other soldier jumped up and suddenly rocketed downwards, carrying the hammer with him along with his momentum. Broly shook off the earlier attack and put his weight onto his uninjured leg, using it to kick off the ground towards the soldier.

With his left hand, he grabbed onto the soldier’s face. Normally, this wouldn’t be very effective as an attack, but with the momentum of both Broly and the soldier going towards each other, he snapped the soldier’s neck, killing him instantly. However, he didn’t escape unharmed, as he felt his hand and finger bones creak, and the hammer still smacked Broly on the back of his shoulder.

The young Saiyan warrior staggered slightly in pain, completely oblivious to the foe in front of him who managed to get a direct hit on him with his hammer. The force of the impact took the wind out of him, sending Broly flying backwards through several ruined buildings. A sturdy metallic wall painfully stopping his momentum.

Broly fell to the ground and held his stomach. He coughed up a small pool of blood, and gasped for a breath of air. He felt as though the impact had rattled his rib cage, though none of his bones were broken, so that was a plus.

He had little time to celebrate as he saw the 6 remaining soldiers swiftly arrive at his location.

The soldier with the hammer chuckled and said “Kid, no Saiyan’s pushed us this far. Bravo you bastard!” and charged once more towards him.

Broly knew if he were to resist another attack, he’d have to become stronger than he was now. Clenching his fists, he properly charged up the Ki he’d been neglecting to raise until now throughout his body. His muscles thickened and condensed, though this caused the injuries already on his body to once again make themselves known through a chorus of stinging. He yelled out to help motivate the flow of Ki, and he charged at the soldier.

His fist smashed into the hammer, and the result created a shock wave that threw off the balance of all of the soldiers present, even the flying ones. Broly’s fist stung like crazy from the impact, and he could really feel some of his bones begin to crack, but it was well worth it as he managed to knock the soldier back onto the ground. He followed up by doing a strong downwards kick to the soldier’s stomach, making him grunt loudly in pain.

Raising his leg off the ground, Broly followed that up with another strong punch, but the soldier rolled away just in time and got back up on both feet, clutching his stomach with one hand while forming a fist with the other.

Several lasers were shot in Broly’s direction. The Saiyan made no attempt to dodge them, but put up a protective Ki like barrier around his right which just barely stopped the lasers in their tracks.

Having stopped the lasers, Broly threw a punch at the bulky soldier, but he barely shielded his head with his arm. Then, using what remaining strength he could muster, he took his hand off his injured stomach and threw an uppercut to Broly’s chin. He staggered backwards, and was a prime target for another attack. However, when the soldier threw a punch, the pain caused him to come up short, and he fell on one knee.

Once the injured teen had gathered his barings, he sent an uppercut of his own to the soldier which lifted him off his feet and landed mere metres away from him. Broly was about to follow up, but another fire of lasers caught his attention, and he kicked off towards them. There were about 4 guys with guns, and 1 person with a saber. None of them seemed to possess any serious power. Easy, he thought to himself.

Broly sent a thick wave of energy in front of him which took the brunt of the lasers, and proceeded towards two of the armed men. Spreading his arms and positioning himself between them, he gripped their helmets and dug them into the concrete below. To try and set themselves free, one of the soldiers wacked Broly’s arm with his gun, and another fired a laser directly at his face. The laser stung, and certainly burnt more of his skin, but he tried to grit his teeth through the pain and pushed the two soldiers further into the dirt.

At that point, the soldier with a saber struck his weapon into Broly’s left shoulder which sent a flurry of pain through his entire arm.

The soldier recoiled, clearly shocked at the lack of effectiveness the attack seemed to have and went for another strike, but Broly formed a Ki blast in both of his now open hands and fired them at the ground.

The explosion seemingly evaporated the soldiers and blew away the one with a saber, which allowed Broly to turn around and send a thunderous kick into the soldier’s torso. The kick failed to slice the soldier in two, but it left a huge dent in the soldier’s armour.

“Uck!” The soldier cried out. Broly jumped on top of the soldier and reeled back for a heavy punch, but stopped when he saw the soldier laughing uncontrollably.

“What?” Broly asked fiercly.

“You make me truly sick. Your, your race slaughtered my parents for some stupid mission like this…! Now, blow up, and let my sacrifice avenge my kin!” The soldier spat. Without even realising it, the man had unpinned the two explosive eggs with one hand, and kept ahold of Broly’s raised arm with the other.

In an instant and without warning, the eggs exploded.

The duel explosion erased any sign of the soldier’s existence, armour and all. However for Broly, it left him alive, but his body was now covered in even more burns and bruises than before.

The pain surging through Broly’s body became too much to bare, and he collapsed on both his knees.

“Gahhh!” He cried out in agony.

The two other soldiers who’d been carrying guns slowly approached Broly, one of them asking “I-is he done?”

“Maybe… But we should make sure, just to be safe.” The other replied.

As the sound of their guns loading up became heard, Broly quickly twisted his head. Anger flooded his entire face, and he opened his mouth wide open with an 'Ahh' sound. A thing of light could be seen in his mouth, and just as the soldiers fired their lasers, Broly fired out a large beam of green Ki from his mouth. The laser shots once again failed to reach the Saiyan, and mouth blast incinerated the air along with the two soldiers.

Finally, with the soldiers dead and the area cleared, Broly took a moment to rest. He sat down on a nearby chunk of rock and let the circulation of oxygen flow throughout his body. Even though he was a mighty warrior, he still needed to breath.

The injuries he’d gained during this series of fights piled on top of the injuries he had before, leaving his body in a pretty sorry looking state. However, as a member of the Saiyan race, his body healed quicker than the majority of races out there, especially after eating and drinking. And since he had the ‘Legendary’ mutant genes in his DNA, he healed twice as fast as a normal Saiyan warrior.

So, every minute that he could get of down time was much appreciated. If he could, he’d race back to Jerr and Melbryy and take shelter once more in their market, but he refused to put those two in danger.

“Kuhhh… You monster…” Broly heard a familiar voice sound a short distance from where he was. It was the one with the hammer he use an uppercut against a minute or two prior. Although, he’d seemed to have lost his hammer somewhere, and was now back on his feet, inching towards Broly with wabbly steps.

As soon as the Saiyan saw him, he shot up from his rock and charged over to the brute. Without resistance, the brute took Broly’s fierce punch straight to the chest. However, as he was sent backwards, he grabbed ahold of Broly’s outstretched fist and took him with him. As he pulled Broly down, he gave him a heavy headbutt. Unfortunately, that may not have worked as intended, as the headbutt put a massive dent in his helmet, while Broly only appeared to have a small bruise from the attack.

“Let… Go!” Broly sent his right fist through the soldier’s torso, punching a large hole through his body. Even in his state of rage, Broly had to commend the soldier for dealing so much damage to him, to do whatever he could to take his enemy down.

Broly tried to get his fist unstuck, but it felt like something was stopping him from doing so. It was the suit. The suit was slowly repairing itself, and as a result, the sharp edges of the armour were digging into the youth’s arm, almost managing to cut into him. It was as if even in death, he refused to stop fighting.

Though, this proved to be just another diversion, as something whistled through the air and struck Broly straight in his outstretched arm.

“GAhhhh!” Broly shrieked in pain as something that looked like an arrow made of Ki was sticking out of his arm. He went to look towards where the arrow could’ve been fired from, but he was immediately blind sighted with two more arrows. One sticking into Broly’s already injured leg, and another hitting him square in the torso.

The Ki arrows didn’t manage to fully penetrate into him, but they still broke the skin and stung the flesh around them. As Broly was about to launch himself in the direction of the shooter, a wire like beam shot out of the arrows and stuck into the ground, pillating him in place.

“Oh excellent! Marvelous shot captain Salza! It appears that your aim is as good as ever!” Shouted one of the soldiers sitting atop a building, with another soldier standing next to him that had his helmet off.

Beneath where the helmet would usually sit was a blue coloured alien with long blonde hair that wrapped around the left side of his face like a wave. Compared to how a lot of the other soldiers in the Frieza army looked, he looked a little small, almost thin. No wonder he positioned himself away from the action.

“Compleements will get you nowhere. Now ztay sharp, it’z cleer zis monkey iz still a threat, so keep your whittz about you.” The man with seemingly broken English handed a metallic crescent shaped bow to the other soldier, and commanded “Ztay heere” before jumping down from the building to the same concreted floor Broly was pillated to.

“So, you’re zee monkey that’z making zee fuss around heere, correct?” Salza asked impatiently.

As much as Broly would have wanted to answer that, the Saiyan rage coursing in him made his mind blurry, and he continued to try and unroot himself from the ground. Though, he only succeeded in fidgeting a little. Despite this, he focused his senses directly on him. He was the man who prompted him to take caution earlier.

Salza took a few steps towards Broly and snapped his fingers in his face, somewhat succeeding in snapping him out of his rage induced trance. He then sighed in frustration and said “It’z rood not to anzwer when someone askz you a question, you know?”

Broly swung his free fist angrily at Salza, though he missed as the latter dodged with a simple backwards jump.

“Heh, your movementz are way too preedictable.” Taunted the blonde haired alien.

After Broly realised that violence wasn’t going to get him very far, he asked “Why... Do you hate Saiyans?” resentfully. He couldn’t keep his glare away from the alien’s face.

“Hah… Hahaha, hahahahaha!” Salza started off with a chuckle, and ended up bursting into laughter. The insulting laughter hurt Broly’s ears, but Salza tried to break his laughter and said “Becauze, you feelthy monkeys were a worry in lord Freeza’s side, and had to be put down. This iz nothing againzt you personally, we just can’t rizk you repopulating iz all. You could zay, I’m doing ze universe a FAVOUR!”

As he shouted, Salza leaped towards Broly and kicked him square in the chin. The kick was received with such an incredible power that it would have sent Broly reeling backwards, had it not been to the arrow tethers binding him in place.

Broly fell on both knees and held his chin which had suffered quite a bit of damage, yet continued to stare directly into his opponent’s eyes.

Opening one of his hands, Salza smirked and said “Begone, dirty monkey!” His opened hand suddenly became emblazoned with a Ki that took on a sharp look to it.

Salza walked over to the side of Broly (That had the restrained arm), and raised his arm up. He went to swing his arm down, but moments before his hand made contact with Broly’s neck, the Saiyan let out what could only be described as a warrior’s cry.

At the sound of the cry, Salza was blown away by a powerful gust of wind that followed a blinding light. Broly’s body now glowed a deadly green, and a mighty aura of the same colour swirled around him. His powerful Ki was strong enough to warp the air in the area, as well as managing to disintegrate the Ki arrows that were once plunged into him.

“Raaaaaahhhhh!!!” Broly screamed. His every heartbeat pulsed his Ki in a fine, exhilarated rhythm. Salza, on the other hand steadily got up from his earlier fall, and wiped away the trickle of blood that seeped from the left corner of his mouth.

“Damnit! So you’re choozing to put up a fight, eh? Very well then.” Salza clenched the both of his fists, and powered up by igniting an aura of his own. As a contrast to Broly’s wildly green aura, Salza’s was a smaller, yet more tamed blue colour. This didn’t mean that Salza was weaker than Broly. If anything, it meant that he didn’t need to output nearly as much Ki into his body as Broly did to reach the strength he hoped to reach.

“Come, Saiyan! I shall execute you in battle!” Seeming to finally acknowledge Broly as a worthwhile opponent, Salza charged at him with his Ki blade still active.

Despite Salza being the one to take the initiative, Broly answered his call with an upwards kick, however his opponent narrowly dodged it with a side step, and retaliated with a kick of his own. Thanks to his earlier powerup, the captain’s kick didn’t hurt as badly, but it still caused damage and sent him soaring through the air.

