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A Friend Returns is the 5th episode of Dragonball GD. Nick (My character) makes his first cameo in GD, as he has made many in DB and Z.

He ReturnsEdit

  • The episode opens with Goku and Gohan in royal robes, landing on Charon, Pluto's moon.*

Goku: I senced 2 huge power levels here.

Gohan: I senced Vegeta and Yamcha here....

Goku: We have no time to spare!

  • The two run into the largest crater, holding a massive facility. They are encountered by a tall man and a ton of robots.*

???: Heheheh.

Goku: C..c..Cell.......

Cell: Ah. You recognized me. No suprise. I work for Ghegler now. Robots, ATTACK!

  • Goku and Gohan attempt to defend, but they are just too weak.*
  • A green aura is shown in the sky and the silouhette of a 12 year old boy is seen.*

???: Give it up! ALL OF YOU!

  • The silouhette is Nick, the 2nd strongest warrior. (Me)*
  • With a flash, the robots explode.*

Goku: !

Gohan: !

Me: Now, get out of here. I have someone to finish again.

  • Nick speeds to the insect and punches a hole into him, then fires a blast, mowing him to bits.*
  • Vegeta lands and helps Goku and Gohan away.*
  • Nick then turns into a Super Saiyan 4 and fires a meteor rush. Suddenly the facility explodes as Yamcha escapes.*
  • Nick rushes to see two samiliar figures.*

Me: Herobrine....Ghegler..

Herobrine: I am out of that digital realm....

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