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Hey there. I decided to write this due to not really doing anything on here in a while, and because I was bored. So ta-freaking-daaaah.

There once was a Namek named Nail

who went out to get Guru's mail.

He looked up and saw

and stared at in awe

the mighty Oregon Trail.

He was given a keyboard and mouse

and the screen showed a girl with a blouse.

The game said to play

and he was bored that day,

so he took the game back to the house.

Guru was very surprised

to see a game from 1985.

He yelled at Nail

to go get the mail

and decided to give it a try.

Nail left and Guru started playin'.

He died on the very first day in.

He nerd raged and sighed

because he had died

and now he needed to win.

Nail came back later that day

to find Guru playing away.

Nail asked for a turn

but was told to learn

To respect Guru, or not get paid.

Nail said that he made no money

and that Guru was acting funny.

Guru said to shut up,

refused to get up,

and punched Nail right in the tummy.

Nail doubled over in pain

and said Guru was very vain.

Guru didn't care,

his crew was eaten by bears.

All he heard was Nail complain.

Then suddenly a bright light shone

all over Guru's throne.

He asked, "What is this?!?"

Then realized: "OH PISS,"

"I should've had my guy flown."

The game shot up in the air

and shone the light everywhere.

Guru rage quitted

and then ammitted

maybe his selfishness wasn't fair.

The game disappeared

and Nail look quite dear.

He asked, "Is that true?"

"Of course not," said Guru.

"Now go out and get me some beer."