Before he could get too far, Broly broke his momentum mid-air, and immediately raised his arm to block Salza’s incoming punch. The former tried to counter with a swipe, though it was just barely dodged again, and Salza went in with his blade. As the tip of the blade scratched Broly’s chest, he knocked his hand to the right which formed a large yet shallow cut on the left side of his chest. The Saiyan used the opening to land a powerful left punch into his chest, followed by a sharp upper cut which created a large gap between the two.

“Tch, pezky monkey! Take zis!” Putting his hands together, Salza formed a bright light inside of his intertwined hands, and fired off a barrage of smaller Ki blasts in his direction.

Broly shielded himself with his arms yet still taking the blasts head on, being encased in multiple explosions. Now inside a giant cloud of smoke, he had no way of seeing nor sensing his opponent. However, it appeared that his opponent didn’t share the same problem that he did, as he easily broke into the cloud of smoke and followed up with a sharp punch to the face. Broly once again tried to counter with a punch, but Salza caught the fist with his hands, and knocked him away with a kick to the abdomen.

The two warriors remained in the air, trading blows with one another which sent miniature shockwaves slicing through the sky. Clouds deformed, buildings crumbled, and the surface of the planet beneath them shuddered with every connected strike.

Between both Broly and Salza, it was no lie to say that Broly had the upper hand in terms of brute strength. However, while Salza lacked strength, he more than made up for it in skill. Sure, while Broly’s blows were devastating and shook Salza’s very core, even hurting him a little when he blocked or parried them, they only managed to get a direct hit about two of three times at most. As for Salza, he had a certain finesse that allowed him to dodge most of Broly’s large, telegraphed attacks. And for each one he dodged, he payed the Saiyan back with two of his own.

The damage he sustained wasn’t that much, but it stacked up, and when you factor in how much damage Broly sustained previously, it was only a matter of time until he broke. Broly knew this. But, if he could just hold out long enough and out hit Salza, surely he could pull through and beat him.

“Rah dah dah dah!” As the fight carried on, Broly became progressively more and more desperate, firing off rapid fire punch after rapid fire punch in hopes that he could hit his opponent. Whether it was to stun him, or take him down outright, Broly did whatever he could to land a hit.

However, as he became more desperate to land a hit, he began to slow down, and it became harder and harder to land a hit to the point where he wasn’t getting any attacks in. Over the course of about 10 minutes, the fight became mostly one sided.

“Haaaah… Haaah… Damn you!” After Salza shot him away with a series of Ki blasts, he cursed aloud for all to hear. While Salza was taking great care not to take any direct hits from Broly, he found that his own attacks weren’t exactly having the same punch as they did earlier in the fight.

As they’d been fighting in midair for over 10 minutes now, it was having a serious impact on the captain’s stamina, making his punches and kicks weaker and weaker with each blow he dealt. His Ki was also taking a hit, as with every time he tried to recover his stamina and catch his breath, he’d pepper Broly with a volley of Ki blasts, or just try and fly away from him. Because of this, he had to conserve his Ki by dropping his aura, which no doubt hindered the damage he was dealing.

“I need… To finish thiz quickly… Or I’ll lose…” his hit and run tactic becoming more and more frequent, and since his Ki was almost depleted, he wouldn’t be able to rely on that tactic anymore. When that happened, it would only be a matter of time until he ran out of breath, and Broly would be able to nail him with one powerful attack to take him out.

To ensure that this wouldn’t happen, Salza reignited his aura and formed a Ki blade in his left hand, much stronger than the last time he made it. As the smoke from the earlier volley cleared, it showed that Broly had taken little damage from it, as it was really only served as a painful distraction. With the Ki Salza was using reaching its limit, the alien captain started to become dizzy in the head, a clear sign of Ki fatigue.

Making sure he wasted no time senselessly burning up power, Salza flew faster than a rocket towards the Saiyan, and swung his blade at him. Unlike the other attacks up until now, Broly realised just how deadly this one was compared to the others and flew to the left to dodge before gaining some distance. Broly gathered up some energy in his hands and fired off two powerful blasts at the captain, though the first was easily dodged and the other was cut in 2 by the Ki blade.

Deciding again to take the initiative, Broly lunged at Salza and kicked at him, missed, and sent another bulky kick downwards. This time, the captain caught Broly’s leg and cushioned the impact by descending altitude, dragging Broly with him. With more than enough force to throw a mammoth, Salza sent Broly hurdling down to the ground where his body quickly smashed into the dirtied concrete.

“Baaah!” The Saiyan staggered to get up, but with a mighty push he blew the dust and rubble away which revealed his foe was standing less than a metre away from him. The blonde haired captain shot a quick yet effective Ki blast that the youth blocked, and once again entered the smoke to take a diagonal strike at Broly. However, Broly heard his opponent’s grunt, and jumped backwards, which reduced what would have been a fatal blow to another scar across his chest that ran along his other one, giving him a gruesome looking X cut on his left breast.

As Broly was now outside of the smoke, he could faintly see Salza’s figure moving about inside of it, and then saw the sharp Ki blade protrude outwards from the smoke that reached once again for his heart.

In a mere fraction of a second, Broly caught the arm of the captain, just narrowly avoiding the base of the Ki blade.

“C-crap! I got carelez!” Salza cursed. He attempted to free himself of Broly’s grasp by pulling away, but he’d lost too much stamina. Seeing as though that arm was trapped, he dispelled the Ki blade and began moulding his Ki in his other hand, using up the last of it to send a blast directly into Broly’s face.

However, the brute tilted his head to the side to dodge it, and sent a devastating punch straight into the captain’s stomach. He let go of Salza’s hand, and watched as he skidded backwards into a nearby rock. No stamina, no Ki, no will to fight. He didn’t want to admit it, but he had been bested by the Saiyan.

Why did he lose, he wondered. He’d been careful not to get hit too much during the fight, and he’d hurled attack after attack after the Saiyan, yet he didn’t let up. The two of them didn’t even seem that far apart in terms of power before, so why did the fight turn out this way?

Ever since he was admitted into the Frieza force, he worked tirelessly day and night, refining not only his body but his mind, making sure that whenever he entered the heat of battle, that he always had some sort of strategy on hand. Before too much time passed, he’d earned his stripes and was promoted from a simple grunt to that of a commander, being able to manage his own team that he dubbed the Salza Squad.

As the months went by, he and his team got to know each other, and he made it a point to help them improve along with him as he worked his way up through the ranks. Within the next few years, Salza really started to make a name for himself along with his team, and he was invited to join the Ginyu force. However, much to his team’s shock, he declined, stating that he didn’t want to leave his team behind.

It was a few days after he’d declined the invitation that he got another invitation, however this time it wasn’t from the Ginyu force. It was none other than Lord Cooler, and he’d invited not only Salza but his entire team to act as his own personal task force, Salza being Cooler’s right hand man as a captain. They joyfully accepted, and the group that once called itself the ‘Salza Squad’ became the ‘Saiyan Extermination Squad’. They, along with some other powerful recruits, went from planet to planet, gathering intel from various sources to the whereabouts of the surviving Saiyans. Using that information, they tracked down and hunted the Saiyans in cold blood.

So when was it? When did he stop trying so hard, when did he stop training? It wasn’t that he slacked off, but he seemed to think that the position of Cooler’s right hand man, someone even stronger than Captain Ginyu himself was good enough. He didn’t care about aiming any higher, only really focusing on helping his comrades get stronger, and he himself remained stagnant. He lamented his defeat, and didn’t even attempt to move as Broly started to pound his body into the rock.

“Huh. That’s quite intriguing.”

As Broly was pummelling the life out of the seasoned captain, a thin red beam came streaking down towards him from high up. The Saiyan barely had any time to dodge, but the attack was so thin that even the slightest of movement helped him to evade it. The instant that Broly saw the red beam, he knew, that if he’d have taken it directly, he would have died.

Following the light upwards and away, Broly saw the one who’d fired off the laser in the first place. Then, upon seeing him, every hair on his body stood on end.

“Grr, you! Frieza!” Ignoring the warnings his father had given him, Broly growled at the man standing atop a nearby building.

The man folded both of his arms and frowned, saying “Frieza? We may be brothers, but we don’t look that alike. You shall pay for your insolence in blood, filthy Saiyan.”

Clearly not having yet comprehended what the man had just said, Broly stood still with his guard up. His legs were visibly shaking from the damage he’d received in the last half hour.

“L-Lord Cooler!” Shouted Salza who suddenly sprung to life “I am zorry, my lord. I- cough -was unable to eliminate the Saiyan zcum. I’ll accept any puneeshment for my failure.”

“No, you did fine Salza. Out of everyone, you actually accomplished your mission.” Cooler replied with a hint of glee in his voice. “I-I did?” Salza stammered, confused.

“Yes. Now that I’ve seen what he can do, I no longer want the Saiyan child dead. His DNA could prove quite useful to our empire, but it doesn’t look like he’s in a cooperative mood right now. So, you did the right thing in weakening him Salza, I’ll take it fr-”

“HEEEEY! Shut it!” Interrupting both Salza and his master’s conversation, Broly stamped his feet and distorted the air around him to get their attention. “You, Frieza look-alike, explain. Who the hell are you?!”

“Call me that again and I will have your head. Very well then, if it makes you stop calling me by that name…” The man’s tail swooshed around in the air, and there was suddenly an air of superiority to him, as if he’d done this many times before. He continued “I’m that arrogant idiot Frieza’s older brother, Cooler. Though as a lesser being, you may refer to me as ‘Lord Cooler’.”

“Cooler, huh? That’s all I needed to hear!” Once the being known as Cooler was done with his speech, Broly’s aura flared to life once more, and he charged at him with the intent to kill. The Saiyan pulled back his fist in preparation for a punch, but Cooler made no move to dodge or block his incoming attack.

“Pitiful.” Cooler sighed as he leaned his head back to avoid Broly’s left hook, and countered by whipping Broly in the head with his tail, smashing into the already broken up ground. Without using his arms or legs, Cooler defeated the Saiyan named Broly.

“W-wow, eencredible sir!” Broly heard Salza say in shock.

As the seconds ticked by, Broly felt his conscious fade, his eyes starting to close. His right jaw hurt. He heard a calm voice say “Carry him to the shi-”, and then he passed out completely.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

He didn’t know how much time passed, but Broly kept on dipping in and out of conscious. The first time he became conscious, he was being carried on a stretcher, the light dimming as he entered the ship.

The next thing he saw was him still on the stretcher, but he was now in a green lit room with a bunch of glass tubes and various devices. A bunch of people wearing coats were also present and they were all talking to each other, glancing over at the young Saiyan every now and again. He didn’t understand what they were saying.

Finally, he found himself inside one of the tubes, still inside the green lit room. The tube he was inside of was completely filled up with a strange greenish liquid, which helped him stay afloat. All but a few of the men he saw earlier were gone, and they were typing away on a pair of portable devices that were attached to them.

Broly tried to move his limbs, but for some reason they wouldn’t budge. The most he could do was tilt his head slightly. He thought about it, and it couldn’t have been the liquid, could it? It was only a little denser than water, but he wasn’t any more than a meter under the water, so there was no way it had anything to do with water pressure. Looking down, he wasn’t being restrained by cuffs or anything.

Another thing he noted, much to his surprise was that his body had recovered quite a bit since he passed out. All of his smaller cuts and bruises from the battles earlier had closed up and mostly healed, and his major wounds left various scarings across his body, though it was apparent that they still had a ways to go until they were fully healed up.

Broly spent many minutes floating inside of the liquid, waiting for something exciting to happen. Since he couldn’t move, he couldn’t exactly escape himself. Plus, the liquid was healing him, so it wouldn’t hurt to stay in the container for a while longer, right?

His attention perked up all at once when he saw two figures walk into the room. One of them he recognised, the source of his attention, Cooler. The other was a person about half his size but looked even shorter as she hunched over. She was a yellow creature who had a lemon like head, and 2 antennae coming out of her forehead. Broly gathered that she was a scientist, based on her white coat and glasses, as well as a clipboard.

“I am telling you, it will take some more time before we can extract enough of the Saiyan’s DNA.” The scientist spoke, flipping through the pages of her clipboard with a worried expression.

“You got blood samples though, right?” Cooler said, frustration oozing out of him.

The scientist looked down in disappointment and said “W-well yes… When we took the Saiyan in, he was covered in blood, so we were able to take quite a bit from him. However…”

“However?” Cooler raised his voice in impatience, making the lady recoil slightly in fear.

“H-h-however, we still require more DNA of his to fulfill what you requested, Master Cooler.” The lady waddled over towards one of the nearby tables and picked up a syringe which was full of a strange green liquid. She looked at the syringe with an odd fondness, something akin to hunger and said “We were able to produce about twelve of these from the DNA we had extracted. While this is still a lot, I do not believe it will be enough for a small army.”


“I must admit though” continued the scientist, taking a closer look at the syringe “this is really quite extraordinary. The Legendary Super Saiyan gene, something that’s passed down from generation to generation, only making itself known in every fifth generation. And yet, I possess the very same DNA in my own hands right now. We really were lucky, would you not agree with me so?” Her attitude perked up as she spoke, showing her undying passion for her craft in her glimmering eyes.

Even Cooler couldn’t shake her off as he seemed to have calmed down a little and said “I suppose so. Even Frieza should be happy with the results, despite how much he loathes Saiyans. But that’s besides the point, how much longer will it take to get another 8 syringes? The sooner we can leave, the better. I’m a very busy man, you know.”

“Yes my master, you are very busy indeed are you not? It should take but another four hours to extract the DNA required. We could produce a lot of them earlier in succession due to his blood samples, but now we are just gathering up dead skin cells and bodily fluids. It is going to take time!”

“Just make it happen. Oh, and I’ll have one of the remaining soldiers inject the Legendary fluid into them.” Cooler commanded while grabbing ahold of one of the syringes. He then left the room, leaving the scientist lady alone with Broly to scribble stuff down on the clipboard.

“You, you truly are a magnificent wonder!” The scientist lady pressed her face up to the glass, and circled around the tube, circling around it to see the different angles of the Saiyan in front of her. As she circled around, she continued “Even after eliminating 15 of our strong soldiers, and taking a direct hit from Master Cooler, all of your vitals were intact, and you had no need for life support. How a race such as the Saiyans could produce such a thing is beyond me, but I suppose the universe is full of surprises. After all, Lord Frieza and Master Cooler exist, not to mention the behemoth that is their father King Cold.”

The water started to bubble as soon as Broly heard the name ‘Frieza’, and a machine that was hooked up to the tube started to light up and flash different colours. Although Broly couldn’t interpret those colours, it seemed as though the science lady could understand them perfectly. She became slightly cautious, stepping away from the machine, and then regaining her excitedly hungry look she wore before. It really did make her face look ugly.

“Lord Cooler! Sir! I’ll take the Saiyan fluid. I believe myself to be a worthy enough vessel for the experiment, if I may speak so boldly sir!” An enthusiastic soldier who had survived Broly’s rampage bowed in front of Cooler with his head touching the flood. The soldier had his armour off now that he wasn’t in the range of battle. Next to Salza, he was the second in command, but not so much because of his strength but his cunning, and intellect.

He was a Namekian whom, as an unhatched egg, had escaped a major cataclysm that ravaged his planet many centuries ago. He had a fairly beefy build for a Namekian, and had a distinct red scar across his left eye. A few select wrinkles showed his experience, though he looked far from being too old to fight.

When out of his white executioner armour, he wore a yellow jumpsuit with some orange robes layered on top of it to give out a noble vibe about him.

“Hmm…” Cooler looked down at the Namekian, arms folded as usual and made a slight humming sound. He then glanced over at Salza who was besides him and said “What do you think, Salza? Do you think Slug’s worthy enough of testing out the legendary liquid?”

“Most Zertainly my Lord. General Slug I theenk not only iz the most healthiest man een our group, but I believe he would be most compatible with ze fluid.” Salza said with a confident smile.

“I see. If he gets your approval, then I have no qualms with it. Give him the syringe.” Cooler handed the syringe to Salza, and stepped back to give Salza some more room.

Slug lifted his head and got up from the ground, taking the syringe carefully from Salza’s hands. He found himself suddenly very nervous and cautious about this, like he knew something big would happen to him once he injects it. He looked over at Salza and Cooler, and saw that the latter of the two’s eyes were growing impatient. So, without anymore thought behind the matter, Slug stabbed the syringe into his flesh, and watched as his entire life flashed before his eyes.

As a hatchling, Slug landed on a planet called Tadarus, which was a planet plagued with war. For over a century, he grew up on the planet, getting caught up in several fights against his will. He had no idea where he came from, or why he was on that planet, but his growing up on planet Tadarus warped his mind. He became much more comfortable with the idea of ‘death’, and assumed that fighting was the norm.

Eventually, a bunch of spaceships visited it the violent planet, and as if to solve all of its problems, a white skinned man with horns and armour came down and swiftly slaughtered its inhabitants. Slug had no idea if he was an angel or the very devil himself, but within less than a day, the planet grew to be the quietest he’d ever heard it.

He didn’t care at all about the people from Tadarus. For all he cared, they could have died years ago and it wouldn’t have mattered. But, fighting was his way of living, and in front of him was clearly a warrior of high regard. Slug had realised for a long time that he possessed special abilities foreign to the people around him, including his unnaturally high battle power (The result of him being born from a Namekian who followed a very advanced training program).

The two of them fought, which quickly lead to Slug’s defeat. However, the white man did not kill him, instead enlisting him into his army. He revealed himself to be named Prince Cold who was picking up the slack after his guardians died, and that he could use some help.

Cold had single handedly given Slug a new lease on life, and he didn’t waste any of it. He helped keep different civilisations under control, plus fend off some of their main colony worlds.

With the help of some magical abilities plus Cold’s technological longevity treatment, Slug was able to prolong his youth for over a century more than it should have.

Slug had an undying loyalty to Lord Cold, and once his eldest son Cooler started his own army, was one of the first ones to follow under his lead.

To Slug, Cooler was a great leader. Smart, cunning, ruthless, but not overly harsh to his underlings. At least, he was much more grateful to be under his rule instead of his tyrannical brother Frieza’s. For a time, he was the strongest member of Cooler’s force, until about 2 decades later when the Saiyan Extermination Squad was formed, and a man by the name of Salza arrived at the scene. It wasn’t by that grand of an amount, but he took over as Cooler’s toughest henchman. From then on, Slug was his right hand man, meaning he was Lord Cooler’s right hand man’s right hand man.

It seemed like some time passed before Cooler entered the room again, about 2 hours if he had to guess. The purple fiend was grinning melovalently, which of course put Broly in a state of unease.

“The experiment was a success. It appeared that a few of the other soldiers wanted the serum, so I used up an extra two of them to get them to shut up.” Cooler motioned towards the table, which was showing a few less syringes than before.

This caused the science lady to recoil in horror, but Cooler quickly put her mind to rest by saying “Oh just relax. I won’t make you get an extra three just because of that. Just get the remaining few I asked of you earlier and I’ll be satisfied. I assume that you’re almost done?”

“Y-yes master, I am very close indeed. I just need but one more syringe, but it’s proving to take longer than expected. I did however learn that he responds well to rage. Whenever I mentioned Lord Frieza’s name, his energy levels fluctuate. In fact, it appears that your being here is making his energy levels fluctuate, albeit slightly. Perhaps, Master Cooler, you put him on edge.” The lady peered at the machine and jotted down some more notes, as seemed to be one of her annoying habits at this stage.

“He’s far too unstable. I hoped that he could be a potential asset to the Frieza force, but it seems like a lost cause at this point. Oh well, we have most of the DNA we need. Once we get that last syringe, we’ll execute him and be on our way.”

“Excellent choice, master. However, now that his wounds are healed, it will be hard to extract any DNA from him quickly.”

Hearing this, Cooler raised a finger and pointed it towards one of Broly’s legs. The Saiyan saw which caused his mind to race, and a bunch of lights and sounds went off in rhythm with his power surging.

“Sigh, I guess you really were telling the truth about his fluctuations. Since it’d be counter productive of me to harm any of the machinery in here, could you be so polite as to let him out of his chamber?” Despite this statement, the demon lowered his guard entirely, though he still kept an eye on Broly, who couldn’t seem to get his mind under control.

“M-master. As much as it pains me to say this… I would very much advise against letting him out of his container.” The lady lowered her eyes, as it clearly gave her great shame to say that.

“What was that?!” Cooler barked at the lady, almost copping her with his tail.

She backed away a few steps and replied “I-it is just that, I have been keeping a keen eye on his power readings, and it fluctuates far too much at times. All I am suggesting is that the Saiyan’s power poses a great threat to the ship. Surely it would be better if we waited.”

“Tch… Fine then. Salza! Keep an eye on him will you?”

“Yes zir!” Salza, who seemed to have been guarding the room for some time now came in, with another man just behind him, a green coloured man.

The moment that Slug saw Broly, he locked eyes with him. It was odd, out of all the pressures he’d felt from his enemies before, this one wasn’t particularly strong. But, it had a certain wildness about it that reminded him of himself.

Slug stepped up to the container and abruptly placed his hand on the tube, almost slamming it and said sharply “So this is the ape I got those powers from? Damn, Lord Frieza would be mad!”

“What my brother doesn’t know won’t hurt you. Just don’t mention anything to him and you’ll be safe.”

The eldest son of Cold stepped towards the door, prompting Salza to ask “Where are you heading off to?”

“Me and father are going to survey the planet for any survivors. It would be a dare shame if we were to leave without them.” And with that, Cooler left the room. There was something about the way he said that that made Broly feel even more uneasy than he was right now.

Little by little, Broly found that he could move his body again over the past hour, to the point where he almost had full control over his movements again. He used his newfound movement to put his face right next to where Slug’s was, who still had his hand up to the tube. There was a hint of madness in his eyes.

“You got something to say, kid?” Slug shouted.

“...Blubbbb…” Broly opened his mouth, but only bubbles came out. He thought for a second that he was going to run out of air and suffocate, but he quickly felt no need to replenish the oxygen in his lungs. It must’ve been the liquid doing the breathing for him.

“Keh, thought so. Ya know, if it were up to me, I’d execute you on the spot. But it seems the master still has plans for you, so you’re safe for now. This should satisfy Lord Frieza a great deal.” Slug purposefully taunted him to get some sort of reaction out of him. He gave a sandy chuckle as Broly’s face distorted.

“Hey, ztop that now Slug!” Salza demanded “You heard Vantrix, every time he hears You-Know-Who’s name, it puts uz in danger!”

“That is not exactly what I said, Commander Salza. But yes, I would strongly advise against provoking him more, General Slug. His readings are going all over the place as it is.” The scientist lady, Vantrix gave a worried look towards the lights. Seeing the forecoming danger, she pulled the clipboard up as if she were hiding behind it.

However, Slug only laughed it off and said “Yeah, right. He placed a sedative in him, he ain’t doing nothin’ anytime soon! We can say Frieza’s name all we want!”

“Zlug, I order you to ztop this beehaviour right now!”

“Frieza Frieza Frieza Frieza FRIEZA FRIEZA!!!” At this point, Slug had his face pushed very close towards the tube, chanting the name that made Broly’s blood boil.

Before he could say the unspeakable name again, Salza yanked him away from the tube and threw him onto the floor, shouting “If you zay his name one more time, I’ll have no choize but to exempt you from the Saiyan Extermination Zquad!” His blue face started to show a shade of red in it. Clearly, this wasn’t Slug’s usual behaviour. Maybe it was the fluid.

“Heheheh, Frieeeeeeza! Frieza Frieza...” Without a care for consequence, Slug continued to chant his name, leaving Salza to hand out his punishment.

“That’z it! Slug, you are-” But before he could finish, the tube smashed into hundreds of pieces.

Glass shards scattered all throughout the room, piercing through the various walls of the room endangering all those nearby. Vantrix’s clipboard protected her upper body whilst her lower body was severely wounded, Slug shielded himself but still got cut in several places, as well as several of his fingers being amputated, and Salza’s toughness protected him from the majority of the damage. As soon as the glass shards settled, two other guards that were outside of the room stormed in, guns pointed at the Saiyan warrior.

“You’re all so annoying! Time so silence you!” Broly shouted as he leaped away from the tube.

“H-Help! Maste-” Vantrix shouted while shielding even tighter behind her clipboard which now had a few shards sticking out of it. However, Broly’s fist busted through the clipboard and smashed her head into pieces, which resonated throughout her entire body and blew it apart.

He then set his sights on the two soldiers with guns, who opened fire on the Saiyan. Broly dodged most of the shots, blocking the rest of them while heading towards the one on the left. The Ki bullets made tiny marks on Broly’s body, but he ignored them.

With a heavy kick, he obliterated the nearest soldier towards him, and shot a powerful Ki blast at the further away one. The blast consumed the soldier and continued travelling, creating a large hole in the wall, only exploding when it reached the edge of the ship.

“Thiz iz insane!!!” Salza yelled. He formed a Ki blast with his left hand, and without hesitation charged towards Broly. Not much time had passed since their last battle, but with him being healed and having experience from the last battle, Salza was able to slash even sharper and faster than before. But…

“Raaaah!” Broly had increased in power even more than Salza did, and was just that more faster than him. Coating his body in a violent aura, Broly smacked Salza’s hand away and delivered a stunning punch to his jaw which sent him flying out of the room. He was about to give chase, when something heavy hit him from his left that smashed him into the wall to the right.

The attacker was none other than Slug, who had a strong white aura around him. “Hah, I won’t need any armour for this fight!” The Namekian boated.

Seeing him, Broly’s rage elevated, as did his power. He put his hands together, and shot a tremendously strong Ki blast towards Slug. Normally, an attack of that magnitude would have severely injured Slug if not killing him outright, but the latter spread his arms out and let his energy go arigh.

Broly’s blast was scattered into thousands of pretty green lights, which circled around Slug, who had changed quite a bit himself. All of his muscles had widened and expanded to almost double of their normal size, and his aura, on top of also growing in size changed from white to lime, matching his skin colour. Suddenly, the pressure he exuded tripled, and made Broly put his guard up all that much more.

Broly and Slug met each other with devastating punches that caused the very ship they were inside to rock. They threw punch after punch, mixing in various kicks and headbuts, taking them all on directly like animals, either of them only blocking or dodging the major attacks.

Needless to say, both of them racked up quite a bit of damage fairly quickly. With every hit, their bodies gained another bruise, then another, and another. Whenever one of their attacks met another attack, it destroyed a part of the room.

Salza, who had remained in the hallway up until this point fled from the area to avoid being in the crossfire. Unfortunately, he wasn’t entirely safe as the two berserkers broke through a nearby wall and carried each other through different rooms, taking their battle elsewhere.

As just a bit of time passed, it was made well known that Slug was superior to Broly in terms of physical power, but at least unlike Salza, he didn’t have the advantage in skill. At the very least, the fight with Salza improved Broly’s skill so that it was on par with Slug’s.

After tanking a blow to the stomach, Slug slammed Broly in the chin with his knee and followed up with a barrage of body blows. For the first time in the fight, Broly jumped back to avoid an incoming kick, but was blindsighted from a distance by Slug who’d extended his arms to push him into the ground.

Broly struggled to pry himself free, but was immediately pulled in by Slug retracting his arms. As soon as he was within striking range, he launched a punch at the bloodied Namekian who took the punch head on, but countered with an upwards kick. The kick broke him through the ceiling of the ship and back into the sunlight of the planet, Slug pursuing after him.

Before the Saiyan could reach the highest point of his ascent, Slug grasped his face and pummelled him in the stomach with a heavy punch. As Broly doubled over, the Namekian locked his hands together and raised them high, hammering his opponent downwards to the planet below.

With a thud, Broly smashed into the concrete next to the ship, and his mouth tasted the unfortunately familiar taste of ground up polished marble. Blood seeped from his mouth once more, and his body was one again covered in bruises. On the upside though, it wasn’t anywhere near as severe as before, as the bruises were fewer this time, and he hadn’t taken any major damage like cuts or bone fractures. However on the downside, the injuries he’d sustained from the previous fights were starting to agitate again, and the areas of his body that were newly healed were more tender and more susceptible to bruising. His left hand was starting to hurt as well.

“Heheheh, this power’s great! I can’t thank you and Lord Cooler enough! If he wants a DNA sample, I’ll hand him your dead corpse, damned Saiyan!” Slug held out one of his arms towards the Saiyan, and a large ball of Ki formed next to it. The ball expanded in size until it was about half of Slug’s (newly grown) size, and he shouted “Now, get me that promotion baby!” Slug launched the Ki blast in Broly’s direction.

The ball travelled several times slower than a regular blast. A result of the amount of stress used to create the blast for sure. This gave ample time for Broly to avoid the blast, but instead he just stared at it, pondering what would happen if it hit him. For starters, he would probably die, but what would happen then? That hideous man Cooler would likely find Jerr and Melbryy, and force them to work for them again. Would they even be safe onboard the ship if Slug joined them? He’d likely massacre them, at least if he found out they helped him recuperate. He couldn’t do that to them, not now that he was in their debt. He’d already destroyed the city they essentially lived in, so this was the least he could do.

“HAAAAHHH!!!” Feeling a sudden rush of adrenaline come back to his body, Broly leapt up from the crater he was in and powered up. At first, a familiarly violent green aura wrapped around his body, but after just a few mere seconds, the aura changed to a golden hue. His hair also started to spike up more, and suddenly changed its colour to reflect his new aura. Broly’s muscles became denser, and the green fur pelt around his waist fluttered with the wind. Finally, the transformation was complete, and with it caused the earth around him to crumble and submit to his very power.

It was at this point that Broly’s state of mind started to become fuzzy, just as it had many times before. He was still aware of what he was doing, but unlike his base form, he let his emotions take over. That said, he was improving ever so slightly over the last few years since he’d acquired the form, and he was starting to remember ever so slightly more fragments of the time he spent in Super Saiyan. It was now at the point where he could remember about 10% of what he did, and with it, he was ever so slightly able to gain more and more control over the form.

Broly opened his eyes, and was now just a few meters away from the ball of Ki Slug shot at him. He could’ve simply dodged the blast, but he chose to burst through it with a mighty punch which scattered the blast into a miniature fireworks display.

Slug didn’t seem to pay the transformation any mind, as he was now greatly annoyed that his blast failed to kill his opponent. “Gahhh dammit, I could almost taste that promotion!” he yelled. He once again wrapped his body in a deadly aura, and charged down at the Saiyan.

With no way of sensing Broly’s power level, he had no clue just how strong he got. As Slug threw a devastating punch at Broly, the latter effortlessly parried the punch and countered with a kick that sent his jaw point high in the sky. He then followed up with another sidekick to Slug’s waist that threw him several meters away into the ground, and shot a quick succession of Ki blasts at the green monster.

The blasts made contact and exploded, burning and singeing anything and everything the explosion touched.

From afar, Salza was watching the fight, waiting for his opportunity to butt in and strike.

Broly, now believing to have killed Slug looked around to see if there was anyone to fight. Maybe that one with the yellow hair, or the purple coloured guy, or the man who was essentially a giant version of Frieza.

There were so many options to pick, but as he looked around, the first person he caught sight of was Salza, who let out a “Fuck!” when he realised he was spotted.

Broly turned to fly towards him, but as he started his descent, a Ki blast blind sighted him from below, striking him in his legs. Without giving it a second thought, Broly retaliated with a blast of his own, and it obliterated the ground beneath him. However, this didn’t put an end to the attacker, as he quickly zipped behind the Saiyan, and dealt him a powerful kick to the back.

Broly’s midair body drifted forward, though he stopped his forward momentum and did a powerful chop behind him, lopping off one of Slug’s arms.

The arm of the Namekian fell down into the abyss, but Slug didn’t seem overly bothered by it. This, despite how much Broly’s mind was a fuzz, shocked Broly, which gave Slug an opportunity to deliver a body blow, followed by a sharp uppercut with his leg, and then quickly sending a powerful Ki blast into the Saiyan warrior’s body.

Broly flew back once more, and suddenly charged at Slug to deal him a deafening headbutt.

“Gahh!” Slug let out a groan of pure pain as he flew backwards. But, he was determined not to lose the fight. He extended his only remaining arm towards the Saiyan and latched onto his arm, and fired off a mouth beam at him.

Using his free arm, Broly protected his head from the majority of the beam, and came out relatively unscathed from the attack. However, Slug simply used that as a distraction so that he could reel himself in to Broly safely.

Their chests slammed into one another, but before Broly had the time to throw a punch of his own to Slug, the latter painfully regrew his arm, and wrapped it around the Saiyan.

“Heheheh, I’ve got you now!” Slug sniggered.

“L-let go!” The Saiyan barked.

Slug looked just past Broly’s head and said “Hey, Salza, help me out ‘ere! Hurry”

Salza hesitated for a bit, fearing what the Saiyan might do to him if he got too close. But, it didn’t seem to matter. If Broly ripped himself off of Slug, he was dead anyway. So, biting down on his molars so intensely that they bled, Salza formed a Ki blade in his right hand, and quickly zipped towards the two berserkers.

With a single motion, Salza stabbed the blade into Broly’s back, though it only dug into him a slight ways before dissipating.


“.....” Both Salza and Slug were astounded by Broly’s sheer resistance. Salza was, however, barely able to slip out “S-so, this iz the power of a Zuper Saiyan…” before Broly let out another surge of power.

The surge sent Salza hurdling away from the group, and caused Slug’s arms to once again break off as he was sent flying away from the Saiyan.

Broly decided against giving chase to Slug, instead sending off a giant Ki in his direction. Slug smashed through several ruined buildings before eventually getting stuck inside a much sturdier sticking out piece of stone. From there, Slug had no choice but to watch as Broly’s Ki blast swallowed him whole, and turned him into dust.

Salza in this regard was far less lucky. He crashed into the ship, his armour now torn and broken off in places. But, as always, he couldn’t help but keep a vigilant eye on his opponent.

In the span of a single second, Broly flew down to just in front of Salza and said in the calmest voice he could manage “You are horrible people. You terrorised the galaxy, goodbye!” and shot a heavy punch to the soldier’s torso, creating a gaping hole in it.

Broly was now sure as day that he had eliminated all of the soldiers under Cooler’s control, leaving only Cooler and the larger one named King Cold to become his victims.

Broly flew around the area, checking the different sides of the ship, as well as around the ruins of the city he’d destroyed more than a day before. However, to his dismay, he didn’t catch any sight of either of the remaining enemies. Then, he remembered something, a skill he had that was based off of a primal instinct.

He attempted to use his ability to sense out the pressure an enemy produced, but this time without a target. Alass, it started to seem like that was another fruitless effort as he wasn’t picking up anything, but over a short amount of time he started to feel out 2 fuzzy, nasty feeling pressure, the feeling of which made Broly’s hairs stand on end. It was very vague, far more inaccurate than when they were standing right in front of him. Regardless, he found them, and the instant he got a lock on their positions, he went towards the smallest one, which happened to also be the nearest.

A golden aura trailed behind the Saiyan as he flew at full speed in the direction of the smaller of the two pressures. It took less than a minute, but he was finally in the general area of where he felt the pressure, which seemed to be emanating all around him now.

He descended and touched down on the ground in a random part of the destroyed city. It was hard to tell with all of the destruction, he one could guess by looking at the materials scattered amongst the ground that this was one of the higher class areas of the city. Valuable jewels and rare metals mixed in with cracked yet polished marble rubble, and standing in the center of it all was the smaller of the two enemies, Cooler, who seemed to have taken notice of Broly.

“Tch, you escaped, huh? I’m guessing that means you took out my men… And what the hell’s up with your hair, and that aura around you? I thought Saiyans were supposed to have black hair.” Cooler clicked is tongue with a major annoyance and his tail flailed in the air violently, smashing a sticking out rock in the rubble.

Broly simply let out a fierce growl as his aura flared to life once more, and he charged at Cooler with the intent to kill. The Saiyan pulled back his fist in preparation for a punch, but Cooler made no move to dodge or block his incoming attack.

“Pitiful.” Cooler sighed as he leaned his head back to avoid Broly’s left hook, but having misjudged Broly’s newfound speed was struck in the cheek and sent flying away into the nearby rubble.

Landing, Broly couldn’t help but let out a smirk of victory as he’d landed a hit on the demon. However, the smile didn’t last long as Cooler easily broke away from the rubble, dusting himself off. The punch barely seemed to have made much more than a small bruise on the left side of his face. But at least this confirmed one thing: He wasn’t invincible.

Cooler sighed, and unfolded his arms to put them in a position more suited for fighting. As he did, he said “Fine then, Saiyan. It looks like I won’t be able to capture you without actually fighting you seriously. Very well, you’ve earnt my one hundred percent undivided attention.”

Of course, most of what was said flew straight over Broly’s head, as his mind was running full throttle on the oncoming fight.

Cooler extended his arm towards the Saiyan and shot out several purple Ki blasts. These travelled leagues quicker than Slug’s or Salza’s, and actually made Broly dodge out of pure instinct. After barely skimming to the left of the 5th blast, Broly used the momentum to charge again at Cooler. The demon threw a simple punch at the Saiyan, but the latter avoided it by flying to the left, hoping to blindsight him with a roundhouse kick.

The kick was easily blocked with his arm, and Cooler countered by whipping him in the face with his tail, and followed up with a strong headbutt, which made Broly falter.

Broly held his head in pain, and Cooler simply jumped up and kicked him directly in the chin, which sent him flying several metres away. Cooler caught up with him, and grasped the back of his head with his hand and drove Broly down into the dirt.

“It seems like you’ve gotten much stronger, but you’re still out of your league. Just give up!” Cooler shouted. He saw a strange light coming from the boy bellow him, which erupted upwards like a volcano explosion.

“Ah” Cooler must have felt a sting from that one as he escaped upwards into the sky, but his Saiyan opponent didn’t let him leave so easily, tailing behind him with a strong barrage of Ki blasts.

The blasts smacked against Cooler one by one, creating large explosion after large explosion. At first Cooler simply tried to shield himself from the blasts, but once he realised how insignificant they were, he started shattering them with a flick of his wrists.

Just as Cooler was getting used to wacking away the upwards rain of Ki blasts, a much bigger one, several times his own size came racing up towards him. The demon quickly glanced to his left, and to his right, forwards and backwards, and no matter where he looked, the rain of Ki blasts continued. This meant the only way to go was through the larger ball of Ki, which he attempted to stop with his hands.

“Damn, just how much energy do you have?” Cooler cursed as he struggled to keep the ball down. The green Ki lightly burnt his hands, he knew he couldn’t keep physically resisting it forever. Giving the ball a mighty push, he launched further up into the sky and pointed his finger at the ball, firing off a threatening Death Beam at it. The beam struck Broly’s creation, and burst through it, creating a giant explosion that partially caught Broly and Cooler in it.

Broly’s body hurt all over. The explosion created a few new burn marks on his body that overlapped his various bruises that were given to him by Slug. He was still able to stay in his Super Saiyan form, but just barely. It took him everything he had just to lift himself off the ground.

As the Saiyan looked up, he saw two webbed like feet touch the ground in front of him. He stopped trying to get up, and focused his strength on cranking his neck up so that he could get a better view of his opponent.

Cooler, despite his demeanor hadn’t come out of that scuffle unscathed, but it was clear as day between the two of them who won out in that exchange.

“Hmf, it’s time I saw just how powerful you really are.” said an enraged Cooler. The purple man stretched out his arm towards the left, which led Broly’s eyes to follow it. From what looked like a far away pile of rubble, a strange device lifted up off the ground and flew lifelessly through the air, like it wasn’t the device’s doing.

The strange device was caught by Cooler, who then pointed it towards the Saiyan. It looked a little like the power scope his father had, just without being attached to the weapon, and it had a much more pristine look to it. The only flaws it bared were a few scratches and dents, which were likely caused by the battle that took place between the two warriors.

The device bleeped several times, and once it finished, Cooler held it closer to his head. He then scanned the machine and frowned, and then discarded the machine onto the floor nearby and said “I doubt someone as dumb as you would understand, but that was a Threat Reader.”


“The scanner… Gave me a very troublesome reading to your power level. Originally, it said you were a danger, and now it’s saying you’re a large threat. That’s just one threat level under Father and me.”

For many decades, Frieza and his side of the clan used Battle Scopes, which were devices capable of accurately capturing someone’s battle power so long as it was below around 3,000. Any higher and the Battle Scope usually malfunctioned.

How the machine worked was that it scanned a person’s Ki level, muscular mass, and a variety of other factors, and then went through a series of algorithms to determine how strong someone was, spitting out a number at the end. The algorithm was slightly flawed in many areas, and left room for error, but was generally the most efficient way to tell how powerful someone was next to sensing Ki, which was a rare ability amongst Frieza’s forces.

Several months before Frieza came into power, a group of scientists came out with the much more effective Scouters. They were smaller, could be worn on one’s head, had more accurate readings with more complex (And optimised) algorithms, and could scan about 5 times the battle power as the Battle Scopes before malfunctioning.

Over the next few years, different models and versions of the Scouters were released, coming with the promise of more accurate readings, and higher power tollerency. A bright blue scouter was the current model, and it could scan powers of roughly up to 19,000 before malfunctioning.

Cooler, on the other hand, had a completely different approach to the scouters. Unlike his brother, getting the exact number of a person’s power didn’t interest him, so he had his men create a series of much less accurate Threat Readers.

They were about thrice the size of a scouter, but they removed one of their major flaws: Their algorithms. Setting these aside and discarding accuracy meant that the Threat Reader could scan someone with a much higher power level, either with a power in the hundreds of thousands to millions without malfunctioning. On top of that, instead of spewing out an exact number, it spat out a more general word or phrase, which dictated the person’s threat level.

At first, you have races like humans which have very low Power Levels, which came up as ‘Harmless’ on the reader. Then you had people like Namekians who were ‘Mostly Harmless’, then the Saiyans being ‘Low threat’, Great Apes being ‘Moderate Threat’, and so forth.

Currently, both Cooler and his father were read as “Insanely Dangerous!!!” Neither had seen a Threat Rating as high as theirs, and Broly was the closest anyone got to it with only being one Threat Rating below them. This of course, put Cooler at a great unease.

“You’ve made me use fifty percent of my power, so consider that an accomplishment - Broly.”

Now halfway off the ground, Broly’s face showed a sign of shock, like hearing his name helped his brain regain its senses just that little bit more.

Clearly getting the reaction he wanted, Cooler sniggered and said “That’s right, I know your name, your father’s name, the planet you and your father fled too after Frieza took over your race, and the planets you guys have taken over. Don’t underestimate our intel, we know far more than you could ever hope to in your pitiful lifetime.”


“And that’s not all. Once I’m through with you, I’ll be exterminating your father, too, as well as your accursed ‘rebellion’.” Cooler started to circle around the Saiyan, hiding out of his plane of view. However, Broly could feel that he was still there. Cooler continued “The time of Saiyans is at an end, and the Frieza empire shall rise up, bigger and better than ever with the help of your blessed DNA!”

Broly gained another surge of adrenaline flow through his body, as he perked his aura up once more and got up, spinning around on the spot and threw a series of punches at Cooler. Unfortunately, his punches were easily parried, and countered with a left hook to the face which made the Saiyan stumble.

Before Broly could find his bearings, he was picked up by the collar around his neck, and was repeatedly punched in both his stomach and head by Cooler’s free arm as he said “Weak, weak weak! You may have surprised me for a second, but you’ll need more than that to touch me!”

The demon let go of Broly’s collar, and sent him away with a heavy kick that sent him skidding along the ground. Cooler began to charge in for another punch, but was immediately stopped in his track when Broly let out a war cry.


“What the hell’s this?!”

Broly’s aura flared up even more sporadically than before, turning a subtle shade of green, along with his hair which once again reflected his aura’s colour. What’s more, his Ki shot up to an even greater level than before, and the irises of his eyes vanished. The Saiyan’s muscles bulked up a tiny bit, but they still closely resembled his base forms build.

As impressive of a transformation as it was, it didn’t stand out all that much from regular old Super Saiyan. Barely taking any notice of the transformation, Cooler fired off a series of blasts towards Broly, and quickly jumped to Broly’s left, taking up such a speed that it almost looked like he vanished.

The Saiyan swung his right arm with such ferocity that the very air in front of him to become a weapon which exploded the blasts. He rotated his head slightly to the left where Cooler vanished to, and caught his incoming punch with his hand.

Grasping on tight to his fist, Broly lifted Cooler up and swung him down into the ground, then lifting him up and slamming him on the other side, then doing it again, and another time. He kept on doing this until Cooler threw a kick to the Saiyan’s stomach which made him bend over slightly, though he still persisted and dealt a punch to the face which sent Cooler rolling abruptly on the floor.

Based on Cooler’s pained expression, it was clear as day that Broly’s physical power, defense and even speed had shot up a considerable amount. The demon could easily tell this, and tried to gain some distance by flying away from his opponent, but Broly gave pursuit.

Within mere seconds, Broly caught up with Cooler and pummeled him with a barrage of punches, which were badly blocked by the demon with little luck. Although Cooler managed to negate some of the damage, each and every one of the monster’s punches dealt a severe amount of damage that he just wasn’t able to shake off.

To once again try to gain some distance, Cooler, for the first time in the fight ignited a white aura of his own and blasted Broly in the face with several wild blasts which temporarily stunned him, then following up with a heavy kick which sent him reeling.

Judging that he didn’t have much time, Cooler immediately charged his Ki to power up. His body bulked up a little under the pressure, and his veins started to become more pronounced and noticeable.

“One hundred percent…!” Broly heard Cooler say with difficulty.

The Saiyan swept away the dust with a roar, but was suddenly blindsighted with a downwards kick from above, but halted his momentum before descending too far down with a trickle of blood starting to run down from his mouth.

Fortunately, he was back in control, and when Cooler threw a punch at him he was able to grab his arm with one hand, but took another punch to the face. Without recoiling too much, he grabbed the other arm too, and started squeezing hard on them which brought about a visible reaction from Cooler’s face. He saw that Cooler was winding up for a kick, and yanked both of his arms towards him, dealing a heavy headbutt that left a very visible bruise on the demon’s forehead.

Broly let go of Cooler’s arms and let him float for a short while before throwing a heavy punch, but it was narrowly weaved around.

“JUST DIE!!!” In a flash, Cooler concentrated all of his energy into his finger and shot a Death Beam at the Saiyan’s heart, however…

“Guaouuuuu!” The beam failed to even penetrate the skin, leaving behind a small red wound on the Saiyan’s flesh.

Once again Broly let out a wild burst of Ki which both burnt and stunned Cooler, and used the opportunity to get a good few hits in on the demon, ending with a punch that sent Cooler soaring into a nearby cliff.

“Dammit…” Cooler looked up in regret at the Saiyan as he charged in his direction.

Throughout the fight, Broly had sustained a lot of damage, though it became substantially less when his hair turned from yellow to green. However, he himself wasn’t faring any better, his body littered from head to toe with bruises, and burn marks. To make matters worse, his flesh was torn in a few places which let his royal blue blood flow from his body.

It was humiliating to say the least. He, a noble of great fame and power forced onto his knees by the likes of a Saiyan? He wouldn’t have it.

Despite being Frieza’s older brother, he was supposed to be physically inferior to his brother, only surpassing him in intellect. It annoyed Cooler about the position he was stuck in - Being Frieza’s supervisor, but as it reflected both his and his brothers best skills, he didn’t complain. However, because of their positions, Cooler was forced to keep a secret between him and the rest of his kin, a power that was unknown to all except himself.

The reasoning behind Cooler having to keep his power a secret was to keep the status quo, with him being the physically inferior brother. He hoped to one day surprise either Frieza or Cold with it, but it looks like he wouldn’t get that luxury now.

Cooler cursed under his breath and gritted his teeth. His body started to undergo a sort of transformation with his white shoulder pads growing in size, almost detaching from his actual body and his helmet like head grew several spikes, as did his white wrist pads. What’s more, several of his bruises and burn marks vanished, and the flesh that was once torn up in places seemed to stitch back together.

This only seemed to further prove that the white armour like skin wasn’t actually a part of his body.

Broly noticed the sizeable increase in power and hesitated for a little bit, which gave Cooler enough time to cover half his face with a weird mask plating of some kind.

It wasn’t too much longer before the both of them were engaged once more in combat, throwing punches and kicks that devastated the landscape around them. The cliff that Cooler smashed into before was blown away, the crumbled buildings were ground to dust, and the destruction caused the city to look even less like a liveable place.

Eventually the both of them broke apart and gained some distance, only to fly towards one another moments later and crash into each other.

Cooler shot a Ki blast into Broly’s stomach which shrouded the both of them in an explosion, but was immediately blindsighted by a kick to the side. Cooler found that he was able to take Broly’s hits better. They still hurt, but not as much as before, and caught the Saiyan’s leg with his left arm.

The demon spun his opponent around until the air around them started to form a tornado, and threw him as hard as he could towards the ground at an angle. The second Broly hit the ground, his body smashed straight through it and carved a ravine like gap in the city’s floor, only stopping when he hit a patch of harder rock.

Cooler grinned with an odd sense of satisfaction, there was something enjoyable about beating the man who off-d his squadron to a pulp. He held his hand towards the end of the newly made ravine, and squeezed out a bunch of his Ki into his hand, firing it at the Saiyan.

“Uoaaah!” A roar cried out from the ravine, and Cooler’s blast went off in a giant explosion that wiped out a large portion of the city, and from the gigantic cloud of dust came a bright green aura that threatened to ruin the demon’s satisfaction.

As he approached, Broly smashed into Cooler with his knee which made Cooler groan in pain, and had little time to recover as Broly sent a blast directly into his chest that blew him away. Giving as little time to recover as he could, he pursued him.

“Stay away from me!” Cooler screamed as he shot a barrage of blasts at the Saiyan.

Broly shielded his face as he was peppered with the blasts, and closed the distance once more to his opponent, dodged over an incoming punch and using all the weight behind his body, punched Cooler in the face.

The punch broke Cooler’s mouth guard, which spurted blood from his mouth. Cooler retaliated with a kick which stunned Broly, and quickly flew round to his flank with a Ki in both hands, but Broly reacted just that split second sooner and launched a giant blast into the demon.

An explosion enveloped the 2 fighters, and a mix of red and green miscellaneous energy flew all over the place. In the center of the explosion, both fighters, as injured as they were traded blows with each other, pushing their bodies to the height of their limits. For a short while, it seemed like they could continue like this for an eternity, but as time went on, it became more and more apparent who was winning out between the 2 of them.

Losing his breath, Cooler backed off while seeming to lose all strength in his body, and was harshly slammed into the ground below by the green haired Saiyan child.

With the amount of damage piled onto Cooler, added on with the amount of Ki he had squeezed out of his body, he could no longer maintain his augmented transformation, and his body was reduced back to its bald headed, less massive size. His strength was now a mere quarter of what it was just seconds ago, but Broly didn’t give him any mercy as he came down on him with the full weight of his body.

This guy, Broly thought, was the brother of the man who destroyed his planet, and he was on death’s doorstep. What’s moreso, he not only endangered and almost killed Broly, but he threatened to wipe out the rest of his race, including his father.

Many angry thoughts such as this flooded Broly’s head as he had no hesitation raining his fists down on Cooler’s head one after another. If it were anyone else who wasn’t related to Frieza, he might have let them be. But he held such discontent for him that he bared no restraint. With each punch served, the demon’s face became more and more disfigured.

As Cooler felt his very life get pummeled out of him, a flash of images that represented his past ran across his mind. It flashed to his time as a kid, where his father showed him around one of his frontier planets and promised him that he would one day take over as his heir, and have control over the vast empire he saw in front of him.

It then flashed to over a decade later when his brother was born, and the pit of unease that settled in his stomach when he learned how much more of a prodigy he was than himself from birth. What followed after was his brother being the center of attention while he got repeatedly shunned, so while his brother was off taking tours and living the high life, he made good use of their empires resources and studied.

It then flashed to a much further along point. Cooler, along with several other high ranking officials in the Cold army sat in highly pristine seats in front of an uncountably large audience, as his father passed over the mantle of leadership to his brother Frieza. He remembered the utter anger he felt at that moment, the urge to kill and get rid of him on the spot, but he saved it for a later date.

The next flash took him to later that afternoon, during the ceremony after party where he broke down in fury in front of his father. He couldn’t remember the exact details of what they talked about but to soothe his temper, he gave him the position of Frieza’s aide. It wasn’t a glamorous position, but he thought it was the closest he would get to having reign over his own army, so he accepted through gritted teeth.

Finally, it flashed to another few years after that, to the day before planet Vegeta was destroyed where he had a very unfavourable talk with his brother.

You haven’t successfully gathered up all the Saiyans yet! Just be a bit more patient brother, it’ll save us years of unnecessary effort!

Nonsense! Our scanners haven’t picked up the faintest signs of any such rogue monkeys. The only pair of apes I’m letting escape is the King’s son and his little friends, and I’ll make sure to put them to good use. Don’t be such a worry wart.

… Father was wrong to have chosen you. I can’t tell you how tired I am of cleaning up your mistakes, one after the othe-

BEGONE!!! And don’t you DARE talk to me again unless you have something good to say.

That was the last time Cooler and his brother talked, and yet his father insisted that he was to continue supporting his brother from the shadows. So, regretfully, he did just that for the next decade, and it did allow him to get a higher approval from his father. However, that was all going to end, today. If he were to die from any other cause, be it from a rogue alien or his own father, he would have given up right there and then, but he knew that if he let the Saiyan live, that he would go on to destroy his beloved empire.

With his last breath, Cooler uttered “Goodbye…!”, and from his bloodied and beaten body exploded an eruption of harmful Ki.

Being at point blank range, Broly experienced the brunt of Cooler’s attack head on. There was no possible way for him to escape, as there was a strange pulling feeling coming from Cooler that prevented him from flying away. However, despite Broly’s immense power, just a few seconds of being exposed to the harmful Ki caused him severe pain.

“Gaaaaah!! So, with his brain firing on all cylinders, Broly let out a scream and put up a protective green barrier around himself. The barrier protected him from the majority of the incoming damage, and was held up for a good ten seconds before the Ki erupting from Cooler faded, leaving behind a brutally injured Saiyan, and a burnt carcass.

To conserve Ki, Broly let his shield down. As The Saiyan stared at the singed corpse, he came to the realisation that he won. At that moment, his adrenaline dropped, and all of the excitement from the last 10 or so minutes caught up with him, and he broke out in an uncontrollable fit of huffing and puffing as his body demanded air.

Even the mighty Super Saiyan of Legend needed to breath, and in the heat of battle, he’d had to hold his breath for the majority of the fight.

Normally this would have been enough, and Broly would leave the area to seek out his next opponent, but the resentment he felt made him go one last step further. He held his hand out and blasted an intense amount of energy from it that completely vaporized the demon. He could be absolutely sure of it now. Cooler was dead, and there was 0 trace of him on this planet.

“RRRrrrrrrr…” Before Broly could even start celebrating his victory, a sharp pain seperate from his injuries assaulted his body like a searing heat, and weird small green bubbles started slowly leaking out of his body. In a matter of seconds, the searing pain increased, and it felt like something was trying to rip out of his chest.

“???” He’d never seen or experienced anything like this before, and he immediately started to panic. Broly started running, flying, punching, blasting, doing anything he could think of to release the pain inside his body, but stopped still as he saw a large figure standing atop a large pile of broken up rubble.

Without warning, a large, tattered, king sized bed was hurled at Broly, but the latter intercepted it a blast that left nothing but ash behind. Broly readjusted his view, and saw that the large figure was in fact the large man who was with Cooler, King Cold.

“So, you’re the one who killed my son? Impressive, very impressive indeed.” Cold spoke, a hint of careful anger in his words. There was a slight grin on his face, a sick thing to be seen with after surely witnessing the demise of his son, however, the pressure radiating from the behemoth suggested he was anything but happy.

“Graaawrr!!!” Still feeling the sting throughout his body, Broly charged head on towards the giant, firing off a series of blasts towards him.

Cold jumped back and fired off a couple of Ki blasts that countered about half of what the Saiyan shot out, and deflected the rest of them with his hands. He safely landed on another pile of rubble, and opened his eyes in surprise at how close Broly was towards him. He pulled his right arm closer to his body, and with all of his might swung a horizontal chop that managed to hit the youth in the head, which sent him smashing down into the rubble next to his feet.

The large demon snickered and said “Yes, you definitely look like you fought my son. But I must warn you, I am quite stronger than my sons, this will not be so simple.”

Broly slowly got climbed up from the rubble, but just as he was about to get on his feet, another surge of pain flowed through his body, causing him to hold his throbbing head. Cold thought this was because of the attack he just dealt, but it was due to the Saiyan’s overcharge. Giving out another sadistic chuckle, Cold kicked Broly away from him and into the rubble pile he stood on before.

There was no denying it, Cold was strong. But was he stronger than Cooler? Definitely not. His kick had hurt, but it hurt even less than Cooler’s attacks. Even though he boasted about being stronger than his son, he was beatable. Despite the damage, Broly could still pull off a win!

Broly tried to shake off the painful sting and stood up, grinning as if to try and show Cold’s attack wasn’t effective. It seemed somewhat successful as Cold’s chuckle vanished, and instead pointed his big meaty finger in the Saiyan’s direction and fired off a barrage of pink coloured beams.

The beams didn’t have the stabbing edge that his son had, but they still looked harmful nonetheless. Moments before the beams reached him, Broly disappeared into thin air, quickly appearing next to the giant and connecting a right hook to his cheek.

The attack didn’t knock Cold back as much as he thought it might, which was perfect as it allowed him to follow up with a series of punches and kicks that left some impactful bruises on the creature’s flesh.

Cold roared in pain, trying to parry as many of the Saiyan’s blows as possible to ward off at least some of the damage. The lizard beast threw a punch to the Saiyan’s solar plexus, but it didn’t stop his onslaught of attacks.

Being unable to withstand the damage, Cold shot 2 laser beams from his eyes towards Broly’s. The beams didn’t blind Broly, but he at least succeeded in leaving him stunned for a good while, allowing Cold to land a few hits on the Saiyan. Each hit managed to spurt out a little blood from the Saiyan, but regardless, he didn’t appear to be making a lot of headway. Without a doubt, the amount of hits landed on Broly itself was impressive, but what was even more impressive was the Saiyan’s persistence, as he didn’t back down once during the flurry of attacks.

It wasn’t that he had his eyesight back, but Broly was able to recognise the sounds of Cold’s punches slicing through the air, and whether it was by a fluke or not, he managed to evade some of the incoming attacks.

Starting to climb to the top of his irritation, after taking a punch straight to the head, Broly let out an explosive wave of energy that incinerated the air around him, not caring what was in the vicinity, which forced Cold into a retreat.

Only once did he start to recover did Cold say “You should be honoured, Saiyan. You’re about to witness a power yet unseen to even my own sons! I’ll make sure you grovel before me yet.” A touch of regret came from his voice as he put his arms together in an “X” formation and let out a loud roar. The roar was accompanied by an earthquake that seemed to shake up the entire city area, and a pink aura started to form around the giant.

Broly managed to open his eyes, having just recovered enough from Cold’s lasers to be able to see. However, the gush of wind being produced just in front of him caused his eyes to sting upon contact, which made him shield his face with one of his arms.

The pressure Cold was now outputting surpassed even Cooler’s at its height, something that the giant seemed to be struggling with. Despite the amount of power he was showing off, it appeared that he was having trouble maintaining it, which was shown by the large veins bulging around his body.

Cold was a powerful being, a VERY powerful being compared to most in the cosmos. This was a fact that extended throughout his entire family, and as a result, they rarely had any trouble when it came to conquering other planets and their inhabitants. Of course, the situation was different between their family members.

For Frieza, the current ruler of the Frieza army was the worst off in this case. Despite being an incredibly powerful individual, he couldn’t control his 100% unrestrained power, so to contain it he had to create a ‘shell’ over his normal state. The shell helped him to maintain control of himself, but it also limited his power a great deal. As a result, every so often when Frieza would invade a planet, he would be forced to power up and sometimes even evolve his shell into more combat suited forms. That said, although he never trained, he was well adjusted to combat.

Frieza’s brother, Cooler was much too inferior to his brother when it came to battle power, and he blamed this as the reason why Cold chose Frieza over him. So, as an attempt to surpass his brother and be the heir once more to the throne, he did some light training, and learnt to control his normal state. However, this didn’t improve his odds, and Cold still stuck with Frieza. Even though Cooler’s normal state was still weaker than his brother’s, it was still far superior to the shelled form Frieza had to create. Despite all of this, the lack of battles he was forced through made him less adept at combat than his brother.

Cold was the worst of all. Being an adult of his race, he had an incredible amount of power. Similar to Frieza, he remained in a shelled form to restrain his uncontrollable strength, but due to his age he was just as strong, if not stronger than Cooler in his normal state in just his shelled form. Because of this, whenever he engaged in combat, he rarely had to power up, and that left him rusty when it came to anything but fighting at base power.

The energy that was surging through his body gave him an odd sense of nostalgia washed over him. How long had it been since he’d had to power up? Who was the last person he had to power up against? A 6 armed champion from planet Mogina. He was a strong opponent who pushed him to his limit, which earned him his utmost respect. The kind of brute strength that Broly was showing reminded him of that opponent, something he would have thanked him for had he not been trying to kill him.

After Cold reached the climax that his Ki would take him to, he felt much more reassured about fighting the Saiyan in front of him. He fired off a series of beams towards Broly, even faster than he did the first time. This time though, two of the lasers managed to scathe Broly before he vanished, reappearing in a similar fashion next to Cold and throwing a hook, but it was narrowly parried.

Cold’s arm bent towards him as he absorbed the blow, and countered with a heavy kick that was dodged by the agile Saiyan. Cold attempted to take chase and follow up with a series of heavy attacks, but Broly managed to dodge them all and throw in a counter or two while he was at it. The fact that he was making this much of an attempt to dodge Cold’s attacks proved just how strong, and wide they were.

As King Cold threw attack after attack that missed, a trickle of pain formed at the back of his head, a similar feeling he got whenever one of his henchman failed to execute a plan correctly. He decided that if he were to hit Broly with meaningful, heavy attacks, he would have to do something dishonest, and he purposely missed the youth and struck the ground which caused an eruption of dust to rise up.

Broly staggered backwards, and was immediately assaulted with 2 powerful punches from the King that sent him flying backwards.

Cold’s attacks hurt and they hurt bad. They caused the Saiyan to spill blood from several areas of his body again, making him feel a slight dizziness in his head, and the pain sent another powerful shock through his body.

At that moment, he let out a grunt, and his entire body bathed in his green aura. His muscles also swelled until he was almost twice as large as before, combining his Green form with Super Saiyan Grade 2, otherwise known as Ascended Super Saiyan Green!!!

The Saiyan jumped back to gain some distance, prompting Cold to taunt “Coward.”before flying high into the sky.

Broly touched down on the ground and staggered, and looked around to see where Cold was. In that brief time that Broly dodged his attack, he’d lost sight of him, but before too long he caught wind of Cold’s location and immediately shielded his eyes. Being the cowardly bastard that he was, Cold had positioned himself between Broly and the sun, causing his retinas to sting if he looked at him.

Making good use of his opponent’s blindness, Cold didn’t think twice in shooting a large barrage of blasts down in front of him. The majority of them hit Broly, though few of them missed and prevented any chance of escape. That was, until the Saiyan stomped his foot into the ground and created a huge dirt giser that acted as a smoke shield.

Broly fled deep into the risen plume of dirt, making Cold hesitate his fire for a bit. This gave the opportunity for Broly to fire off an incredibly large ball of his own. The blast burst through the dirt, and barrelled straight for the alien king.

Cold shot out 5 blasts towards Broly’s attack. They proved unsuccessful in getting rid of the ball, as his own exploded on impact leaving Broly’s intact, but it managed to slow it down enough for him to fly around the ball and head straight for the Saiyan. However, before he could travel any more than a few metres, he was stopped in his track by another large ball that was right in front of him.

“You annoying little pest!” Cold shouted at the top of his lungs as he braced for impact. The ball of energy slammed into him, and gave the tyrant a burning sensation in his arm. It took everything he had just to keep the ball from overpowering him, he pushed his muscles to the absolute limit and fired off two Ki beams from his hands. His attempt kept the ball at bay, though he couldn’t quite turn around its trajectory.

“Hyaaaaah!” Broly teleported far behind Cold to where his first Ki ball had flown, and gave it a powerful thwack with his fist that rebounded it back in Cold’s direction.

The tyrant glanced behind him and saw the oncoming ball. The ball would reach within a few mere seconds, and he deduced there was no way that he could escape. So, he charged his body full of Ki and grit his teeth, and let himself get sandwiched between the two attacks. A massive explosion of heat and kinetic energy erupted around his body.

Without giving Cold a chance to rest, Broly flew into the fiery explosion with his fists prepped.

Neither Cold nor Broly could see each other, but they were both aware of each other’s presence and both blindly unleashed attacks at each other. The power from both their attacks blew away the cloud of dust, and sent blood and perspiration flying in all directions. Their fists locked with each other, yet both fighters were able to withstand each other’s attacks.

“Gaaaa!!!” Yet despite all of that, Broly seemed to once again win out in the duel exchange. Cold’s attacks were damaging, but only on the surface, whereas Broly’s attacks cut deep. With each blow, he could feel Cold’s ribs cracking, his organs convulsing violently. The latter had to break away with a strong energy wave which the Saiyan dodged, but it gave Cold the opportunity to gather some distance between the two.

Both the Saiyan and the alien demon landed on 2 large rocks, both bruised and trying to recover from their injuries.

Blue blood dripped from Cold’s chin, it was apparent that one of Broly’s attacks cut up the inside of his mouth. Despite that, the demon still managed to speak, though his words were full of both respect, and rage. “I see you are an accomplished warrior, someone I underestimated. That was a grave mistake that my son made, and I will NOT be repeating the same mistake.”

A vicious purple aura engulfed the king as he continued “It’s been a long time since I’ve had to evolved my shell, hopefully I won’t have to shed it entirely. That wouldn’t just be bad for you… But this whole planet.”

Similarly to how his son, Cooler transformed, Cold’s body started to stretch, enlargen, change. His shoulder pads grew outwards, the back of his head expanded and elongated until it somewhat resembled a noodle with spikes, and his face also contorted until it was almost unrecognizable to his previous face. In short, he very closely resembled one of the creatures he saw in an old space movie.

Anticipating just how much stronger the demon would have gotten, Broly charged up his aura until he couldn’t make it any larger. As Broly’s aura increased in intensity, so did the amount of pain it caused him. It was starting to feel more and more like he was being bitten by fire ants.

Broly buckled his legs and tensed up his muscles, ready to kick up off the ground, but the second his feet left the ground, he felt a sharp fist plant itself on his stomach. Fresh blood spewed from the Saiyan’s mouth as he tried to bare through the pain, but just as he was about to retaliate, he was flicked at the side of his head by a tail.

The Saiyan tried to make some distance by launching a blast in his opponent’s abdomen, but it was useless. Cold broke straight through the Ki blast without the slightest bit of damage, and delivered a strong punch to the youth’s temple.

Again, Broly tried his best to retaliate, throwing a half hearted punch in the direction of Cold.

Despite how large his target was, with a fineness fine enough to make dancers jealous he weaved around the punch and grabbed his fist.

“Hmmm? What’s this? I thought you were STRONGER than this? What happened, lost your SPARK already, Saiyan? That’s a shame, I was REALLY looking forward to testing out my new power.” With each time he raised his voice, he violently knee’d the boy in the stomach and made his ribs creak.

By the time he dealt his third knee, Broly’s aura dispersed and his power dropped.

The Saiyan tried his best to maintain his consciousness, but it was starting to slip away from him, each devastating hit fading it further and further into darkness.

The kind of power that Cold was showing off now was a far cry stronger than he was just moments earlier, and much like his son, it seemed like most of his injuries had healed up.

Using the momentum he created from his fifth kick to Broly’s stomach, the demon spun around anti-clockwise and, still gripping onto Broly’s hand, spun him around with him.

“AaaaaAAaaah!!” “Hahahaha!!! Die Saiyan!” Both Broly and Cold screamed as the latter’s momentum built up over time.

Eventually, the momentum of the two of them was enough to create something akin to a tornado. The heavy gusts of wind started to pick up and toss around the rubble from the city, and the much lighter pieces of rocks were sweeped away from the ground.

“Round and round the Saiyan goes, where he lands, nobody KNOWS!” Cold let go of Broly’s leg, and the Saiyan sped through the wind at a speed many times faster than sound. His momentum barely seemed to calm down as time went on, and his body smashed through hundreds of buildings, rocks, and even mountains.

For any normal being, their skin would have ripped apart from the wind friction, and their bones would have shattered upon collision with any buildings or rocks, but Broly was much stronger than that.

Eventually Broly’s momentum was halted on the other side of the planet where he crashed into a densely packed clump of iron ore.

The Saiyan burst out from the iron ore deposit and smashed onto the ground, barely supporting himself on all fours. He tried to push himself onto his two feet but as soon as he made the effort to, he wretched a large vile of vomit on the ground.

Cold spinning Broly around must have jumbled the brain in his head around. This made him feel incredibly nauseous, and above that his vision was blurry and he could barely hear well.

It was unclear just how much time had passed, but as the seconds dragged on, the Saiyan was able to gradually get his senses back. After what must have been a minute, he only just remembered about the threat of King Cold, and tried to focus his everything towards sensing the large demon. He still couldn’t see too well, but at the very least he should be able to sense him, right?

Unfortunately, even his senses were a blurred haze of craziness, making him feel a multitude of large energy signatures all around him.

He tried his best to lock on to at least one of the signatures, but just as he was focusing in his stomach was hammered by something strong, making him bend over and wretch even more vile.

From the stomach, another painful slam came from the bottom of his chin, then the side of his head, then another one around the chest area that smashed him through the iron ore deposit and onto the chilling hard ground.

“Putrid Monkey! To dirty the very body of the mighty King Cold, how insulting! For this, you shall pay very dearly.” It was an empty threat that the king only made to sound intimidating. Of course from the start, he was planning to kill Broly, so there wasn’t much more that the Saiyan could pay. Of course there was always the option of torture, but Cold tended more towards finishing his opponents quickly when possible.

Broly opened his eyes to the sight of Cold glaring daggers at him, using a torn up piece of cloth to wipe the puke off his arm. Once he finished, he angrily threw the puke stained cloth and vaporize it in an instant with an overly powerful Ki blast.

Cold then held his fingers directly towards Broly’s head, and before the latter could react he shot a small purple ball towards him. The ball didn’t penetrate his skull like he thought it would, but it did leave a bloody bruise there.

“Pew, pew, pewpewpew!” Cold jeered as he shot a continuous stream of bullets towards the bloodied Saiyan. At first the demon only fired off one per second, but over time his shots became faster and faster, each shot dealing a significant amount of pain to Broly and leaving him unable to move.

It wouldn’t be long now before he would die, either from blood loss or from damage. He didn’t want to die, not yet. He still hadn’t exacted his revenge on Frieza, or assured his father’s safety, or even gotten Jerr and Melbryy off the planet.

Once again, his mind was filled with thoughts of Jerr and Melbryy being executed along with his father by the demon currently shooting him, and he was overcome with rage.

“aaaaAAAAA” An incredible aura of green surrounded the Saiyan, and repelled the puny shots fired by the giant Cold. The king, for just a moment was stunned with shock, but quickly recuperated and flew towards Broly.

However, it was too late. Mere moments before he could lay a finger on Broly, a huge wave of green pushed him back painfully, and his vision was filled with dozens upon dozens of large Ki blasts flying off in different directions.

Several of the blasts hit him and set off a series of explosions which left a series of burns on the king’s skin. Cold tried his best to weave around the blast or at the very least parry them, but the blasts were so random and his body was so large it was impossible for him to minimise the damage.

Out of frustration, he decided to tank several of the hits and fired off a very wide spread beam towards Broly. He wasn’t sure if the blast was sufficient in dealing much damage, but he at least stopped the blasts from spawning.

The light from his beam settled down and he looked towards the direction Broly should have been, but he was nowhere to be seen. This was bad. Cold couldn’t sense the Ki of other people, and unlike Broly he failed to even feel a sort of pressure from them, meaning he either had to have constant sight of his opponent or at least know where they were at all times.

The king looked wildly in different directions, scanning the ground crater filled ground around him, though he found no trace of the Saiyan other than a few splotches of blood on the ground.

It was a sensation that he rarely felt in his day to day life, but Cold felt puzzled on what to do. Should he randomly fire off blasts at the ground and hope he would hit the Saiyan? Or should he just blow the planet up straight away.

No. If he fired off randomly towards the ground, he would waste his precious Ki, and similarly if he blew up the planet, he would lose even more potential resources. Besides, the nearest settlement that was under his territory was over 30 light years away. There was no way he could survive the journey, going all that way without food, water, or sleep. That, and he had no way of knowing where the settlement was as he couldn’t sense anything.

These thoughts plagued the king’s mind, but was brought back in a snap by a large crackling sound.

King Cold quickly looked up behind him, and saw a massive chaotic looking Ki blast that seemed to coat the planet in a hazardous green light.

The demon could make no move to avoid the attack, nor did he even have enough time to turn around and resist against the blast. The only thing he could do was utter the word “Crap.”, and let the blast envelop him.

The explosion created by the blast left a large crater on the planet’s surface. It was an attack that would change the maps should any be made for this planet, but an attack of that magnitude came at a cost.

Broly had but a few seconds after the blast exploded to look over at the damage he caused before his body shrivelled down to its normal size, and his hair changed back to its natural black colour. Then, a second later, the Saiyan passed out and let his body succumb to the force of gravity.

Broly’s body smashed into the ground with a harsh thud, but the only being who was able to even hear it was King Cold.

Cold’s body was now covered in bruises and burns and he ached with an intense pain all over. He’d over exerted himself to the point where his body started spasming randomly, a dangerous sign that he was losing control over his form.

This was the entire reason Cold, and so many other Frost Demons created their shelled forms. As they got closer to their full power, it required a much greater deal of mental power to maintain constant control over their current form. If ever they were injured or used up Ki or even stamina, their mental power would be reduced, and it would be harder to stay in whatever form they were in.

Currently, Cold was in his first shelled form of reduction. In truth, if he were to sit perfectly still and never move an inch, he could maintain this form. However, that was rarely ever the case, so he opted to stay in his second form of reduction where he could keep control of it, even if he was gravely injured and fatigued.

It was unfortunately something even his son lacked, who had to remain in his third form of reduction at all times lest he lose control.

The king gritted his teeth and quickly vanquished his aura, and let the extrusions of his body shrink in size until he was back in his second shelled form.

It was true that while he was like this in the presence of Broly, he was vulnerable, especially more so since he kept all of his previous injuries including the ones he got before transforming. But, it was a great deal safer than staying in his higher up form.

The area around and inside the crater was completely filled with dust. Try as he might, Cold couldn’t see a speck of the Saiyan anywhere.

The crater was about 300 metres in diameter, which was far too large for even cold to survey in just a few minutes. His patience had worn thin, he was exhausted, and he had no effective attack that could cover the area of the crater that would also pack enough of a punch to kill the Saiyan.

“Damn… Fine, you got me, happy? I hate to admit it, but there’s no way I can win here.” Cold wiped the blood seeping out of his mouth and gave a grim laugh, admitting his defeat.

He still had no idea where the Saiyan was, and working off of the assumption that he still had as much power as when he fired that last blast, he couldn’t run the risk of a sneak attack. If he was hit again by an attack of that caliber, he wouldn’t survive, end of story.

The demon did muster up the Ki that he still had, and flew far away from the crater without looking back.

Right now, there were two possibilities flowing through his mind: First, Broly was still alive but chose not to reveal himself at that current moment in time. If he used this opportunity to escape, he could live to see another day, and continue helping Frieza run the Frieza force. As far as he was concerned, there was only one remaining ship left in tact that could take him off the planet, so as long as he took that away, there was no chance of Broly escaping.

The other possibility was that either creating the explosion or getting caught up in it had eradicated the Saiyan, meaning that Cold had no reason to stay regardless.

It may have just been a petty excuse, but it reassured Cold that he wouldn’t have to face the madman of a Saiyan again so long as he lived. He would leave, assess his losses, return to the planet when he recovered with some cargo ships and have them escort many of the remaining civilians and resources off of the planet.

Once that was done, he would have one of the ships wait above orbit while he destroyed the planet, erasing the Saiyan, and a huge threat to the Frieza empire from the universe as he knew it.

It wasn’t long before Cold had found his backup ship hidden in a nearby bunker. The ship was completely devoid of life, perfect for a quite trip home. At this point, he cared not if he could have taken over a thousand people off of the planet, he could just do that later. For now, he so badly wanted to rest.

He hurried exhaustedly to the control room of the ship, and hastily typed in some coordinates on the control panel. The ship hummed, and broke out of the bunker with zero effort. It hovered in place for a while as it charged up the engines, and it soared off into the comforting void of space.

A voice recognised as the ship’s AI sounded “King Cold, sire. You shall arrive at your destination, planet Lidrel IV in just five days. Please, relax, and focus on tending to your wounds. I have opened up and activated the medical bay, and am awaiting further instructions.”

Cold did not reply, feeling even the very act of breathing to be painful. Truthfully, he was thankful that there was noone around to see him in such a sorry state. If anyone did, he would hesitate to call himself a king, and the very state of his son’s empire would be thrown into question.

He rested his body in a large glass container in the middle of the medical bay, and let the anesthesia carry him into a deep sleep. He vowed that he would protect his son Frieza, and try to forget that his encounter with Broly had ever happened. He wanted to forget about the accursed Super Saiyan.

Several days passed, and the young Saiyan found himself awake in the middle of a room of white.

For a while, he stirred and tried to recall what happened before he passed out. The last thing he could remember was having fired off a gigantic blast at a white looking demon. Then, with all the memories rushing back to him, Broly snapped up and tried to charge up his Ki, but to little avail. Had he been captured?

Broly looked around the room and saw, looking at him with faces of relief were Jerr and Melbryy.

“You actually did it. You actually beat one of the Frost Demons.” Jerr laughed as he spoke, clearly happy that the monster Cooler was killed.

“A-ahh…? Yeah, I guess... I did.” Broly could barely believe the confirmation coming out of his own mouth. He had no idea just how much killing Cooler would have affected the Frieza Force if at all, but he was sure in the end that it helped their cause.

Broly looked around some more and saw Paragus standing near a corner of the room, looking a little tense.

The elder Saiyan sighed and said “Well, I can’t say I’m angry. All said and done, you did a good job. But, you flew off the hook and attacked someone by who all accounts was much stronger than you. You could’ve been killed!” Paragus walked towards his son and paused when he was at arms reach from him and stayed there for a while. He examined Broly for a short time, and then ruffed up his hair making him fidget.

Jerr and Melbryy had a stunning lack of surprise at Paragus’s action, far less than Brolys who looked up to his father and gave a confused “Huh?”

For the first time in a while that he could remember, Paragus gave a faint smile and said “Good job, Broly. You did well.”

It wasn’t much, but this short handed compliment carried a huge weight with it that blasted away any of the fatigue that the young Saiyan felt.

After that, things started to fall more into place and settle down. Jerr explained to Broly about how they found him in the smoky crater and how, using the various resources and data around the planet (Including info left behind by Cooler and Cold), they were able to get ahold of Paragus. From there, they stabilized Broly and stopped him from dying until his father showed up, and took the 3 of them off of the planet.

Effectively, this meant of course that Jerr and Melbryy were apart of Paragus and Broly’s army, though they welcomed it more warmly than they had with Frieza’s army.

With Frieza, Jerr explained, it felt like they were working for a tyrant and simply helping him take over the galaxy. However, working for Paragus felt more like they were helping, but this time in a good way. Their work comprised of mostly similar stuff as they did when they were working for Frieza - Trade dealers. They were a part of a team that was in charge of taking care of the trading deals and affairs between Paragus’s army, and other nearby outlying civilisations.

As for the two Saiyans, they continued serving the roles they had always been playing in their army. Paragus was the leader, and Broly was the strength. Together, they helped Paragus’s army flourish and blossom for many years to come.

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